Membership Categories

SBSC offers a range of membership categories, details of the categories are set out in the By-Laws, a summary is below:


If you are a skipper of a boat, a regular sailor (racer or cruiser), then a Senior Membership is best for you.


A family membership is suitable for both couples and families living together.  It consists of up to two senior members (partners) and eligible children who are juniors (under age of 21) or students (under age of 23 and full time students).


A student/Junior membership is best for young sailors who are not part of a family membership.  A student can be a full time/part time student under the age of 23. A junior is anyone under the age of 21.


A crew membership is great for all crew as an introduction to the club.  Great for those wanting to try out regular sailing within the club before joining as a Senior member.


A Social Membership is best for those who would like to be part of a Sailing Club, but not partake in the sailing activities, yet enjoy all the off water activities the club has.   There is the option of a single social membership or a family social membership.  Social memberships are non-sailing memberships.

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