Safety Beach Sailing Club Inc. Membership Application

This online membership application form is under development

If you are a member of another Yacht Club, please provide the Yacht Club name and your AS number

When applying for a Family Membership, fill in the additional family member details here**


Please advise any qualifications you (or family members) may have as per the list below

Boat storage is by application only.

Application may be submitted only after receiving Membership Fees Receipt & Membership Season Card. All applications are reviewed by the General Committee & if successful a suitable allocation will be made by the Yard Master who also provides an invoice which must be settled before vessel may be brought into the yard.

Please type in the full names of your Proposer and Seconder.  These people must be a voting member of SBSC.  If you do not have a proposer/seconder, please leave blank and the Club will follow up.

I/We, the undersigned, request to become a member/s of the Safety Beach Sailing Club Inc. (The Association). Should I/We be accepted by the Executive Committee of The Association, I/We agree to be bound by the rules and By Laws of The Association for the time being in force.

Thank you for applying for membership of Safety Beach Sailing Club.