News from the Tower

Last Week's Racing 

Friday 24th January 2020          

Fun Friday Pursuit Race

1st Rells Mal Winder
2nd Windsong Roy Ashcroft
3rd Fransiska Peter Morrison

What a wonderful night for a sail and great to see 21 boats out for the race. 
Welcome to Evan Macwhirter and the crew on The Office who where out for their first sail with SBSC. 
Big thank you Andrew Stocks and team Layla Rose for manning the tower.

For all the results please CLICK HERE

Sunday 26th January  

Australia Day - Schnapper Point Race     

Congratulations to:

1st L'etoile Ian Pearse
2nd Fransiska Peter Morisson
3rd Shimmer Steve Twentyman
1st Shimmer Steve Twentyman
2nd Rells Mal Winder

Thanks to the tower team of Judy and the Windsong crew. 

All the summer season results can be viewed at Keelboat Results 2019-20   

Next Weeks Races 

Wednesday 29th January 2020          

Midweek Madness

Race #5: Tower / Pursuit Start
Start Time: 16;00H

 Start Sheet is available HERE

If you are planning to sail in any of the Midweek Madness races please sign up for our Top Yacht TES Trial ASAP.  Contact Dianne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details - it is really easy to do! 

Friday 31st January 2020          

Friday Twilight Pursuit Series #2 - Race 2     Tower / Pursuit Start     
Female Helm Series - Race 4  
First Warning Signal: 17:55H
Start Time: 18:00H
RO: Des Carroll
Duty Boat: Joint Venture



Sunday 2nd February

Summer Series - Race 6     Pursuit Start with Spinnaker Option    
First Warning Signal 13:25H
Start Time: 13:30H
RO: Des Carroll
Duty Boat: Marrakesh


  • Spinnakers may be used
  • If you do elect to run a spinnaker please notify the Safety Beach Tower when Signing On for the race on VHF 69 and add 4-minutes to your nominated starting time


10th Anniversary of Keelboat Racing at SBSC

10 years of Keelboat Sailing 7th Feb 2020 RS

SBSC Keelboats History #2

The story and sailing continues.

2010-2011 season saw the start of Sunday Summer Keelboat racing with a modest program of morning races.
We even introduced performance handicaps into our systems although this was all managed and updated on an Excel spreadsheet.
The fleet developed slowly but there was not a yacht in the marina that didn't get approached to sail at Safety Beach with some yachts being targeted before they had even tied up for the first time at Martha Cove!  Phillip Carter, Ian Smith (past Commodore), Mark Lawrence & Di Jackson formed the first Keelboat Committee and were soon after joined by Rob Rainsford and Greg Cleaver.

Although the numbers were small we were delighted to have some keen and enthusiastic Keelboat sailors racing at the club so the first Winter Series was introduced in 2011.  This was a five race series with racing held on the first Sunday morning of the month and was followed by a hearty meal at the club thanks to Snooks Catering.  We saw a growth in numbers with up to 10 boats participating.

2011 - 2012 was a big year for Keelboats at the club. 
Our Sailing Instructions grew to just over two pages.  We ran the Shark Bay Club Championship Series with Aphrodite (Rob Rainsford) becoming our first Keelboat Champion.  Sport Phillip Marine came on board as a sponsor of our Friday Twilights,  We re-named the winter series the Brass Monkey Winter Series and introduced Pursuit Starts for the first time.

2012 - 2013
SBSC hosted the Martha Cove Regatta (pre-cursor to Sail Peninsula) over the weekend of 9th & 10th Feb with boats sailing to Safety Beach from BYS, MYC and HBYC.  Late in 2013 Vic Ports were kind enough to lay the South Channel Marks 21, 23, 24 & 25 as well as the Yellow 5kt Piles which added enomormously to our course options which went from 4 to 17!

2013 - 2014
Sail Peninsula was born in February 2014 although the format involved passage races from our neighbouring clubs BYS & MYC with a Challenge Race held on the Sunday morning at Safety Beach before heading back to their home clubs.  We had our first Lady Skippers Race which had nine starters and was won by Pauline Cleaver on Mr Bojangles.

2014 - 2015
We ran the inaugural Southern Mains and Drains Race to the Middle and our first Junior Crew Friday Twilight Race - both have become favourites on the Keelboat calendar.  Spinnakers were included in the Brass Monkey Winter Series - see our PHOTO GALLERY.  You will recognise many of the boats and crews.

Snooks Catering has been the one constant throughout the history of Keelboat Sailing at SBSC providing some great summer Friday evening meals, while we enjoy the sunset from the balcony, to a hardy roast and a glass of red after a cold and blustery Brass Monkey Winter Series race. 

The lesson continues next week!! 

SB Sail Numbers

Get your SB sail number NOW before the 10th Anniversary Celebration!.  Let us know what number you would like and we will get back to you ASAP.  Just write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sail Peninsula 2020

ONLY 3 weeks to go until Sail Peninsula so get your entry in now by going to the SP2020 Registration Page

SP2020 Logo 6 x 4


140120 ORCV News 6 x 4

On 15th Feb the ORCV is hosting the 2nd in their coastal series.
For anyone wanting to find out what it’s like to go ocean racing, or for just a great day out, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Daylight start, and back in the pen before dark.  This race is likely to be down to Point Addis and then finish off Portsea back beach and the scenery is just awesome along that part of the coast.
The race is Cat3 and self audited. The race rules do NOT require a liferaft nor HF radio and the transition from Cat5 to Cat3 is not that onerous.

For anyone slightly interested I am happy to assist with getting you to the startline plus a provide a detailed analysis of what to expect during the race such as sailing out through the heads, things to look out for and crossing back past the heads to the finish, plus the return transit through the heads.
All you have to do is get your crew together.

For more information click on ORCV LINK

How awesome is it to have 2 SBSC boats featured on the brochure.

SO – get you crew together, sparkle up your boat and come and discover the joys of ocean racing.

Rod Smallman
0418 535 161