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Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS 1st December 2021

Save the Date

11th December 2021 8:55H MYC & SBSC Combined Series - Navigators Race 
19th December 2021    After morning races      SBSC Xmas Party & 2020-2021 Award Presentations    
25th - 27th February 2022     Sail Peninsula 2022 - Entries are OPEN HERE

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Christmas Party & Awards Presentations 2020-21

Please RSVP before the 17th December to David via text on 0439314179 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


SBSC Christmas Fundraiser

SBSC 2021 Christmas Hamper Campaign Flyer

Keelboat Report

Last week's results:

Friday 26th November  - Twilight Pursuit Race #3  

1st L'etoile  SB016 Greg Laing
2nd Easy Day RWYS Andrew Slagmolen
3rd  Em Dee SB77 Graeme Pearson
1st Single Malt SB10 Peter Bulka
2nd 2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark
3rd Scaramouche X43 Nigel Cunniffe

 It was a small fleet that took to the water to enjoy the brisk SE winds but from all reports a great night was had by all. Big thank you to the tower team of Race Officer Andrew Stocks and the crew from Fransiska.

Sunday 28th November - Club Championship Race    

DIV. 1 - PHD  
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd Vincitore 13980 Peter Russell
3rd Marrakesh SB450 Neil Hawker
DIV. 1 - AMS
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd 2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark
3rd Vincitore 13980 Peter Russell
DIV. 2 - PHD  
1st Rells SB852 Mal Winder
2nd Seafarrer 6886 Brett Millar
3rd E'toile MY381 John Gordon

Thank you to our race team of Geoff & Deirdre on the start boat and Judy & Amanda in the tower.  For all the results please go to 2021-22 Keelboat Results

This week's racing:

Friday 3rd December -  Twilight Pursuit Series   

First Warning Signal:     17:25H Pursuit Start
Race Officers: Judy Champion
Tower Duty: Amazing Grace
Results: Judy & Elaine

Start sheet is on the club website or CLICK HERE

Sunday 5th December - Sunday Summer Series  

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Combined Tower Start 
Race Officer: Andrew Clark
Tower Duty & Results: 2Xtreme & Elaine Nicholas


MYC/SBSC Combined Series - Navigators Trophy Race

We have the first of the MYC / SBSC Combined Races coming up on Saturday 11th December which is the Navigators Trophy Race.  This is one of the classic races on Port Phillip and is a must for anyone that likes a bit of a challenge or just enjoys a great sail around the southern part of Port Phillip Bay.

This will be a MYC Tower Start with the first warning signal at 8:55H.  More news to follow real soon via email and also check out next week's E-news.

Petersville logo type6 x 4

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron is happy to confirm that the annual Petersville Regatta is definitely back on from the 27th to the 30th December 2021 in the pristine waters off Blairgowrie.  Free berthing for the event is provided with option to stay on. Join us for this family friendly event.  Limited to 60 boats and filling fast.

More info and entries at Petersville Regatta 2021 or call Race Director Phil Beattie on 0408 502 698

New Defibrillator at SBSC

New Defibrillator Flyer PNG file

CPR Guidelines Defibrillators Australia

CPR with Defibrillation Chart


Well done to both Audere and a club favourite Maverick for competing in the first of the ORCV Coastal Sprint series Races held last Saturday.  Both yachts came away with some of the silverware.  Maverick did very well with a 2nd ORC and 1st PHD and Audere with a 3rd ORC.

For the race report please CLICK HERE  

ORCV 1rs

Sponsor of the Week

It’s one thing to make exceptional sails, but at Quantum Sails Melbourne we go even further by making your challenges our own. With superior and personalized customer service, our sail consultants are with you every step of the way as loyal advisers, friends, and fellow sailors.

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Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS 24th November 2021

Save the Date

 19th December 2021    After morning races    SBSC Xmas Party & 2020-2021 Presentations   
 25th - 27th February 2022   Sail Peninsula 2022 - Entries are OPEN HERE

Whats on @ SBSC

Snooks 24 11 2021

Save the Date Xmas 6x4

Keelboat Report

Last week's results:

What a great night for the first race of the Female Helm Series.  We had 28 starters with 15 females at the helm.  The first four boats across the finish line all had a female helm so this could definitely be a growing trend!.  The next race in the series is on the 10th December.  Please also note another change to the program with a morning start now scheduled for the first of the Shark Bay Holiday Series Races on the 19th December to make sure we are all back at the club on time for the Xmas Party and 2020-21 Award Presentations.

