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News from the Tower

Last Week's Racing


Friday 15th November - Friday Twilight Pursuit Race #6

This would have to be the worst start to a Summer Season ever but it must get better sometime soon. 
Next week for sure.  The long term forecast is even looking like we could be in for a nice evening!!


Sunday 17th November - Club Championship Series Race 2

Great to see 14 boats out on the water for a fantastic day of sailing with some very close results.  They were so close we even had a tie for third place!   Congratulations to:

1st       Vincitore      Peter Russell  
2nd 2Xtreme Andrew Clark  
3rd Back in Black      Michel Van der Zwaard    
3rd X to Sea Graeme Ainslie
1st Mr Bojangles Pauline Cleaver
2nd    2Xtreme Andrew Clark
3rd Vincitore Peter Russell

Thank you to our Sunday volunteers
Our Start Boat team of Bill and Deirdre, the crew from L'etoile for assisting both in the tower and on the water and also to Des who dropped by the club after hours to ensure that the results were processed and published on Sunday evening.

Sunday SailingRS

All the summer season results can be viewed at Keelboat Results 2019-20


Next Weeks Races


Wednesday 20th November 2019  

 MIdweek Madness - Race 3 Tower / Pursuit Start
 Start Time:  16:00H

It is looking like a ripper day to get out for a bit of Midweek Madness.
Course details will be sent via email and / or SMS on Wednesday morning so keep an eye out for the message
MM #3 Start Sheet Here


Friday 22nd November 2019    

Friday Twilight Pursuit - Race 7    Tower / Pursuit Start     
First Warning Signal:  17:55
Start Time:  18:00

On Duty

Tower RO:  Andrew Stocks
Duty Boat:  Fransiska

Start sheet is available at  HERE

Please note the change in start time to 18:00H


Sunday 24th November 2019  

Sunday Summer Series - Race 3    Tower / Pursuit Start with Spinnaker Option   
 First Warning Signal: 13:25H
 Start Time: 13:30H

 On Duty

 Tower RO: Andrew Clark
 Duty Boat: 2Xtreme

For this series the intention is to use our standard Sunday Courses. 
If you choose to run a Spinnaker please notify the tower when signing of for the race and you will need to add four minutes to your nominated start time. 

Start Sheet can be viewed by CLICKING HERE


KB Captains Report

Hi everyone, do you feel your boat is looking a bit tired or wrinkles in your sails. I heard there is a new product out to fix just that, it's called boat-tox!!!!
Ok, it's a bad one, I think I need a holiday.
Actually Catherine and I are going cruising up north on our boat Santiago in Maggie Island for a couple of weeks. So I'll have time to think of something better, unless anyone else knows a good dad joke they would like to share.

Hopefully the weather is warmer and more consistent winds when we get back.  Lots of things happening around the club at the moment and the rest of the season.  When we get back I will start working out some dates to do the MOB drills and see if we can get a cruise or destination race happening.

Happy sailing.


On the Wind Starts Explained!

After last Sunday’s race, the questions on the radio and a couple of yachts not keeping the Windward mark to Port, as instructed by flags, has prompted me to explain the Windward (On Water) Start - Fixed Mark course racing we’ve adopted at the club.
As we’ve gleaned from all the skippers at the Skippers and Crews meetings, you wanted more "On the Wind" starts.
As we can’t man a KB course as well as the OTB racing with the volunteer man power we have, it was decided to make a hybrid race using both race formats.
The first and last marks in any of our fixed mark course racing are there purely to line up the fleet for the start safely and on the finish to have the yachts at 90 degrees to the tower so the sail numbers can be read as you go over the line, mind you the cameras paid for by Sail Peninsula make the job easier if it gets congested.
So, with this series starts if you see a “W “and a number on the rail of the deck at the club it means it’s a Windward / On the Water Boat start and the number is the course as per our "Course Sheet"”.  If a "T" is posted it will be a Tower start using the Green Pole and Tower as the start line.

If a "W" is displayed proceed out to the course area which is normally just south of the mussel farm, do your start, keep the windward inflatable to port or starboard depending on the flag colour flown from the start boat and THEN PROCEED TO THE 2ND FIXED MARK AS PER THE COURSE SHEET, as we did last Sunday the next mark was the Pier mark. This means we ignore either the Yellow pole or the Red pole close to the club.

