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Stocking Your First Aid Kits

Pharmacists are able to sell you stuff for your first aid kit without a doctor’s prescription. Not too many people or indeed pharmacists know this. The attached form is a good guide for you and Pharmacists.

Navionics ChartViewer 

The link below links to the free Navionics ChartViewer, great for on-shore preparation work

Marine Directory

This list is member driven and is for meant for member resource. No opinions for or against should be derived from it.

Books I Like

Below is a list of books we like

Man Overboard

Below is a link to the Man Overboard Guide taken from the Blue Book

Meet LEO

leoLeo was donated by the lions club to our co-tennants, the Safety Beach Coastguard. And the coastguard has kindly offered Leo our for use by SBSC members. He even comes with his own transport, a wheel barrow for your convenience.

As you can see below rule 6.01.2 of the blue book recommends routine practice with Leo and he is just waiting for you all to take him out at least once per season. Checkout the website for more details.

Don’t underestimate Leo’s reluctance to come back aboard once he’s gone for a swim, he soaks up enough water to simulate an 80kg deadweight. But once you’ve mastered his recovery he’ll be your best friend.

6.01.2 - Routine Training on Board
It is recommended that crews should practise safety routines at reasonable intervals including the drill for man overboard recovery.