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SBSC ZOOM Trivia Night

We will be holding a ZOOM TRIVIA NIGHT on Friday 8th May commencing at 7:30pm.

If you would like to participate in the TRIVIA FUN then please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by COB on Wednesday 6th May and we will in turn send you an invite to attend along with the ZOOM Trivia Guidelines.  We are limited to 100 spots so please get your email in ASAP as it will be first in basis. 

We are expecting that the night will run for around 90minutes and will include all sorts of trivia from Sailing to Australiana and even some Audio questions.

Looking forward to seeing you then!!





Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS April 1st 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear Members,

Well, it was an inglorious finish to what has been a pretty average season on the water for many of our sailing members. Friday Keel Boat Twilight races were regularly unable to be raced due to Gale Warnings.  The second half of the OTB season was affected similarly and the Juniors were rarely able to get out on Sunday mornings due to difficult conditions.  It was a season that offered so much but rarely delivered, however, as sailors, we recognise that we participate in a sport that requires a window of weather opportunity and some seasons are better than others, so it seemed fitting that the premature end to our season was taken out of our hands with the restrictions due to COVID-19 increasing to the point that beaches have been closed and gatherings banned, making sailing impossible.

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS April 22nd 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

I trust you’re all keeping safe and not going stir crazy in these extraordinary times and unprecedented circumstances.
For some, this will be a time to re-connect with family, get those jobs done around the house, which have been screaming to be done for years, or you might have taken up a hobby that has always appealed to you but you’ve never had the time to immerse yourself in such an indulgence.
Personally, this has been a difficult time, with my business at a dead stop, with no clear timeline for resumption. It’s important during such difficult times to ensure our fellow club members have the support of one another. If you think someone might be struggling, connect and ask them how they’re doing. I’m sure that I’m not the only one whose work has all but dried up.

Over the Easter weekend, a group of members and juniors participated in the SBSC Inaugural Virtual Regatta. This was a 12 race series with two drops. it would be a reasonable assumption that the juniors would clean up in this format, however it was a surprise to see Greg Lowe as the eventual conqueror of all. For the SBSC running of this regatta, we chose 49ers.  The results of this regatta are below.  

Results RS
For those who haven’t tried Virtual Regatta, it is a remarkably realistic experience with biases on the start line, wind shifts to follow up and down the course and there are a variety of yachts that can be used for competition.

We have had a request from a member to advertise his business during these extraordinary times. Of course we have sponsors we need to take into consideration when these types of requests come through and of course we’d love to help all our members.  I’m sure if there is enough interest from members who have businesses, that would like the opportunity to advertise to the wider membership via our E-news, then please send us an email with a link to your on-line store or services and we’ll endeavour to assist where we can.

Please remember to send in your nominations for Club Person of the year and Junior Club Person of the year to our secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There have been an unprecedented number of exceptional volunteers this year, so please think about nominating the person that best encapsulates what the SBSC is all about. Remember the person nominated can’t currently sit on the Executive Committee.
Stay safe everyone and please remember to stay connected.


On behalf of the Executive Committee

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS March 25th 2020

Covid-19 Update

Hi all members,

By now I am sure you will have read the email from our Commodore, Peter Bulka, advising that ALL club activities have been suspended until further advised.  We will keep all members informed of the latest situation via email, e-news and our other social media forums.  Our weekly club e-news will no longer go out on a weekly basis however, we will endeavour to keep this form of communication open albeit on a less regular basis.

If you have any articles, items or information that you think would be of interest to our members PLEASE send them through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will put them together and publish when applicable.  I am sure there are plenty of our members that will be interested as many of us are looking at new and novel ways to keep ourselves busy and connected to our community during this very tough time.

