News from the Tower

Last Week's Racing 

Wednesday 29th January 2020  

Midweek Madness Race 4

1st Whiskers Terry Jones
2nd X to Sea Graeme Ainslie

Three started in very light winds and two finished in what ended up being a very pleasant Wednesday afternoon sail.


Friday 31st January 2020

Friday Twilight Pursuit Series #2 - Race 2    

Congratulations to:

1st Fransiska Peter Morrison

We were again faced with some difficult conditions for our Friday Twilight sail.  The race was postponed to allow the worst of the inclement weather to pass.  We had 18 starters with 8 having a female at the helm.  Although we had a number of retirements almost half the fleet carried on but unfortunatley with the later start time and and no wind for the better part of the first leg out the 25 sunset beat most of the boats to the finish line.
We did however, have a very happy Peter Morrison on Fransiska which managed to squeak home before the time limit expired.  We must be due for some decent sailing conditions soon - fingers crossed!

40220 fp1 6 X 4


Female Helm - Series Scores  

Congratulations to:

1st Summer Breeze           Piety Coad         
2nd  Anthea Sue Turnbull
3rd Windsong  Diane Ashcroft

Well done all those that competed last night.  Unfortunately this series has also been plagued by challenging conditions.  This was the final race in the series so the final scores have been published to the club website at Female Helm Series Scores.  It was a very close series with Piety Coad on Summer Breeze in first position which was determined on a count back from Sue Turnbull on Anthea with both boats scoring 11 points  Diane Ashcroft came in 3rd spot with 12 points.

Big thanks to Race Office Des Carroll and the team from Joint Venture who had a pretty stressful time in the tower.

Sunday 2nd February 2020                  

Summer Series Race 6     

Congratulations to:

1st  2Xtreme Andrew Clark
2nd  Mr Bojangles Pauline Cleaver
3rd  Single Malt Sue Turnbull
1st Mr Bojangles Pauline Cleaver
2nd 2Xtreme Andrew Clark

What a close race - even after approx. 3hours of racing the finishers were only separated by minutes!

All the summer season results can be viewed at Keelboat Results 2019-20   


Next Weeks Races 

Wednesday 5th February January 2020          

Midweek Madness

Race #5: Tower / Pursuit Start
Start Time: 16;00H

 Start Sheet is available HERE

If you are planning to sail in any of the Midweek Madness races please sign up for our Top Yacht TES Trial ASAP.  Contact Dianne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details - it is really easy to do! 

Friday 7th February

Friday Twilight Pursuit Series #2 - Race 3     Tower / Pursuit Start     
10 Years of Keelboats @ SBSC Trophy Race      
First Warning Signal: 17:55H
Start Time: 18:00H
RO: Judy & Amanda
Duty Boat: Savara

CLICK HERE for this weeks start sheet.

Sunday 9th February 2020               

Club Championship - Race 6    Boat  / OTW Start
First Warning Signal 13:25H
Start Time: 13:30H
RO: Rob Rainsford
Duty Boat: Y Knot


10th Anniversary of Keelboat Racing at SBSC

10 years of Keelboat Sailing 7th Feb 2020 RS

SBSC Keelboats History #3

The fleet has grown and matured during the 10years of Keelboat Racing at Safety Beach SC.  We now have 67 boats listed on our register with 38 SB Sail Numbers allocated.  The Friday Twilight racing has been the jewel in the crown for the development of keelboat racing with 25 to 30 boats competing most Friday's (when the weather allows).

Our Sailing Instructions are now 11 pages long and we have 27 courses available.  Big thanks to Geoff Eldgridge for his tireless efforts to keep our documentation in order.  We now post our start sheets and results directly to the internet so often boats can find out how they went before they even tie up in their pen
Our program has developed over the years.  Some of the things we have trialled have been a great success and others perhaps not such a good idea but we do have plenty of variety on offer and hopefully something to suit everyone.  Combined racing with MYC has been introduced over the last two season which has been well received and we are planninng to further refine this next season.

We must recognise the tireless and often thankless job of our Tower Team.  We would love to see a few more helpers in this troop but we seem to find a way to battle on each week. We are very lucky to be well supported by our Keelboat Owners and Crew who turn up each week to do their duty as rostered on. 
I think some of them even get to enjoy the view from the other side of the glass.  We have also been very fortunate during this 10years to have had very active and pro-active Keelboat Committees striving to make things better both on and off the water.

Sail Peninsula continues to grow each year and we are on track again for another successful regatta over the weekend of the 21-23 February.

I think we should all feel a little proud and very lucky to have been involved in such a vibrant and exciting part of the 53 years that is Safety Beach Sailing Club so lets enjoy a great evening of sailing and an even better celebration at the club.


Keelboat Captain Report

Do you ever wonder why the SBSC tower never answers your calls or continually asks you to repeat your message yet others seems to get through first time every time!!   Your Marine VHF Radio may be in need of a little tender loving care. It is worth performing some regular maintenance on your marine radio to ensure the communications device is in perfect working condition for when you need to rely upon it in an emergency.  

  1. Check the antenna connection at the rear of the radio unit is not corroded.  Unscrew the antenna and spray the connections with a marine lubricant such as Inox or WD-40.  Scrub any corrosion or salt residue off with a stiff toothbrush. 
  2. Check the antenna connection at the base of the antenna.  Unscrew the aerial whip from the base and clean with a marine lubricant and a  stiff toothbrush. 
  3. Check the antenna whip and antenna cabling for any cracks and replace if necessary. 
  4. Check any inline fuses or fuse holders are not corroded, and apply a marine lubricant. 
  5. Ensure your battery terminals are not corroded, and that the battery is in good working order. Check the electrolyte level in the battery and  top up with distilled water if necessary. 
  6. Regularly request a “radio check” from a limited coast station to determine if your transmission distance is degrading over time.

Fair winds and happy sailing
KB Captain 


What's on at SBSC

Snooks Catering E News February 2020 RS


Sail Peninsula 2020

Just over 2 weeks to go until Sail Peninsula 2020 so get your entry in now by going to the SP2020 Registration Page.  Make sure you get your entry submitted and payment finalised before the fee increases to $250 after the 15th February.  If you need any assistance please contact Dianne on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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