News from the Tower

Last Week's Racing 

Wednesday 15th January

Unfortunately due to thunder storms in the area we felt is was best to err on the side of caution and cancel the madness last Wednesday.  Initial reports from our first round of using the TES Sign On procedure were all positive so if you are planning to do any of the Midweek Madness Races please make sure you register.

Friday 17th January 2020  

Chirping Bird Female Helm Race / Series  

Congratulations to: 

1st Em Dee Bette Pearson
2nd Y Knot Linda Wooley
3rd D'etente Margaret Churcher

It wasn't quite the weather we were hoping to have for our Female Helm Race but we did have 10boats head to the start line, 7 of which had a female helm.  There were a few retirements but well done to all those that went out and gave it a go. Thank you also to Rod Smallman and Chirping Bird Wines for sponsoring this series.

210120 EmDee 6 x 4

Saturday 18th January  

MYC Hovell Pile Race & Summer Series Race #5     

Congratulations to:

1st Vincitore Peter Russell
2nd Shimmer Steve Twentyman
3rd Rogue David Phillips
1st Mr Bojangles Pauline Cleaver
2nd Shimmer Steve Twentyman
3rd  Vincitore Peter Russell

It was very pleasing to see the eight Safety Beach yachts heading up to Mornington early on Saturday morning for the 10:00H start time.  From all reports everyone thoroughly enjoyed the race and the opportunity to sail in the bigger fleet with around 30boats competing.  We certainly hope to include this race in our 2020-21 season program.  Big thanks to our neighbouring club Mornington YC for inviting our yachts to participate in this race which was very well organised and run.  The complete MYC Results can be viewed at Hovell Pile Results

All the summer season results can be viewed at Keelboat Results 2019-20   

Next Weeks Races 

Wednesday 22nd January 2020          

Midweek Madness

Race #5: Tower / Pursuit Start
Start Time: 16;00H

 Start Sheet is available HERE

If you are planning to sail in any of the Midweek Madness races please sign up for our Top Yacht TES Trial ASAP.  Contact Dianne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details - it is really easy to do! 

Friday 24th January 2020          

FUN Friday Twilight Race Tower / Pursuit Start with Spinnaker Option      
First Warning Signal: 17:55H
Start Time: 18:00H
RO: Andrew Stocks
Duty Boat: Layla Rose


  • Tower Pursuit Start
  • Fun Friday START SHEET
  • Spinnakers may be used
  • If you do elect to use a Spinnaker, please notify the Safety Beach Tower when Signing On and add 3-minutes to your nominated Start Time


Sunday 26th January 2020 

Australia Day - Schnapper Point Race   

Schnapper Point Race Combined Tower Start
  Course #22
First Warning Signal 11:55H
Start Time: 12:00H
Time Limit: 6 hours or 18:00H
Tower Team: Judy Champion


10th Anniversary of Keelboat Racing at SBSC

We will be celebrating this very memorable occasion on Friday 7th February. This is a MUST DO so put this date in your diary.  We would love to see a huge fleet of boats out on the water for this Friday Pursuit Race and then back to the club to celebrate.  We will have Tanina and Neil playing this night who have also become a key part of the Friday night tradition at SBSC.    Over the next couple of weeks we will provide some history on how the keelboat racing started and how this fleet has developed over the last 10 years! 

SBSC Keelboats History #1

Keelboat Racing commenced at Safety Beach Sailing Club in February 2010. 
With the opening of the Martha Cove Marina development and the appearance on several masts in the marina the club felt it was a great opportunity to provide some racing for the boats that had become our neighbours.  Friday night seemed to be the perfect fit!.

The first Friday Twilight Series consisted of four race series that were held on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th February 2010. You will see below the original promotional flyer and the first set of Sailing Instructions issued, which as you can see were rather basic.210120 History 1 6x4

Our systems were very simple. Andrew Stocks (aka Stocksy) was kind enough to install some starting lights on the club tower.  We used a combined start with the 5kt marker, that was located just off the south groin, as our start / finish mark!  Our Tower Team at the time were Mark and Di who were always thrilled to see the boats exiting the marina always hoping that more than one would turn up!  As it turned out the minimum number boats that competed in a race was two and we very excited to have six boats turn up for the last race of the series - see extract from the Rear Commodores Report (Ross Martin) for March 2010.

"Friday night twilights have been well received from those competing, and members and their guests enjoying a meal.  Last Friday week we had six boats compete, and since we start so close to the beach it was quite a spectacle.  We look forward to competitors feed back so that we will be well and truly ready for twilights to resume in November/December."

Some of our earliest competitors at SBSC were Solitaire (Andrew Burford), Fransiska (Peter Morrison), French Toast (Brian & Lisa Marklew), Aphrodite (Rob Rainsford) and Coral Lee (Ian Smith).  Apologies for any we have missed.  Working out the results was pretty easy.  We had not yet allocated handicaps to any of our yachts however, it was a consensus decision from our Tower Team as to who had performed well that night!  We had not one complaint from our skippers with this system.

Festival of Sails - Geelong

Good luck to all the Safety Beach SC yachts and crews that are heading to Geelong this coming weekend for the Festival of Sails Regatta.  We wish you all some fast and fun sailing. 

210120 FOS 6 x 4

Budget Yacht Charters

Budget Yacht Charters is a business Nathalie and I establishedin 2018. In a nutshell, we have created a website that will enable you to book a charter yacht pretty much anywhere in the world.  There are over 7500 yachts from 460 yacht charter fleets in the search engine. We have called it Budget Yacht Charters because we aim to be at least 10% cheaper than anyother charter booking agent.  We specialise in last minute anddiscount offers that can be up to 55% off the normal rates.
So if you are looking to charter a yacht in the Med for your next winter holiday, let me know your requirements and we can find you just the right boat at a very affordable rate.

21120 Budget Cruising
I can also act as your skipper onboard if you don't have theright qualifications or just want to let somebody else havethe responsibility of running the boat while you relax.Nathalie and I have sailed many parts of the Med and canrecommend any number of places, whether it's the go-to placesin Greece or Croatia or perhaps somewhere a little bit moreoff the beaten track. (We love Corsica for instance. Frenchculture, food & wine, some absolutely stunning anchorages,a little bit wild in places and all in the middle of theMediterranean).

You can contact me at bookings@budgetyachtcharters or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy sailing!
Jonathan Ross 

Sydney to Hobart Report / Article

Please click the link HERE for an excellent article about the remarkable performance of Jason Close and his crew on Patriot in the 2019 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.  While Jason and his crew are members of Sandringham Yacht Club, most of us know Jason and often get to see Patriot out enjoying a Friday Twilight Race at SBSC or competing in our Sail Peninsula Regatta.  This article makes for a great read and gives a little insight not only into the race down to Hobart but some of the lead up and preparation that went into their campaign.

210120 patriot 6x4