Keelboat NEWS

Last Weeks Races 

Wednesday 18th March 2020            

Midweek Madness   

Congratulations to:   

1st Anthea John Wemyss
2nd 2Xtreme Andrew Clark
3rd Summer Breeze Martin Coad


Friday 20th March  2020        

Twilight Pursuit Race

Congratulations to:

1st Em Dee Graeme Pearson
2nd Fransiska       Peter Morrison
3rd Y Knot Rob Rainsford
1st Y Knot  Rob Rainsford

Another interesting night for our Friday Pursuit Race.  Due to the Strong Wind Warning and rough conditions it was decided quite late on Friday to postpone the Junior Crews involvement however, one our junior crews didn't get the memo so well done to Beau and his dad Cam who apparently had an exciting and rather wet time out on Fransiska but both had a smile on their faces. We had nine yachts sign on for the race which was great considering it was a bit bumpy on the course. Unfortunately we had a couple of retirements including a dead battery but from all reports it was a great night despite being a little wet for the crews.

Big thank you to our Race Officer Peter Bulka and his trusty team in the tower for a great job. 

Sunday 22nd March  2020        

Club Championship Race

Congratulations to:

1st Anthea John Wemyss
2nd Vincitore Peter Russell
1st  Anthea John Wemyss
2nd Vincitore Peter Russell

Big thank you to RO Mark McAuliffe and the crew from Lady Cassandra for manning the tower and helping out on the water.

March 22 1 6x4

For all the 2019-20 Summer Results and Series Scores please go to 2019-20 Summer Season Results.  Presentation night for the 2019-20 season has been postponed and we will advise new dates as soon as possible.

15 Sailing Movies to Watch If You Have To Stay At Home

If the thought of being quarantined sends you into a spiral of restlessness, rest assured: you’re not alone. What does one do when you’re not allowed to leave your house?  We suggest you 15 sailing movies to see. Which one is your favourite?

Click Here for Movies 

How did you get that eye patch?

A sailor and a pirate are in a bar recounting their adventures at sea. Seeing the pirate’s peg-leg, hook, and eye patch the sailor asks: “So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?”

The pirate replies: “We were caught in a huge storm and a giant wave swept me overboard. Just as me crew were pullin’ me out a school of sharks appeared and one of ’em bit me leg off.”

“Blimey!” said the sailor . “And how’d you get the hook?”

“Arrrr…”, mused the old salt, “I got into a fight over a woman in a bar, and me hand got chopped off.”

“Blimey!” remarked the sailor. “And how about the eye patch?”

“Oh that,” said the pirate, looking embarrassed. A seagull droppin’ fell into me eye.”

“You lost your eye to a seagull dropping?” the questioner asked incredulously.

Well…” said the old sea dog, ” it was me first day with the hook.”

pirate jokes 6x4

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS April 7th 2020

Boating Activities during Covid-19

There has been plenty of confusion about what if any boating activities are allowed.  Please click link HERE to go to the latest Marine Safety Victoria response regarding boating activities in Victoria.  Hopefully this will make things clearer for all.

We have also received the following information from Hidden Harbour Services:
These are truly challenging times for all of us. If you’re unable to travel to your boat and want anything checked onboard such as mooring lines secure, batteries off, charger on etc the guys at Hidden Harbour Services can arrange this - Contact Nick on 0434 422 523

Anyone wishing to use this down time for annual maintenance works the Martha Cove Boatyard is still operating and are offering great packages.  Contact the Boatyard on 1800 440 255

Stay happy, stay safe & we’ll see you on the water again soon!

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Latest News

Unfortunately with the re-introduction of Stage 3 Restrictions by the State Government there will be no Racing or Training at the club until further advised. 

The club facilities are also closed until there are some easing of restrictions.  The kiosk will be OPEN for take away snacks and meals as per the information provided by Snooks Catering in this week's e-News.

The interpretation from Australian Sailing is as below:

  • Recreational boating may continue as long as it is with members of your household, or with one person from outside your household. However, the 1.5 meter social distancing rule must be adhered to at all times and there is to be NO sharing of equipment.
  • Informal training is not allowed. It is not seen as recreational boating.
  • Club facilities (meeting rooms, changing rooms, toilets, cafes, restaurants, canteens etc) should be closed, except for the delivery of takeaway meals and drinks.

We will continue to monitor all information provided from State Government and Australian Sailing and hopefully we can get back to the club and competitive sailing in the not too distant future.

Kind regards,

Peter Bulka
Safety Beach Sailing Club



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