We would like to welcome three new boats to the fleet: Audacious, Easy Day and Empara who were out for the first Friday Twilight.  Great to see your out there and we hope there are many more races at SBSC in your future.  It was also very very pleasing to see the club house full of happy faces with many of the boat crews heading back after the race to enjoy the Safety Beach hospitality.  We hope to see even more people back at the club this Friday.

Friday 19th November 

Female Helm Race #1    

1st L'etoile SB016 Gabby Laing
2nd Single Malt SB10 Lori Wilson
3rd  Anthea SB3107 Sally Wemyss

Twilight Pursuit Race #2                     

1st L'etoile SB016 Gabby Laing
2nd Single Malt  SB10 Lori Wilson
3rd Anthea SB3107 Sally Wemyss
1st Anthea SB3107 Sally Wemyss
2nd 2Xtreme SB4272 Mem Mackie
3rd Single Malt SB10 Lori Wilson

Much appreciation and thanks to this week's Tower Team of Race Officer Ross Martin, Steve & Jac Twentyman from Shimmer and our regular tower volunteers of Elaine and Marg.,  Without our weekly group of volunteers either in the tower or on a boat the race just wouldn't go on so please make sure you give them a pat on the back if you happen to see them around the club..  

Sunday 21st November - Summer Series #1   

DIV. 1 - PHD  
1st Marrakesh SB450 Neil Hawker
2nd Vincitore 13980 Peter Russell
3rd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
DIV. 1 - AMS
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd Audere M454 Josh Thring
3rd Vincitore 13980 Peter Russell
DIV. 2 - PHD  
1st Rells SB852 Mal Winder
2nd Seafarrer 6886 Brett Millar

For all the results please go to 2021-22 Keelboat Results

This week's racing

Friday 26th November -  Twilight Pursuit    

First Warning Signal:     17:25H Pursuit Start
Race Officers: Andrew Stocks
Tower Duty: Fransiska 
Results: Di J

Start sheet is on the club website or CLICK HERE

Sunday 28th November - Club Championship   

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Boat Start
Race Officer: Tristan Batey
Tower Duty & Results: Amanda & Judy

OTB Captains Report

Hi folks. Great day on the water this week,30 boats, clear skies and enough wind to make it interesting. Race one had some massive shifts and big holes to fall into if you found yourself in the wrong spot. Katrina picked a really good line off the start and took the lead in the Sabre's only to find that the top mark she was beating to was actually the wing mark! That was how much the wind had shifted. Ah well, easy come easy go. Race two was steadier with some much closer racing in all divisions.  It was great to see all the old faces back sailing after what seems like a huge break. Lots of the young crew as well, which is really encouraging. We had five Tasers racing including Steve and his daughter visiting from McCrae and they were all fairly well matched so that really pushed the standard up.
Thanks also to the race team, Geoff, Deirdre on start, Fiona Martin,Bill Manning and Rob Campbell in the ribs.  As well this week we had help from a visitor and potential new member,Dan Townsend hailing from Hobart with a wealth of sailing experience. He happily put up his hand to man a rib when we were a crewman down.

Last and hopefully least is that old chestnut , the duty roster. It’s been up on the website for a few weeks now, also in the Sailor App (under documents not roster, we’re working on that) and there’s even hard copies on the walls at the sign in desk and change rooms but still some people haven’t seen it. Please remember, if you can’t do your duty for any reason, it’s now up to you to arrange a swap with someone else or at the very least let me know the week before. Please don’t just ignore it as this makes a huge amount of work for the same old people at the last minute. As the season goes on things tend to smooth out, but communication is still the key so every one can enjoy what they want to do - sail!
That’s all for now, sorry for harping on.
Pete Chippy

Sponsor of the Week

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For all your boating needs give Jamie a call on 5975 4715 or check out their web-site at Sport Phillip Marine







Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS 17th November

Save the Date

19th December 2021    After morning race      SBSC Xmas Party & 2020-2021 Presentations   
25th - 27th February 2022          Sail Peninsula 2022 - Entries are OPEN HERE

Whats on @ SBSC

Snooks 17th November

RMYS Visit

This weekend we have the annual visit from our friends at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. 
They have their Ruth Nangle Trophy Race to Safety Beach on Saturday and we will be sending them on their way with an early 10;00H tower start on Sunday morning for their Jeanette Turnbull Race back to St Kilda.  A number of their crews will be coming to the club for drinks and a meal on the Saturday evening so this is a great opportunity to come and meet some of our fellow sailors from the northern end of Port Phillip Bay.  

ON Water News

Keelboat Captain's Report

OK girls it’s that time of the season again to show the men what you can do and how well you do it. For those women and girls that don’t get the chance to normally helm then next Friday night 19th of November is the first of our Margaret Hollamby Female Helm Twilight Races. So now is the time to start organising a crew and a boat. I’m sure you know a skipper that will gladly let you take the helm unless they are worried that you may do a better job of course? So for all the skippers please help encourage this series to grow and be successful and hand over your helm be it a wheel or tiller.

Now the season has got off to a start and we’re all getting the hang of the QR code Sign In. We all know there are always hiccups to something new which is normal especially something we’re definitely not used to. So don’t get worried or angry if you haven’t got used to it yet, we have a Risk Management team and committee members that can explain and help you with it. The one thing that we can’t do is ignore the procedure that we now have in place because it is going to be around for quite some time and in the next couple of weeks the race and executive committee will not be able to overlook the skippers and crews that don’t sign in you will be penalised. Remember you haven’t won the race until you’re over the line which includes signing in correctly. There’s nothing worse than finishing first across the line then finding out you haven’t signed in or gone around the wrong course mark and I’m sure it has happened to many of you that have done a lot of racing. This is not just our club it is all clubs, I have talked to the other keelboat captains and they are all adopting this procedure and penalties for skippers and crews not signing in.

For those who were at the Skipper and Crews meeting and those that read the Newsletter you would know that we are doing a Night Race and a Destination Race this season. We’ve almost confirmed a date which is possibly Saturday February 12th for the Night Race and early March for the Destination Race but we will confirm and put it into the program and notify you all. There’s quite a bit of infrastructure and organising to put these types of races together so I hope you enjoy the novelty of doing something different to what we normally do? If they are successful and supported by you we will then do more.

We will be organising a MOB presentation and demonstration very soon, we're hoping the weather and water temperature warms up for the first one.

Every Friday and Sunday after racing we are going to give out prizes to the winners again however, you have to be at the club to receive them. If you are not there then the prize will go to the next boat across the line, we will not be holding on to the prizes. Just to let you know we have some brand NEW prizes in work that we are looking forward to handing out very soon.

Look forward to seeing you on the water and in the club.

All the best
Mal Winder
Keelboat Captain

Last week's results:

Unfortunately there was NO racing last weekend with Gale Warnings posted for both Friday and Sunday.  We did try to get a race started for the Friday Twilight however, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecast not being updated until 16:40H it does make it somewhat challenging for boats to make it to the start line.  This is currently being reviewed by the race committee.  We would like give a special mention to Neil Hawker and the crew on Marrakesh who did an awesome job to make it out to the start on time but unfortunately without 2 yachts for the start the final call had to be NO race.

This week's racing

Friday 19th November -  Twilight Pursuit Race &     

Margaret Hollamby - Female Helm Race #1   

First Warning Signal:     17:25H Pursuit Start
Race Officer: Ross Martin  
Tower Duty: Shimmer, Elaine & Marg

This Friday we have the first of our Margaret Hollamby - Female Helm Races.
This is part of a four races series and we would like to see many of our yachts with a female helm out for the race on Friday.  We ask that you confirm that your yacht will be participating in the Margaret Hollamby Series when signing on for the race on VHF Channel 69.

This series is held in conjunction with our normal Friday Pursuit Race so all yachts are welcome to sail on Friday with or without a female helm. 