I know this seams complicated but it works and keeps our on water volunteers to a minimum.
The clause in the Sailing Instructions which covers this is item 11.2.  Moves are already afoot to add an additional clause into Appendix 2 of the SI's for next season to draw your attention to this item to hopefully avoid confusion in the future and for new sailors to the fleet

If you have any questions or would like further assistance dont hestiate to contact me

Clarky 👌


Sail Peninsula 2020


SP2020 Reminder page RS

The NOR can be viewed HERE and you can enter by clicking SP2020 Entries

Please follow and get all the latest information via the Sail Peninsula Website ( and SP Facebook Page - click Here


Whats on @ SBSC

Member Night 21st November 2019RS


Women's Sailing

What a fantastic day at SBSC and the weather was even kind to us for our Come and Try Sailing Day for Women and Girls.  Big thanks to Sue Turnbull, the SBSC Women's Sailing Group, Skippers, Members & Snooks Catering that all helped to make the day such a success.
More photos are available at the Safety Beach Sailing Club Facebook Page CLICK HERE

Womens Day RS

 Womens Day 2 RS


Cruisers Corner

Cruise into the New Year at RMYS



d'Albora Marina Martha Cove

Special Offer - Too Good to Pass By!!


300 Special Offer. RSpng


MYC Long Distance Series

If you are interested in testing out your navigation and tactical skills then MYC have the race for you!! 
For more information please contact Steve Bardsley in the MYC Race Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Flyer Navigators Trophy 2019RS



News from the Tower

Last Week's Racing

Wednesday 6th November - Midweek Madness Race #1

Unfortunately our first race of Midweek Madness was cancelled due to a Gale Warning being issued by the BOM for Port Phillip Bay.  Hopefully we will have better luck with the weather for some Midweek Madness on the 13th November.


Friday 8th November - Friday Twilight Pursuit Race #5

The weather is certainly persistent and unfortunatley our Friday Pursuit was cancelled for the third time this season.  Big thanks to Mark Bulka and the race committee who monitored conditions throughout the day in the hope that the winds may abate enough to allow us to get a race but this was not to be and the notification was sent to skippers at 16:45H advising that the race was cancelled.  Lets hope we have some kinder conditions next Friday


Sunday 10th November - Sunday Summer Series Race #2

Finally some good sailing conditions and from all accounts it was a great afternoon of sailing at Safety Beach.  Congratulations to:

1st L'etoile     Ian Pearse    
2nd Windsong     Roy Ashcroft   
3rd  Vincitore Peter Russell 
1st  Mr. Bojangles     Pauline Cleaver   
2nd     Vincitore Peter Russell
3rd  2Xtreme Andrew Clark

Thank you to the Tower Team of Mark McAuliffe (RO) and the crew from Lady Cassandra

All the summer season results can be viewed at Keelboat Results 2019-20


Next Weeks Races

Friday 15th November 2019    

Friday Twilight Pursuit - Race 6    Tower / Pursuit Start     
First Warning Signal: 17:25H
Start Time: 17:30H

On Duty

Tower RO: Des Carroll
Duty Boat: Liberty

Start sheet is available at  Friday Pursuit Start Sheet


Sunday 17th November 2019  

Club Championship Series - Race 2    On Water Start   
 First Warning Signal: 13:25H
 Start Time: 13:30H

 On Duty

 Tower RO: Ian Pearse
 Duty Boat: L'etoile



Wednesday 13th November 2019 

 Midweeks Madness - Race 2    Pursuit / Tower Start  
 Start Time: 16:00H

 Start Sheet can be viewed at Midweek Madness Start Sheet


Discover Sailing for Women & Girls

Womens Day Resized

SBSC is excited to be hosting a free day of sailing for Women and Girls on Saturday November 16th. 
Experience large boat sailing or the excitement of small class boats.  Learn from experienced women sailors and discover the camaraderie among women in sailing.
After a fun morning on the water, come and enjoy a free BBQ lunch where you can mix with great new friends.
Starts at 9.00 sharp at upstairs at the club.  Here we will split into group and head off to sail.  Once this is done, we will meet back at the club for a free BBQ, listen to some guest speakers, and trade stories of the day with other participants and women sailors from SBSC.
Please bring: sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, water bottle, and comfortable shoes (enclosed toe and heel - sand shoes, sneakers etc).
If you are not a member of a sailing club, please pre register here  
If you are a member of a club, please register here


Flare Shoot

Coast Guard Flotilla 6 will be holding a Flare Shoot next Friday 15th November at 18:45H at Safety Beach weather permitting. Precise location on the beach will depend on wind direction.
All sailors are welcome to attend!
The Coast Guard have around 30 flares to let off. Although this is a CG training exercise, competency with flares forms part of shipboard skills, you are welcome to bring your own providing that they are less than 5 years old from date of purchase.
The latter is a requirement from the authorities.

flare shoot resized

This is certainly going to provide some entertainment for those dining at SBSC next Friday.


