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News from the Tower

Last Week’s Race Results

September 15th 2019

Inaugural Chirping Bird Wines Race

There was a small but very competitive group out for this weeks’ Chirping Bird Wines race.
Thank you to Rod Smallman for sponsoring this event and supplying some very lovely wines for the winners.

Congratulations to

1st Rogue
2nd Friday Harbour
3rd Marrakesh
1st Rogue
2nd Rells

Full results are posted on the club website, click here

Thank you to Judy and Amanda for running the Tower Operations this week.

As well as running our own club racing, Safety Beach SC hosted the Waitangi Cup for Adam 10’s over the weekend. Big thanks to all those who were involved in making this a very successful regatta..

Next Week’s Race

On Duty

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Spring Series   Race 2  Combined On Water Start Windward-Return Course
First Warning:        0955
Start ime:            1000

On Duty

Tower Des Carroll
Start Boat TBC
Course Boats Fiona Martin
  Amanda Malin

Boat Crews are to meet at the SBSC Boat Shed (adjacent to the Martha Cove Boat Ramp) at 8:00H

Measure your Boat

Three of our more regular sailors were absent from the Sunday fleet as they were up at Sandringham YC getting weighed in for AMS. Very pleasing to see more boats interested in competing in this measurement system.
This season we will be extracting AMS results from the Friday Twilight Finish Times. A great reason to think about getting your boat measured.

Captains Message

If you weren't at the club on the weekend you definitely missed a great opportunity to see how well our club successfully runs regattas and club events at the same time. The volunteers that step up and dedicate so much of their time is outstanding. The buzz around the club at the moment feels like being in a Beehive, it's amazing. We had the Adams 10 regatta Saturday and Sunday, Off the beach boats and keel boats racing on Sunday all at the same time and to top it off David Snooks satisfied the appetite of everyone. Rod Smallman sponsored the keel boat trophies with his exquisite Chirping Bird wine. (The wine that's very easy to swallow). Thanks Rod and thank you all that volunteered on the weekend we really appreciate your effort.

Cheers Mal Winder.

NN 08

ORCV Navigators Challenge

Maverick competed in the Navigators challenge over the weekend. Above the editor hard at work conjuring up some navigating magic which seemed to work with a 1st in IRC & PHS, and a 2nd in AMS.
With 5 possible start lines and 58 possible legs, the choice seems endless – as you can see on the left image. The name of the game was to sail the longest distance over a 21 hour period and with penalties for finishing early or late of the allotted finish time, it is clearly a thinking event. 
The Navigator Challenge is also part of the ORCV beyond the bay program so if you’re thinking about venturing out a it further, it’s a great place to start.

Mav 1

Waitangi Cup

Well, what a fabulous regatta, Waitangi Cup, the Adams 10 class VIC V NSW challenge was held at the club over the past weekend.
6 Adams 10s  from around the bay were sailed down to the marina to be given out to the 2 x3 yacht teams from each state, the yachts were allocated by a hat draw with none of the yacht owners allowed to sail their own yacht to keep it fair to all.
A big thankyou to the clubs’ sponsor Martha Cove for supplying the marina berths for the competitors and patrol boats during the event, very much appreciated and further evidence of the great relationship we share.

Waitangi 1

dummy image

The Saturday was light with 4 heats run in about 5-8 knots on a very beautiful sunny day, Vic behind by 6 point that night.
David Snooks put on a very delicious sit down meal for 50 that had everybody raving, class monogrammed menus and the usual fabulous service again proved we are a class act at SBSC.
Sunday gave us 15-20 knots from the North and a 1.5 m choppy sea, this was so different from the Sat but by the end of heat 5 Vic was within 1 point of NSW, heat 6 and the final heat saw some issues with some of the Vic yachts and slipped back to 4 points down and the Cup going back to NSW ( Middle Harbour yacht club)
Every one was impressed by the excellent race management which had every heat finishing exactly on the target times set, Geoff Eldridge and team had it ALL covered which again proves how lucky we are to have him and gives greater credibility to Sail Peninsula.
We will have an SBSC team competing in next year’s event at Middle harbour so stay tuned for details as we get closer to the event.
Lots of very happy sailors at the club all weekend, congratulation SBSC👌 And yes I parked 2Xtreme on the sand at the dog beach for an hour while getting a clean , couldn’t see the bottom and just went a little too close, got her off with Woodsy, no damage but plenty of ribbing, not the first time and probably won’t be the last

In the end Team NSW came away as victors with a narrow win over Team Victoria. Series Scores can be viewed HERE


Com 3

Women on the Water News

Some of us have been enjoying the warmer weather up North participating in events such Hamilton Island Race Week and Magnetic Island Race Week and are now looking forward to the season starting here at SBSC.  We hope to commence mid-week training as soon as weather and daylight permits so we can improve our practical on water skills. 
Welcome to new members of the Women’s Group – Meaghan Harding who is now crewing regularly on Vincitore and Salliee Del Col who went out for the first time on Rells this week. Thanks also to the Skippers who take the girls out and pass on their knowledge and expertise.
Mornington Yacht Club put on a very informative evening last week by David Eickmeyer from Quantum Sails who discussed sail trim.  The evening was very well represented by the Women’s Group and other members of SBSC and we all came away with a little more knowledge under our belts.

Waitangi 4

This weekend Linda Woolley, Catherine Schnell and I are heading up to Wesley College to undertake our Safety and Survival at Sea training where we will be jumping in the water fully clothed and trying not to drown.  Sounds like fun!

If any ladies would like to join our group or interested in mid-week training please contact me.
Sue Turnbull – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editors Note

We now have regular contributions from a number of members and our newsletter is the better for it.
It would be great to get more even if they’re just a pic or 2.