Start sheet is on the club website or CLICK HERE

Sunday 21st November - Summer Series Race #1   

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Combined Tower Start
Race Officer: Martin Coad
Tower Duty  Summer Breeze

The race this Sunday is scheduled to be a Combined Tower Start.  Both Division 1 & 2 will be starting together from the tower however, they will be set different courses so please check the course boards on display at the northern end of the clubhouse when exiting from the marina..  If you have any questions please forward them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Ocean Racing Club Events

ORCV 17th November

The first of the short offshore races commence in daylight on November 27 with the West Offshore Coastal Sprints 1. Ideal for those looking to test their crew and boat or just for those who wish to enjoy a different style of racing. Entries close November 21st here

Positioning your boat to continue onto to Tasmania with the Melbourne to Hobart or Devonport races or to join in the Petersville regatta, could be one of the reasons you consider joining the ORCV Cock of the Bay this coming Boxing Day. Entries are open for all here:

Sailing Rules Talk by Darren Eger

Mordialloc Sailing Club - Saturday 20th Nov @ 10:30am

MSC are hosting the Victorian Dinghy Championships on November 20 & 21. Along with the Regatta they are also conducting a talk presented by Darren Eger on the subject of Sailing Rules of Racing commencing from 10:30 am on 20th Nov.

Darren Eger is a National Sailing Judge and a member of the Australian Sailing Rules Specialist Group. He is both an expert on racing rules and an exceptionally entertaining public speaker so this session will be far from a dry rules monologue. Whilst this talk is sure to be enjoyable, his knowledge and opinions as a rules specialist will be valuable to both attendees and to those they in turn share what is learnt back at our club.

If members would like to car pool to this session we have happy to coordinate this, contact Katrina on 0400 817 518

Sponsor of the Week

Carpet World Logo Newrs 

Carpet World Mornington is a family run business operating since 1993 that specialises in all things flooring. Our priority is to ensure our clients are provided with the highest quality of customer service which is represented by our team of professional and experienced employees.
Carpet World prides itself on the reputation of the quality of all our products with a wide range to meet all budget expectations. Whether it be a renovation, new build, property rentals or a large building project we can assure you that our expert team will be available to assist from start to finish.

We offer an in-home free measure and quote service so please don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 5975 0900 and speak to our friendly team.

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS 10th November

New Members

The Executive Committee and members would like to welcome the following new members to Safety Beach SC.  We look forward to meeting you at the club or on the water in the very near future.

  • Paul Milner &  Bolinda Saunder  
  • Keith Bayliss
  • Andrew McGrath
  • Cameron Dunwoody

Whats on @ SBSC

Snooks 10th November

On Water News

Blow the cobwebs out for 13-18 YO's

Lock-downs have gone on for too long, especially for the younger ones having to home school, therefore we will hold some sail coaching classes to try bring everyone back up to speed. The classes are intended for those young club members who have learned to sail in the past years and are now starting to join into club racing. It is intended to add to the sailing skills already acquired.

The first session will be this coming Sunday from 9AM to 11:30AM (before the afternoon races start). There will be focus on boat handling in this first session.

We have 2 trainers for the event and hope to split up into 2 groups of boats with similar speed. Terra and BIC is one group. 420, Laser and possibly Pacer is the other group. This makes it manageable for the following coach to keep boats together and be able to assist.

The intention is to start at 9AM. So be dressed, rigged and ready at 9AM.

If you are joining in can you please text Erik Meijer on 0437 208 359 with your name and the preferred boat so we can size up the numbers and divvy up club boats if required.

Look forward to seeing you all next Sunday.

Erik and Paul

OTB Captain's Report

G’day Folks. Well we’re off and running - or sailing to be correct! With near perfect conditions and 19 starters, it was a great kick off to the season. We had an on water start for the keelboats first so there was plenty of practice for the rib crews laying marks and relaying them for the two different Championship courses (that caught a few people out), not to mention the massive wind shifts. Race one was nice and short, just right to blow out the cobwebs. Race two was much longer and that suited the faster boats like the A class cats who seemed to get around the first race in about 5 minutes!

The Sailor App worked perfectly on the day for signing in, but don’t forget to sign out, it’s not automatic. The results are already up on the sailor app site  just click on the results bar and bingo, you can see how well you did. Or in Drew’s, case not so well. He had the honor of being the only person to capsize for the day, and right before the finish line as well, bummer!

