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Howdy Gang.
First up, my apologies to the A class guys. It was my first go at being RO and I set the course a bit long. I also had the top mark extension sitting right in a patch of dead air, so try as they might, they couldn’t get around and had to bail out of the race, bummer. That aside, the rest of the fleet managed to finish the race in around 45 minutes for the 420s and an even hour for the Tasar's, with poor old Rob Fleming just avoiding being timed out 19 minutes after that. Rob had persevered and gotten round that top mark- twice!

This week the wind was onshore, but like last week with the offshore breeze, the wind was stronger closer in to the beach- go figure! After some consultation with some wiser heads, it was necessary to bring the top mark in a fair bit and across as well. While this was being done by my able rhib teams, Ross Martin sailed past and casually asked if I would like the bottom mark moved over. “Sure", he  replied sarcastically, not for a moment thinking he was serious. Imagine my surprise when someone said “well you don’t have to worry about shifting the bottom mark” and I looked across to see the Cisco Kid up to his old tricks, with the anchor in his boat while towing the mark over to the right spot. And this was during the start sequence! After that act of kindness, I felt bad that I had to disqualify him for not doing a 360 after touching a mark. Although I suppose you could argue that it wasn’t a laid mark until he actually laid it! Okay, okay, benefit of the doubt, I’ll let him off this time.
After shortening the course a fair bit for race two, I expected it to be over a lot quicker than race one, but alas no. The vagaries of the SBSC wind meant it was only about 10 minutes less for all classes. Ah well, nobody can say they didn’t get their monies worth- except the A Class guys. All in all, I  thoroughly enjoyed myself and want to thank Russell, Wayne, Fiona, Alistair and especially Deirdre whom without I would have been up to my neck in the proverbial.

Don’t forget that this week is round one of the Club Championship series, so don’t miss your chance to get your mits on that coveted trophy. The water is definitely getting warmer and the wind has been good (mostly), so Safety Beach is by far the best place to be on a Sunday.
Last but not least, this weeks Hercules award goes to Campbell Martin who had his mast come out on the course but then managed to lift it off the water with the sail still up and slot it back in to his Laser and keep going. Noice work!
That’s all for now, see you on the water. Cheers, Pete Chippy
Russell & Wayne hard at it! The gloom and doom of this photo says it all!
no wind

Tasar Training Day

Tasar Victoria have posted the following onformation on their facebook page.
Tasar Training at Safety Beach Sailing Club December 3rd 2022. If you’re attending the Nationals in Toronto in December, this is a must do training session under the careful gaze of Pete Hackett. Arrival at the club is 9am for a 10am on water session. Please register your interest by emailing Pat Pedicini at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What's On In November

 november happenings 2022

Keelboat News


See full results here for the weekend.
Friday Twilight Pursuit (Race 4)
Race cancelled
Sunday Summer Series (Race 2) Winners
Div 1
PHD  Vincitore  Peter Russell
AMS  Mr Bojangles Pauline Cleaver
ORC  Vincitore  Peter Russell
Div 2
PHD  Cirrus   Tim Bardon
AMS  E’toile  John Gordon
Thanks to everyone who helped out in the tower over the weekend, in particular duty boat ‘Liberty’ on Sunday. 

This Weeks Race's

Friday 4 November – Twilight Pursuit #5
First Warning Signal:         17.25H  Pursuit Start
Tower:                                Race Officer:      Andrew Stocks
                                           Duty Boat:          Fransiska
Please check your Friday Pursuit Time and remember the new start procedure:
  • Start times will remain in AEDT nominally, but the light sequence / countdown takes precedence in any discrepancies.
  • Individual boat “Start” times on the entrance list will be changed to only show ‘minutes after’ the nominated race start time (e.g. ‘+25’ will be listed for a nominal 1755 starter).
  • The official race start time is as per the tower light sequence, and there will be 10sec countdowns at 5 / 4 / 1 / Start (1730) on ch69 for boats arriving at the start area later.
Sunday 6 November – Club Championship #2
First Warning Signal:         13:25H  Boat Start
Tower:                                Race Officer:      Mal Winder
                                           Duty Boat:          Rells

Social Events Coming Up 

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Photo Of The Week

Setting a course with NO WIND didn't stop Alistair from trying his best to take accurate readings! All smiles whilst getting it done, great job Alistair! 



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