News from the Tower

Last Week's Racing

Friday 11th October 2019 - Friday Twilight Pursuit Race #1

Unfortunately due to the conditions Friday Pursuit #1 was cancelled however, I have heard on the grapevine that the club was going off with most sailors opting to head back and enjoy the great meals and atmosphere at the club.


Sunday 13th October - Commodores Gold Cup Results:

Congratulations to:

 1st Vincitore  Peter Russell
 2nd   Balance      Mark Bulka        
 3rd 2Xtreme Andrew Clark 
 1st  Balance  Mark Bulka
 2nd  2Xtreme Andrew Clark
 3rd  YKnot Rob Rainsford


Next Weeks Races

Friday 18th October 2019

Friday Twilight Pursuit - Race 2     Tower / Pursuit Start          
First warning: 17:25H
Start time: 17:30H

On Duty

Tower - RO Des Carroll
Duty Boat D'etente


Start sheet is available at LINK

Sunday 20th October 2019

 Sunday Summer Series - Race 1     Combined Tower Start  
 First Warning:  13:25H
 Start Time:  13:30H

On Duty

 Tower - RO David Donaldson
 Duty Boat Renaissance



Opening Day

What a great way to start the season at SBSC.  Huge thanks to our Social Committe, Snooks Catering and On Water team for making it such a special event.

OD 640x380 2

 O B 640x491


Keelboat Captains Report

I won't comment how well our Opening Day went, because if you were there you would already know?
I'll just say it was pretty amazing and let everyone else fill you in with the details?

Next Sunday 20th 10am Skipper and Crew Meeting. The agenda:

1. MOB presentation and procedure by Rod Smallman and Tony Christmas.

2. Handicap system explained and questions answered by our Commodore Peter Bulka.

3. Sue Turnbull, update on women skipper and crew sailing program.

4. Those wanting to do Bay Cruises and beyond, plans for this season.

5. General Business.

This will be a very informative meeting that has something for everyone who sails?
So please don't miss your chance to have your say and hopefully have your questions answered?

See you all then

Mal Winder


Whats on at SBSC

Snooks Catering E News October 2019


151019 Ian and Jans Farewell 452x640


Sail Peninsula 2020

The Sail Peninsula Sub-Committee are well underway getting things ready for Sail Peninsula 2020 which is going to be held over the weekend of 21st, 22nd and 23rd February so make sure you lock these dates into your calendar.
One of the keys to making this a great regatta is the assistance and support of our sponsors. 
The committee are looking to gain support and sponsorship from our members for SP2020 so if you are interested in getting behind what is becoming an iconic event for the Southern Peninsula then please contact the SP2020 Chairman – Andrew Clark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0418 331 083  to discuss levels sponsorship that are available  - your company would get all the privileges of corporate sponsorship and support.

   21019 1


From the Raffler!

The raffles have kicked off the season in fine form last Friday with an awesome tally of $590.00 and like all good cash stories you’ll need to follow every sentence with the word allegedly.  We might have a bit of fun with them when we sell them but at the end of the day they’re going to purchase more training boats for our junior sailors and that folks IS seriously awesome.
Our 2 for 10 special on the tickets went over really well again this weekend (yes they are $5.00 each normally) and we’re expecting a huge response with our 4 for 20 this coming Friday night. A huge, huge thankyou to the few people who took our 10 for 50 super special.

Michel van der Zwaard has donated the first great prize of the year, a ride on his EXTREME40 “Back in Black” - priceless.
This thing sidles upwind toward 18kts and close to 30kts downwind. Last Friday’s winner selected the non sailing prize of 2 bottles of wine so this EPIC prize is still up for grabs this Friday.

 Raffler 640x224

Also for the sailors you’ll have the option of naming the next RS Tera that we purchase after your own boat – a mini me if you like.
So there’s 2 great prizes on offer AND if anyone else would like to donate something for the raffle prizes then we’d be most appreciative.
Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Raffler

Cruisers Corner

We have a new addition to our Cruisers Corner team.  This latest report is from Jonathan Ross from Halcyon Daze.  Jonathan is best known for developing the new SBSC website however, in his spare time is also a Delivery / Charter Yacht Skipper extroidinaire.  This story makes great reading!

Tales From The Med

I picked up a job to skipper a 84' Palmer Johnson to help the owners get it from Palma de Mallorca to Gibraltar and onto Barcelona. It was to be a 2-3 week fly in, fly out gig. Oh if only it turned out to be so easy! Suffice to say, things are never simple or as straightforward as they could be in Spain.
In between the owner's cowboy attitude to authority, a TPA customs agreement deadline, a surly customs agent and Spanish Customs hasten slowly attitude, we've been diverted to Ibiza and have been stuck here awaiting customs clearance for the past 6 days.


So a little bit about the trip so far.

Palma is the epicentre for sailing yachts in the Med. It's where you will see every famous and infamous yacht at some point during the Med summer.
It's quite a nice city with an interesting old town and amazing cathedral that is quite a sight as you sail into the harbour.
We set off from Palma on what should have been a direct trip to Gib.
Some engine and radio issues saw us stop over at an island called Cabrera which was outside what Spanish Customs wanted us to do. (As it turns out, the owner never had any intention of complying with what Customs directed).
I am now the proverbial meat-in-the-sandwich, caught between the owner's directives, what Customs require and my ultimate responsibility as captain of the yacht to ensure it's safety.
So after an overnight on a mooring buoy at Cabrera, another overnight off Formentera, we found ourselves directed to the main harbour of Ibiza with a threat of the boat being impounded, passports confiscated and arrests!
That was 6 days ago and we've seen sight nor sound of Customs. I think they are just making the owner stew in his juices and pay 1000€ per day marina fees for being a bad boy.
In the meantime, I toss up whether to bail now and cut my losses, sail to Gib or hang in there until Barcelona. The only consolation is none of this is my doing and I am on a daily rate!

Stay tuned!

Jonathan also has a great website on his delivery and sailing services which is well worth checking out at


For the rest of the SBSC  Cruising Fleet are all on the last legs of the 2019 cruising season.

Hoppy and Robyn on La Mer have left from Vanuatu and are on their way back to the Queensland coast via Huon and Chesterfield reefs. 

Karen and Tom on ToniK have left the boat in Airie with plans to bring her south late in the year with a possible stopover in Sydney to enjoy the NYE fireworks display on the harbour.

Mamba'lu with the Cleaver's on board are on their way to northern Greece where their boat will see out the European Winter.


Russell and Di on Smooth Operator are in Holland and are struggling with bad weather to get the boat back to England so maybe looking to winter the boat in Holland.

Mustang Sally has finally started moving south after three wonderful but windy weeks in Lizard Island.  They are heading back to the Gold Coast where Sally will go onto the hard stand at Boatworks to see out the cyclone season in Queensland.  They have spoken often about their kiting adventures and finally we have some photos to show that is is not all a myth!!

151019 Kite Boarding



 91019 ORCV 1


 91019 NN11