Many thanks to everyone that helped getting the day sorted, there was a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on. Thanks also to Mal and Sonia for stepping onto the start boat and Alistair and Charlie Mackie for jumping on the second rib at the last minute. Without this sort of effort we wouldn’t be sailing.

Just before I go, a brief mention about last weeks Sponsor of the Week, Battery World. I recently had a cactus battery in my van, so I got onto Dave to see if they had one to suit and said I couldn’t get there for a couple of hours until I could get a ride there. “ No problem” says Dave “ I’ll bring it round and fit it for free as those computer chips can be a bit tricky” He was there in less than an hour and had me sorted. The only thing, I forgot to mention I was with Safety Beach, most important!

That will do for now, see you on the water this Sunday.

Pete Chippy
OTB Captain

Keelboat Report

What a way to officially kick off the summer season for 2020-21.  At start time the Friday Twilight was looking like we were going to be up for a hat-trick of No Races after having our two Cup Day weekend races time out but luckily the wind gods were with us and a light SE breeze piped up and saw all but one make it to the finish lime before sunset.  Some observations from the tower:

  • 24 boats and over 115 crew on the water.
  • Our most senior sailor, Tom McCullough, was out for a yacht on Christela and from all accounts had an absolutely wonderful evening
  • Great to see both Scaramouche and Unprecedented out for the first of hopefully many Friday Twilight's at the club

It was also very pleasing to see plenty of people back at the club after the race.  If you want to enjoy all that the club has to offer including some friendly banter with your rival crews make sure you book with David on 0439314179.

Well done to the tower team from Friday night that did an awesome job for their first run of the season.

Last week's results:

Friday 5th November -  Twilight Pursuit #1   

1st Patriot Sm133 Jason Close
2nd Balance M333 Mark Bulka
3rd 2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark
1st Patriot Sm133 Jason Close
2nd Balance M333 Mark Bulka
3rd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver

Sunday also provided a lovely afternoon for a sail and from all reports the new courses and two division format worked well although we would like to see some more Div.2 boats take to the field. 
For plenty of photos from the start boat please go to the SBSC Facebook page at SBSC Facebook Page 
Big thanks thanks to Rells and Amanda for manning both the tower and the assisting on the start boat.  

Sunday 7th November - Club Championship #1   

DIV. 1 - PHD  
1st Marrakesh SB450 Neil Hawker
2nd Vincitore 13980 Peter Russell
3rd Audere M454 Josh Thring
DIV. 1 - AMS
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd 2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark
3rd Audere M454 Josh Thring
DIV. 2 - PHD  
1st Seafarrer 6886 Brett Millar

For all the results please go to 2021-22 Keelboat Results

This week's racing

Friday 12th November -  Twilight Pursuit #2   

First Warning Signal:     17:25H Pursuit Start
Race Officers: Dianne   
Tower Duty: Vincitore, Elaine & Marg

Start sheet is on the club website or CLICK HERE

Sunday 14th November - Club Championship #2   

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Boat Start
Race Officer: Ian Pearse
Tower Duty & Results: Judy Champion

 The race this Sunday is scheduled to be a boat start so please watch the flags on the start boat for the starting sequence.  The course numbers will be displayed on the northern end of the club-house.  If you have any questions please forward them to the keelboat email address.

Please make sure ALL persons on board register with both the Vic Services QR Code and also the SBSC Crew Declaration QR Codes.  There are still a numbers of yachts that have not submitted their Cat 5 Safety Declarations and Insurance Certificates so please get these into This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ASAP.

Mussel Farm Etiquette

As we are going to be using the Mussel Farm in more of our racing, we need to understand the restrictions relating to the area inside and between the 4 corner buoys of the Mussel Farm. The Mussel farm is a leased private work area and is not to be entered, the club has designated the area as an “ Exclusion Zone” as per the SBSC Sailing Instructions. What this means is that it should be treated as if the area is surrounded by concrete walls and cannot be entered.