Whats on @ SBSC

Snooks Catering E News November 2019 Resized



Melbourne to Stanley Race Reports

Last week’s Melbourne to Stanley was an exciting race with the line honours changing within a short time of the end with How Bizarre taking out all divisions.  The results and event story is HERE

Safety Beach was well represented with crews on three of the yachts competing in this years Melbourne to Stanley race those being Maverick, Shimmer and Protagonist who were competing in their first ever ocean race.

PC 2 resized



Shimmer to Stanley November 2019

Start time 5 min after midnight Saturday 2nd November.

The ORCV had been keeping a close eye on the change coming through due at midnight. They had advised that there may be a delay in the start time if the change with predicted 50kt squalls was going to arrive at start time.  The start is always at Drapers Reef at Queenscliff just north of the main lead lights for the entrance to Port Phillip.

Shimmer had left Safety Beach around 5pm Friday evening and headed into the Queenscliff marina where we had booked a pen to sit out the change.
The main weather appeared to have been a bit further south and the race was scheduled to start on time. The sign in sked with Charleville Radio in Queensland occurred at 23:05 on the HF Radio with 21 yachts confirmed starters. The start is always interesting in an ORCV race as the line is not always perpendicular to the breeze.  This time the breeze was coming straight in the heads so it was tight on starboard to start with a work to get out the heads. It was around 10kts of breeze which meant everyone was moving along well.  There is a great level of courtesy amongst these groups of yachts starting all together in the middle of the night with sometimes some stiff breezes to contend with. Everyone got away cleanly and I didn’t hear of any incidents.
To allow safe passage for shipping coming in and out of the heads, the ORCV has set 3 x virtual clearing marks to keep the fleet west of the main shipping channels.  It is a specific requirement to keep west of the virtual marks and each yacht must take a photograph of their track out showing that they sailed within the course boundaries. Below is the photo we took and sent to the Race Director of our track out.

Heads Exit Resized

All boats turned south towards Stanley and around 1am the South Westerly kicked in with around 30kts coming through. The South Channel Pile had registered gusts up in the high 30’s.  We put the 1st Reef into the main and pushed our way south. The stronger breeze lasted for a couple of hours but the drizzle lasted all day.  As the breeze eased off around 4am to almost nothing we increased sail and sailed into the morning with the full main and code zero.  It wasn’t too long before the breeze went to the North and we got the A2 Asymmetrical up and that stayed up until a couple of miles from the finish.  The breeze lightened during the afternoon and the boats with the Symmetrical kites were able to head on a more direct line to Stanley. We could not sail that deep with our asymmetrical kite and chose a path out West where the breeze was predicted to swing to.  As it turned out there was no breeze come dusk out west and we were caught trying to get to Stanley with 5kts directly behind us.

Shimmer being 15 tonnes (plus beer) doesn’t flourish in these conditions and it looked like no breeze was going to come in til early morning.  We had about 18nm to go and couldn’t see any quick way there with our SOG at 2-3kts.  Fortunately some breeze did appear and we were able to head down to Stanley and crossed the finish line at 23:48:09. We ended up 12th across the line out of 18 that finished. Three boats had pulled out, one with a torn main, one with a rudder bearing issue and one with a broken halyard.

It was a great sight to see “The Nut” with spotlights shinning up the face lighting it all up.  No picture of that, all I can do is encourage you to do the race and see it for yourself as it is quite spectacular!

Due to the late arrival and work commitments for some of the crew we decided to turn straight around and get back north of King Island before a North Westerly came through. We motored through the night and when we got north of King Island Sunday morning 15 – 20 kts of South Westerly came through and we sailed at 9-10 kts all the way back to Port Phillip Heads.  A pod of maybe 50 dolphins, big ones, jumped in and out on our bow and cruised with us for an hour or so which is always a great sight!  We arrived at the heads right on slack water before the Ebb at 19:30. It was pretty busy shipping wise with both comings and goings. We managed to negotiate our way through the shipping, in consultation with Lonsdale VTS and surfed down a couple a waves coming in the Rip with a whale beside us enjoying the surf!  We got Shimmer up to 12.5 kts of boat speed which is pretty good going for us!

