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Happy New Year

We cannot wait to se you all back at the club with stories of family Christmas party's, New Years Eve party's, Regatta's, the invasion of our friendly tourists into our amazing waters, and many many more stories!! Not long now until the yard is buzzing again! In the meantime David and his staff have done an epic job holding down the fort and serving up the usual array of yummy meals and cold cold drinks!

What's On In January 

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Regatta Season Results

Apologies if there are no written results for some regatta's. I haven't had time to digest the results. I've added the link for your interest. 

Cock Of The Bay

50th Melbourne to Hobart Yacht Race

Well done to all skippers and crew on a huge effort.
Line honours were taken out by Maritimo 11 with Skipper Michael Spiers. Well done to all other competitors.
Our boats crossed the line in the following order…..
- Patriot 12th
- Shimmer 15th
- Unprecedented 26th
Maverick 34th
- Scaramouche Retired. Nigel and crew are all ok and partied hard in Hobart.


- Cruising without spinnaker Vamonos (Jones Family) 1st PH, Y Knot 6th PH 
- Div 1 Vincatore 5th ORC, 6th AMS, 7th PH
- Div 3 Mr Bojangles 2nd AMS, 4th PH, 7th ORC
- Div 3 Etoile 7th AMS, 12th PH

Tasar Australian Championships 

420 Nationals Metung

Still sailing at time of publishing 2nd – 7th January 2023

B14 Nationals 

Kingston Beach - TAS - 3rd -8th January 2023
Paul Fleming 

A Class Nationals  

Paynesville - 7th – 13 January 2023
Ewan Campbell
Glenn Lazzar
David Brewer
Stuart Scott

Off The Beach News

Happy New Year Everyone,
I trust you all had a good break and misbehaved appropriately.
Well we're into the second part of the season and a lot of you have been away sailing in national championships which will be well under way by now if not finished already, so good luck, congratulations or commiserations depending on the circumstances. I know Fiona is going to put some of the results up on the Facebook page so you can check out how everyone is going.
Our Club racing returns this Sunday for round three of the Foundation series and by all accounts the weather is looking good, so bring out that new sail Santa got you and give it a crack. Normal start time of 14.00 ,13.57 first warning, so don't miss out!
Talking about not missing out, it's only four weeks until our yearly trip around the cliff to Mt Martha Yacht Club on the 5th of February. We're going there first this year as RO Geoff is unavailable that week at our end so they will come to us the following week, the 12th. The last couple of years they have had the wood on us and it all boils down to numbers. We regularly sail the pants off them but struggle to get a decent fleet around there. As the scoring works on 10 points for first place, 9 for second and so on in each division and a point for every boat that starts regardless of placing, it doesn't take much working out that if we have the first boat over the line, that's 10 points for us, bit if they get the next four because we didn't have any more boats in that division, that's 30 points for them! Not good at all. It's a beautiful sail there and back, and we always have the rhibs to escort us around for safety's sake, so if you haven't been before, make it a definite this year.
I'm working on the duty roster for the new year and plan to have it out ASAP so stay tuned for that and again, if your name is there and you can't make it, get it changed as soon as you can, don't leave it to the last minute please. That will do for now, sorry to end with a whinge. After this week's sailing there will be some much happier stuff to write about I'm sure.
Cheers for now, Pete Chippy

Keelboat News


Race to the Middle Results: Div 1
1st PHD, AMS, ORC      
2Xtreme Andrew Clark
2nd PHD, AMS, ORC Vincitore Peter Russell
3rd PHD, ORC
David Phillips
3rd AMS Anthea John Wemyss
Race to the Middle Results: Div 2
1st PHD, AMS E’toile
John Gordon   
2nd PHD Fransiska Peter Morrison

Click here for full results (Shark Bay Holiday Series)

Congratulations to all the sailors who braved the woolly weather on Wednesday for the ‘Race to the Middle’.  The quickest return was Vincitore with a time of 2:15:53 – perhaps a record?

A huge thank you to Clarky and David Phillips for their support of this race – donating prize money and bottles of Phillips Estate Rosé.  While the results may show that Clarky took home his own money – he generously put it on the bar for everyone!!  Thanks again to both of you, everyone appreciated the motivation!

And thank you to the following people for helping out in the tower (including this coming weekend).  They have all given up their time over the festive season to help run this Holiday Series;
Elaine Nicholas, Graeme Ainslie, Ray Bateman (Vitesse), Judy Champion, Graeme and Bette Pearson, Tim Bardon, Amanda Malin and Tom McCullough.

Remember there are two more races in the Shark Bay Holiday Series THIS Friday and Sunday.  The weather is looking much nicer for the weekend so please join in the fun.

This Weeks Races:

Friday 6 January – Holiday Series (Race 5)
First Warning Signal:         09:55H  combined tower start
Sunday 8 January – Holiday Series (Race 6)
First Warning Signal:         09:55H  Combined Tower Start

Photo Of The Week

The people you bump into at a regatta in Northern NSW.......
Fiona & Ross Martin along with Alexis, Andrew (Mono), Imogen & Aurelia Martin were delighted to be able to catch up with Jan & Ian Woods. For those new to the club The Woods Family have been life long members of the club, with one of our rescue boats being ceremoniously named after Ian "Woodys" Woods. You know you have left your mark when you have a boat named after you.  
 martin woods


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