If a yacht to leeward tries to push you up and drive you into the Zone you are entitled to hold your position just outside an imaginary line between the corner buoys and inform the skipper of the leeward yacht that you require “ Water” (room) and that an overtaking boat should keep clear and to maintain a leeward position.

If a yacht goes into the zone to overtake you to Windward , inform the skipper that he/she is inside the zone, and you will lodge a protest within 60 mins of you finishing the race. Take a photo if you can showing the nearest corner buoy and your heading if you think you’ve been disadvantaged. FP MF 1 rs

Clearly some yachts are in a compromised position well inside the exclusion zone which is grounds for protest and will ultimately end in a disqualification.

No action has been taken re last Friday’s race but be warned it will be in the future.
The club doesn’t want a claim from the damage caused to the mussel beds or see damage to any of our yacht fleet.

Keel Boat Committee

Cruisers Corner

Whisker's adventures up North

Whiskers 1

We left Martha Cove early on the morning of 7th May to begin sailing ‘Whiskers’ to Queensland. What an adventure we’ve had. We’ve been to fascinating places and have met many like-minded people. How fortunate were we to leave when we did because by the end of May Victoria was once again heading into lock-down – and now we’re returning in November with restrictions freeing up and life returning to the ‘new normal’- perfect timing!

Like most yachties we met up north, we had plans for family and friends to come up to visit but when these plans were dashed with the Victorian lock-down, we decided to make the most of the situation and head on up to Magnetic and then Hinchinbrook Islands. As it turned out, the winds were blowing in the right direction and before we knew it we were heading into Cairns. This was as far north as we ventured as of course we know that what goes up must come down – and Melbourne is a long way south.

Highlights for us were the pristine coral cays and reefs, the stunning wildlife and the amazing camaraderie of the yachting community. We met people from all over Australia and from all walks of life ‘living the dream’. If you haven’t yet cruised up north, put it on your bucket list.

One thing we did less of than in previous trips was swimming as we now have a rule NOT to swim off the boat. Only last month a cruiser came to grief in the Whitsundays with yet another shark attack – this one fortunately not fatal. We learnt to have great respect for those big creatures that call the warmer waters home – up past Hinchinbrook Island crocodiles are more of a danger than sharks. Just last week we heard that a 3 metre croc was caught at Lizard Island where friends of ours had been snorkelling so it appears that nowhere is safe.

We learnt a lot on this trip – Terry became proficient at servicing the motors but has decided that whatever he pays a diesel mechanic is worth it! Barb’s learnt how to provision for up to a month and has been busy in the galley experimenting with baking bread, cakes etc. Herbs and lettuces also adorn our cockpit so we feel like real ‘live-a-boards’! We’ve both learnt the importance of careful planning – we spend many hours before a trip planning our route especially on the longer legs, taking into account wind, tide, current etc. Get it all right and you can guarantee a much more comfortable passage. For us too, the advantages of a catamaran for cruising are clear – we can anchor in shallow water, never worry about our depth when crossing a bar and we’re nice and comfortable in our ‘cabin with a view’ no matter what the weather. The only disadvantage was the exorbitant prices marinas in the Whitsundays now charge for cats to berth – still that’s a price we’re prepared to pay for the comforts.

We’re on the home run now with our Double Vax Certificates and Entry Permits on our phones. And we’ll be coming back to a different Victoria from the one we left – but there’s still no place like home and we look forward to docking ‘Whiskers’ back in her berth in Hidden Harbour.

Here’s a few pics of the highlights of our trip.

Whiskers Collage rs

Terry & Barb
SV Whiskers

Sponsor of the Week

Pest Brigade logo

Pest Brigade provide a range of pest inspection & pest treatments across the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs and surrounds. 
Services include Termite Inspections & Treatments, Ant & Cockroach extermination, Mice & Rat Control, Possum Removal and more.

If you have a problem with pests, give us a call on 0406 533 345 to arrange a quote for a pest inspection and/or treatment.

Sailor App Reminder!

Sailor App Introduction at SBSC PAGE 1 NOV 2021rs

 Sailor App Introduction at SBSC PAGE 2 NOV 2021rs



Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS 3rd November

Whats on @ SBSC

Please read all the details below carefully as we need to ensure that we stick to the Covid Guidelines & State Government directives and make sure you have your Digital Vaccination Certificate all set up and ready to go - to find out how to do this please CLICK HERE.