No chocolates, or nice bottle of Chirping Bird Wine for us this trip but it was great to be out there.
Huge congratulations to “How Bizarre” for taking the handicap win in all divisions!

Next for Shimmer will be the Coastal Sprint Race to Westernport on 23rd November and then across to Devonport at Christmas time.

Thanks to Steve Twentman for the Shimmer Report.

Team Shimmer Resized


This year’s ORCV Cock of the Bay is expected to draw boats from around the bay who enjoy that festive Sail from Port Melbourne to Blairgowrie. Bring your friends and family and come be part of it as we aim for 100 boats enjoying fun in the sun. Entries are open





Cruisers Corner

SBSC burgees proudly flying from Lady Cassandra and Summer Lovin’ at Royal Geelong Yacht Club over Cup weekend.


If you weren’t at the horse races and you weren’t put off by the average weather, Geelong was a great place to be.
Summer Lovin’ and Lady Cassandra were joined by more than a dozen cruisers from SYC and although the weather gods were frowning the club and townshipof Geelong were hospitable as always.
A sunny motor sail home on Cup Day made it that much more enjoyable.

Lisa Marklew


We have received this amazing video from Team Baruch which gives you a bit on insight into the wonderful adventures they had this season,  Defintiely worth a look at  Sail Baruch Video

The adventures never cease as Glenn and his family will be sailing Baruch down to the Gippsland Lakes from Newcastle in December and then in early January will be coming back along the coast via the Prom which may be of interest for any buddy boaters wanting to hit the Prom or the Lakes over this period.




News from the Tower

Last Week's Racing

Friday 25th October 2019 - Friday Twilight Pursuit Race #4

Finally we were blessed with some delightful weather for a Friday evening sail.  Great to see 19 boats take to the water to enjoy the warm weather and moderate breezes.  There were a few new boats out in the fleet. 

We would firstly like to welcome Glenn & Madison Fitzgerald to the club along with their crew on their new boat Summer Lease.  We look forward to seeing plenty more of them this season.

Summer Lease Resized

The Pearsons were out on their new boat Em Dee and Michel was flying around the course on Back in Black with an elapsed time of just over 38minutes.  It is certainly going to be exciting watching the battle between the Extreme 40 and Crowded House this season.  We would also like to congratulate Ross Churcher on D'etente who is now proudly sporting his new Safety Beach sail number SB132.

Big thanks to our Tower Team of Commodore Peter Bulka (RO) and the crew from Amazing Grace.

Congratulations to:

1st     Rells   Mal Winder 
2nd Vincitore  Peter Russell 
3rd D'etente Ross Churcher 
AMS Result
1st        2Xtreme Andrew Clark
2nd Patriot Jason Close
3rd Vincitore      Peter Russell  
4th Rogue David Phillips
5th YKnot Rob Rainsford

All the summer season results can be viewed at 2019-20 Keelboat Results

We should have all the AMS results loaded and up on the website in the next fortnight.  Big thanks to Des for the many hours spent at the club and liaising with the Top Yacht experts to get this sorted.


Next Weeks Races

Friday 8th November 2019    

Friday Twilight Pursuit - Race 5    Tower / Pursuit Start  
First Warning Signal: 17:25H
Start Time: 17:30H

On Duty

Tower RO: Mark Bulka
Duty Boat: Balance

Start sheet is available at  8/11/2019 Start Sheet


Sunday 10th November 2019  

Sunday Summer Series - Race 2    Combined Tower Start  
 First Warning Signal: 13:25H
 Start Time: 13:30H

 On Duty

 Tower RO: Mark McAuliffe
 Duty Boat: Lady Cassandra




Wednesday 6th November 2019 

 Midweeks Madness - Race 1    Pursuit / Tower Start  
 Start Time: 16:00H

 Start Sheet can be viewed at Midweek Madness 6/11/19 Starting Order

Details are:

  • The SBSC Sailing Instructions for Keelboat Fleet 2019-2020 will apply to this series.
  • 16:00H GPS time start (zero minutes)
  • The Friday Night Starting Times from the 1st November Apply - see start order link above
  • No Spinnakers
  • Clubhouse Course Board will indicate course to be sailed
  • Radio Sign On - NOT REQUIRED
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded. 
  • Back to club for presentations, tall stories and great food from the bar

Look forward to seeing you out for what is going to be a lot of fun on the water each Wednesday afternoon.

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