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New Members

The Executive Committee and members would like to welcome the following new members to Safety Beach SC. We look forward to meeting you at the club or on the water in the very near future.

  • Marco, Lucas, Christian Mifsud & Helen Michelis 
  • Andrew & Patricia Atkin


The Safety Beach Sailing Club would like to congratulate Natasha & Michael Nugent on the safe and healthy arrival of baby Jasmine Fifi Roma Nugent, born 19th October 2022 @ 10.05pm, 4302 grams 52cm. We cannot wait to see baby Jasmine at the club this summer.
Well done guys!  


Off The Beach News

Howdy Folks.
Wasn’t Sunday an absolute cracker! I just love those good stiff offshore days, especially when the wind does exactly what it’s predicted to do. Geoff set a ripper course, nice and close inside the mussel farm and reasonably short with the idea of getting three races in. The wind started off fine, around 10 knots  with the A class boys getting out very early to take advantage of the building wind before it got too strong for them. Our much depleted field of 13 boats was a slight improvement over last week but greatness still eludes us; we’ll get there I’m sure.
Race One started in around 10-12 knots with stronger breeze to be seen closer to shore (go figure, eh) with some lifts and knocks and quite a few holes here and there. Enough to keep you thinking that’s for sure. With a very short turnaround between races, we started Race Two in 15 plus knots and it was over before we knew it. Great fun with some ripping reaches. No complaints anywhere because we knew Race Three was on its way! And Three did not disappoint, unless you were driving an A class cat. These guys wisely pulled the pin as the wind built to 20 plus knots and those things break easily and are damned expensive. The one exception in the A-class camp was Ewan who decided to tough it out in his non foiling boat- until it started to foil anyway! It was then that he decided that now was a good time to pull the pin! Wise move Ewan. The rest of the fleet was really feeling the joy that is a good wind over a dead flat sea, magic!
We all finished safely and headed for shore on that long beat home secure in the knowledge that when we got to the beach, it would be sheltered and easy to land. Great to see all the juniors waiting in the shallows to help with landing the slowcoaches and dragging them up the ramp- and their boats too! All in all, it was a great day on the water and I hope I’ve made you jealous if you weren’t there. Many thanks as usual to Geoff and Deirdre on Start, Katrina and Drew in Woodsy and Mono and our newest best friend Simon in Sutherland .
Now l know this weekend is a long weekend and a lot of you might be heading away, so if you are, stay safe. But if you aren’t, come for a sail, it’s guaranteed to be a repeat of last week.
Last but by no means least, congratulations to Natasha and Mike on the arrival of baby Jasmine. We can’t wait to see here and wonder who will be the first to get her in a boat- Grandma or Grandad?
Cheers all, Pete Chippy

What's On In October this weekends happenings   oct. 27th

Keelboat News

Thanks to everyone who attended the Skippers and Crew meeting on Sunday.  Full notes from the meeting will be distributed in this Thursday’s Keelboat email.  Please note the important change (outlined below) for the Friday Twilight start procedure.

See full results here for the weekend.
Friday Twilight Pursuit (Race 3)
1st          E’toile            John Gordon
2nd        Marrakesh      Neil Hawker
3rd         Vamonos        Nick Jones
Club Championship (Race 1) Winners
Div.1      PHD               Marrakesh             Neil Hawker
               AMS              Mr Bojangles        Pauline Cleaver
               ORC              Vincitore                Peter Russell
Div.2      PHD               Fransiska                Peter Morrison
Thanks to everyone in the tower, in particular duty boats Christela and Lumiere, and Geoff and Deirdre on the water. The racing could not go ahead without all your help and we appreciate you!

This Week’s Races:
Please check your start time Friday Pursuit Time
Friday 28 October – Twilight Pursuit #4
First Warning Signal:         17.25H  Pursuit Start
Tower:                                Race Officer:      John Wemyss
                                           Duty Boat:          Marrakesh
Please check your Friday Pursuit Time
As discussed at the Skippers & Crew Meeting, there have been some recent issues with the two tower computers not syncing.  This is being investigated, however in the interim please note the following start procedures for Twilight pursuit races:
  • Start times will remain in AEDT nominally, but the light sequence / countdown takes precedence in any discrepancies.
  • Individual boat “Start” times on the entrance list will be changed to only show ‘minutes after’ the nominated race start time (e.g. ‘+25’ will be listed for a nominal 1755 starter).
  • The official race start time is as per the tower light sequence, and there will be 10sec countdowns at 5 / 4 / 1 / Start (1730) on ch69 for boats arriving at the start area later.
Sunday 30 October – Summer Series #2
First Warning Signal:         9:55H  Combined Tower Start
Tower:                                Race Officer:      Mark Watson
                                           Duty Boat:          Liberty
As discussed at the Skippers and Crew Meeting, please remember to keep well clear of MC channel prior to starting, particularly on busy Sundays over summer with increased traffic.  Also, please keep well clear of fixed Piles when rounding to avoid contact / damage to pile infrastructure.

Winners are grinners!

At our last presentation night, Pauline & Greg from Mr Bojangles received a voucher to Crittenden's Wine Centre. They recently took the opportunity to redeem their voucher for a tasting experience that far exceeded their expectations. Pauline & Greg took some bottles of your Pinocchio Prosecco to a celebration with their yachts crew on Sunday. Everyone was very complimentary. Here are some of the crew enjoying a sip after their sail on Sunday
bojangles wine

petersville logo type12441

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron is happy to announce entries are open for the annual Petersville Regatta, December 27-30 in the pristine waters off Blairgowrie and surrounds. Free marina berthing for the event with option to stay on. Join us for this family friendly event. Limited to 39 visiting boats and filling fast. More info and entries atpetersvilleregatta.com.au. or call Race Director Phil Beattie on 0408 502 698

Golf Day

sbsc golf day 2022

Beach Patrol

sb beach patrol clean up

Due to unforeseen circumstances Octobers beach clean was moved from the 16th to the 30th.
Our next beach clean will now be on the 30th October 9.00am at Safety Beach opposite Provincia.
Due to the delayed clean up, if any of our volunteers get a chance to go down to your closest beach a do a bit of a clean up it will be greatly appreciated.

Community Consultation Survey

The Club has been contacted by the Shire looking for feedback regarding their Dogs in Public Places Policy. If you would like to read  or comment on the draft policy please use this link to have your say.



If you wish to contribute anything to the Enews, please submit your content to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Tuesday 8pm each week to make the deadline. Please note submissions may need to pass through Executive Committee for approval from time to time. Love photography? Submit your Photo Of The Week to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (and it does not have to be about sailing)

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