Guide Proof of vaccination status rs

On Water News

Keelboat Report

We saw a small but very enthusiastic fleet of boats take to the water for both our Sunday and Tuesday races. Unfortunately the wind, or lack of, defeated us with all yachts retiring on both days but I am sure everyone enjoyed a lovely time out on their yachts.  It was also a good chance for the tower to try out the new two division format that we will be using for our Sunday racing and also some of the new courses.  Special mention must go to the the crews on Crowded House, Rells and Vincitore who turned up for both races with Crowded House nominated as our most enthusiastic sailors as we had to drag them off the field of play on Tuesday as they didn't seem that keen to retire even after the race had timed out.

The Keelboat Summer Program and Roster Part 1 has now been published on the club website or Click HERE
Please check to see of you and/or your boat are on duty. If for some reason you are not able to do your duty please let us know ASAP so that we can make alternate arrangements.  According to our Covid Safe plans you are required to be double vaccinated to enter the club buildings which includes the tower and you will be asked for proof of vaccination when you come to the club.  We are asking that boats rostered on duty for Sunday racing provide a crew to help out on the start or course laying boats so please keep this in mind when it gets closer to your duty date.

ALL SKIPPERS AND CREWS are required to register with both the Victorian Services QR code and the SBSC Crew Declaration QR code for ALL races – click QR Code Link. YES this season we have two codes!!!!  There are penalties that apply if you do not register at the start of EACH RACE so do the right thing to ensure that club is operating according to our Covid Safe Plan and avoid the sad news that you have had a penalty applied.

There will be a Skippers and Crews Meeting at the club at 10:00H on Sunday 7th November at the SBSC Clubhouse. Come along to hear about the plans and any changes for the season ahead and pick up your division flag at the same time.

Racing this week

Friday 5th November -  Twilight Pursuit #1   

First Warning Signal:     17:25H Pursuit Start
Tower Duty: Dianne, Mark, Amanda, Elaine & Marg      

We are kicking off the 2021-22 Summer Season with a Friday Twilight Pursuit.  Start Sheet 5th November 2021

Sunday 7th November - Club Championship #1   

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Boat Start
Race Officer: Mal Winder
Tower Duty: Rells & Amanda Malin

As per our previous emails and e-news reports we have changed to two divisions for our Sunday races.  The Division List is available HERE - If you are interested in participating in the Sunday races and your boat is not listed please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get you added ASAP . The race this Sunday is scheduled to be a boat start so please watch the flags on the start boat for the starting sequence.  The course numbers will be displayed on the northern end of the club-house.  If you have any questions please forward them to the keelboat email address.

OTB Captain Report

G’day folks,
Well, we’re all set to go for this weekend! Thanks to all the people that showed up for the working bee on Sunday with whipper snipper's, edgers, shovels, rakes and brooms as well as cleaning gear, the yard and club rooms look fantastic and ready to roll.  All the building works are complete so the yard is ours to fill with boats. Just make sure you tie them down properly, as the consequences of not doing so will be clearly obvious from the photos attached!

Picture3 rs

Sailor App is up and running to make signing on and off a breeze via your smart phone or from the new tablet mounted to the wall above the sign in desk. This links automatically to the RO’s tablet on the start boat so timing is much easier and in most cases the results will be up on the website before you’ve even hit the beach! A huge thank you to Ross, Geoff and others for all the work to set this up. It will be a great time and work saver in the long run, but only if everyone does the right thing and downloads the app. It’s a no brainer and if a computer nuffy like me can do it, pretty much anyone can. But if you are having difficulties, just ask for help (preferably someone under the age of 15).

And yes the Patrol Boat Roster is done and posted on the club website CLICK HERE. A hard copy will be on the notice board outside the change rooms. I think that Sailor App also allows us to send a message to you a week before you are rostered on, so no excuses!

