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Last Week's Racing

Friday 18th October 2019 - Friday Twilight Pursuit Race #2

Congratulations to:

1st Fransiska   Peter Morrison   
2nd   Balance Mark Bulka
3rd 2Xtreme Andrew Clark
1st Balance Mark Bulka
2nd 2Xtreme Andrew Clark
3rd YKnot Rob Rainsford

We are pleased to note that for the first time we have been able to provide AMS results for the Friday Twilight Pursuit Race and will continue to do so.

Wild Warriors may be the only name that could be given to those skippers and crews who ventured out on Friday night, being keen to do so after the cancellation of the first race the previous week. Wind gusting at South Channel to 27kts in the Strong Wind range gave the RO a dilemma – go or no-go!  After several conversations with the ‘elders’ of the fleet it was decided to proceed on the basis that there was no official gale warning and skippers could use their own discretion as to whether to participate or not.
Six boats crossed the start and headed to Mark 25 in a 22kt westerly and a 2.4m swell. The beauty and wildness of nature was impressive as black storm clouds alternating with sunset rays dwarfed the fleet.


As the boats neared ‘25’ the first rain squall hit, severely reducing visibility while a container ship and the fleet passed the mark.
There was a brief respite as the fleet headed toward the Dromana Pier mark but then nature turned nasty again with rain and winds so strong that some had to tack rather than gybe to change direction. Little wonder that the tower camera screen looked like a snowstorm just before the finish!
Amazing was that the spread of finish times was 9 min and that Fransiska won in these conditions with only 2 POB.


Sunday 20th October - Sunday Summer Series Race 1:

Congratulations to:

 1st Vincitore  Peter Russell
 2nd   Shimmer      Steve Twentyman  
 3rd Anthea Jonb Wemyss
 1st Sminner Steve Twentyman
 2nd Vincitore Peter Russell
 3rd Rells Mal Winder


All the Summer Season Results can be viewed  HERE 

Next Weeks Races

Friday 25th October 2019

Friday Twilight Pursuit - Race 3     Tower / Pursuit Start          
First warning: 17:25H
Start time: 17:30H

On Duty

Tower - RO Des Carroll
Duty Boat Back in Black

 Start sheet is available at  HERE


Saturday 26th October 2019

Club Championship - Race 1 Boat Start,
Combined MYC / SBSC - Race 1   Centre Course, Windward - Return  
 First Warning: 13:55H
 Start Time: 14:00H


This Saturday we have the first of our conbined race series with Mornington Yacht Club for the 2019-20 season.   This will be a boat start with Windward -Return course that will be set off Mt Martha.  We will send out more details on the race later in the week.  MYC have offered to run the races however, SBSC are to provide some assistants for the start and course laying boats so if you are available we would greatly appreciate if you would volunteer a bit of time to help out the club next Saturday.  Please let us know ASAP by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The club will be open after racing on Saturday in the upstairs meeting room.  Make sure you get back to compare notes about your day on the water with your fellow sailors.

Keelboat Captains Report

I'd like to thank Tony Christmas for his imput on Sunday during the MOB discussion, it was very informative and we do appreciate the sharing of his experience and knowledge in this area. Also I'd like to thank Peter Bulka for his talk on the handicap system which has helped us understand how it works and because of the meeting we were able to adjust the current capped handicap system for Friday night racing?  Sue Turnbull, a big thank you for all your fantastic efforts in the Women's Sailing Pprogram which she gave us an update so we all know where we are currently and beyond?

Further to the MOB discussions, Tony has offered to supervise on water training using Leo the MOB dummy.
This Sunday as there is no racing but the club will be open to welcome the public and showing them what we have to offer as a sailing club. "Rells" and crew will be doing MOB drills and we would like to invite all Keel boats and members to also bring their boat's out to participate in these drills?


We are printing up a register for you to fill in so that everyone doing the drill will be recorded for your reference.
This is not a mandatory requirement at SBSC. However most clubs are now making it a mandatory requirement before they let you race at their club? Our aim as a responsible, safe club, we are offering you the opportunity to practice these skills in a supervised manner for all skippers and  crew?
We are looking at getting underway at around 11am this Sunday, if you're interested and available please advise?

Any boats that would like to do cruises in and out of the bay? I have spoken to a couple of the skippers and they do not want the title of Cruise Co-ordinator however they are organising some cruises this season which they are very happy for you to join them in your boat?
They will advise myself or the editor of the newsletter and the cruise dates and destination will be put in the newsletter with a contact phone number for you to advise them that you would like to join them?

Mal Winder

Whats on at SBSC



More Opening Day Action

If you would like to see all the photos of the Sail Past, KB and OTB races please click on this LINK


Cruisers Corner

Tales From The Med - Part II

Picking up the story where I left off, finally after 8 days we were given permission to leave Ibiza. The owner (Canadian) decided he would actually do as Customs wanted this time and head straight for Gibraltar. This meant putting his wife (German), sister in law (Ukrainian) and 2 yo daughter on a plane to Barcelona.
I then recruited 2 delivery crew from Palma to join us and off we motored to Gibraltar. No sign of any breeze so the iron mainsail got a workout. Any delivery you can describe as 'uneventful' is a good trip and after 2 days we docked in Gib. With Customs formalities out of the way, we had a poke around, did some provisioning, lost one of my crew to his mates in a bar and generally filled in time before pushing off the next day.
I've been to Gibraltar a few times now and struggle to find anything positive to say about it, (except the Rock is impressive.)
So a quick turn around and it was back the way we came along the Spanish coast. Navigation was easy, I just had to reverse the route! Again we've motored the whole way except for now, just 120M out of Barcelona with the wind filling in on our quarter and we are motor sailing at 10 knots. All things being equal, we will reach the Vilnova Grand Marina just outside Barcelona tonight (Thursday) and that will be that. I have a flight home on Saturday.
The trip was not what I signed up for, it was meant to be coastal hopping all the way with overnight stops.
A nice concept on an 84'er with a chef onboard and the Costa del Sol awaiting. 
Instead it turned out to be a bun fight with Spanish Customs and a delivery trip, (no chef either!) Such is life in the sailing world. 
In the end, we will have done around 1000M with 900 of those compressed into the past 6 days.
All I can say is I'm looking forward to coming home!


Postscript from Vilanova

Well, just when I thought this little saga was over, lo and behold we've sailed straight into civil unrest in Barcelona. All to do with Catalan separatists being imprisoned.  We had to get our passports stamped back into the EU which meant a trip to the Barcelona Port Authority, 40km from the marina at Vilanova.
Our customs agent said we wouldn't be able to get through with 50 fires burning in the streets, key roads blocked and general strikes and chaos.
It turned out to be OK as the port was on 'our' side of Barcelona and we didn't have to go through the city.
So now my thoughts have turned to my flight out of Madrid tonight. I didn't want to fly from the Barcelona airport as it's a bit of a no go zone at the moment.
I'm catching the fast train to Madrid but from a station at Camp de Tarragona which means I don't have to go into Barcelona.

Jonathan Ross
Halcyon Daze / Jonathan Ross Sailing


MYC News

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