Last but not least, you may have noticed this Covid thing that’s been in the news lately. Well, you are probably also aware that our new found freedoms come with a few restrictions, mainly scanning into the club grounds (there are QR codes every where) and wearing masks inside. First and foremost though is SBSC’s policy that if you are over 16 years old, you must be double vaccinated to enter the club property. The will be a number of Covid marshals on duty who will ask to see your valid certificate and will record your name and date of second jab. A copy of your certificate will NOT be kept. This is a one off thing, so once done you are good to go sailing. Please be courteous to these these volunteers as it’s not their rules and they would prefer to be getting their boats rigged than asking for people’s information.
That’s all for now, see you on the water.

Pete Chippy
OTB Captain

Boat Storage in the Yard

Unfortunately last week’s storm which hit Safety Beach with 70 knot gusts substantially affected our boat yard. A lot of boats were tussled about moving significantly around however one in particular was scarcely tied down and cartwheeled, lucky the mast lodged in the fence preventing it from ending up in the tunnel and landing on the road below us (see photos above in Peter's report). Thank you to the members who went to the yard in the worst of the storm to settle and untangle the chaos of boats, putting them back into their places. Some boat owners owe them a stiff drink.

A note to all members with boats or kayaks stored in the yard, please ensure you securely tie down using solid hard points on the front and back of your vessel. To prevent this from ever occurring again we will monitor all tie downs and if boats or kayaks are found insecurely stored, owners will be asked to remove them.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and compliance.

Sailor App


Sailor App Introduction at SBSC PAGE 1 NOV 2021rs

Sailor App Introduction at SBSC PAGE 2 NOV 2021rs

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Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS 27th October

Whats on @ SBSC

YAY - The club will be opening this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday for drinks and meals and I can't wait to get back there!!!   Please read all the details below carefully as we need to ensure that we stick to the Covid Guidelines & State Government directives and make sure you have your Digital Vaccination Certificate all set up and ready to go - to find out how to do this please CLICK HERE.





Working Bee

There will be a working bee at the club on Sunday morning starting at 0900H to get the yard ready for sailing.
We will be mainly weeding, tidying up and getting the yard and surrounds looking good.

There will be a QR code for everyone to scan in on.

On Water News

OTB Report

Hi Folks,
Well it’s really happening! We get to go racing again!!
We’re still holding to the 7th of November for the first OTB race and it will be a Club Championship race, so dust off your sails and peel back that boatcover just a little bit and have a look at what needs doing.
You could be just like me and have everything ship shape and ready to go! Yeah, sure I do, that’s why I’m on duty the first week! Speaking of duties, I haven’t heard from anyone volunteering yet so I’ve filled in the roster as best I could and it should be on the website and in the Sailor App this week.
As of time of writing,there is a working bee being planned for this Sunday so I will stick a copy of the roster on the notice board outside the change rooms. So put your mask on, check in and have a look for your name. Remember, everyone likes to see their name in print.
That will do for now.
Pete Chippy
OTB Captain

Keelboat Update

There is plenty of action going on behind the scenes at SBSC to ensure that we get back on the water racing as soon as is practicable in a Covid Safe way with all the appropriate plans and guidelines in place. That being said it is looking like the official start to our summer season for keelboats will be on Friday the 5th of November with a Twilight Pursuit and followed up by a Club Championship Race on Sunday the 7th of November but keep watching this space for further announcements and the release of the Summer Program.

If you have not already submitted your Cat 5 Safety Declaration (Available HERE) or your current insurance certificate then please send both to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  It would be greatly appreciated if you do not leave it till the last minute to get your paperwork submitted.

There is a skippers and crew meeting planned for the morning of the 7th November at 10:00am in the clubhouse. We hope to see lots of you there so that we can go through the changes for the season – the main one being the change to courses for the 2021-22 season. We now have 46 courses list so there is plenty to choose from. To make sure you are heading in the right direction please make sure you have a copy of the latest version on board - the courses are all listed in Appendix 2 of the Sailing Instructions (KB SIs here)

Be assured as soon as plans are finalised and we can get back out on the water you will be the first to hear the news.


The ORCV invites you to join the 'Return to Racing Special Event' this coming Saturday the 30th October. Let's come together and create an on-water spectacle as celebrate never seeing a lock-down again and shake off the cobwebs and get back to racing.

Entries is complimentary and close Thursday night. Please spread the word.
Notice of Race and Entries are open here

ORCV 30th October 21RS

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