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Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS November 25th 2020

New Members

We would like to welcome the following new and returning members to Safety Beach Sailing Club.
We look forward to seeing you at the club or on the water in the not too distant future:

  • Baumanis Family - Gavin, Karen, Jade, James & Jared
  • Martin Family - Campbell, Liz & Claire
  • Laing Family - Greg, Gabby, Amy & Hayden
  • Stuart Bender

Vale Lois Stocks

Under the Cover of a Covid lockdown, Foundation and Life Member Lois Stocks, wife of Don Stocks, sadly passed away.
This was only brought to my attention last weekend on talking to Andrew.
The Stocks name has been synonymous with the Safety Beach Sailing Club since foundation and on behalf of the Executive and Members of the SBSC, we extend our deepest sympathies to Andrew, Linda, Allison, Daniel & Tim.
Regrettably restrictions prevented any representative from the club attending the service.

Working Bee

The House Committee is scheduling another working bee for Saturday the 5th of December, commencing at 9.00am. I know it’s getting close to Christmas, but it’s not like we can go anywhere exciting, so why not donate a few hours of your valuable time to the betterment of the grounds of the club.

Jobs to be done include:

  • weeding
  • weeding
  • weeding
  • did I mention weeding
  • A bit of tidying up and general maintenance

Equipment needed:

  • Weeding equipment
  • Rakes
  • Blowers
  • Industrial size weed sprayer with the spray to go in it

(The House Committee)

From the Rear

It is with great pleasure to announce we are back to sailing without restrictions.  OTB sailors can move around the rigging yard without a mask so long as social distancing is adhered to. Sailing with someone other than another person who lives under the same roof without having to social distance. Change rooms can be used so long as the 1 person per 4 sqm rule is adhered to (well nearly without restrictions). Keel Boats are the same - no masks required, and no restrictions on crew numbers.

However, to keep us all safe and to ensure we comply with Victorian Government and AS rules and recommendations, please remember to Sign On and Off via the QR codes. Duty personal to sign in via the appropriate QR code. OTB sailors and friends to use the rigging yard QR code on arrival. Also please remember to sign into Snooks Catering QR when you enter the club house. Please always remember to have your mask with you. Please put it on when moving around the club house when you are not eating or drinking. For example, when you remove yourself from the table to exit the building or to use the bathroom. If you are unsure Snooks Catering staff will be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. To be honest I did not ask David but sure he won’t mind.

I would like on behalf of all members wish regular OTB rescue boat driver Rob Campbell all the best for his pending knee surgery. You will be greatly missed by all OTB sailors. As we will more than likely have to do more duty in your absence, so we all wish you a speedy recovery. If any member is interested in volunteering their time driving or assisting on rescue boats on Sunday afternoons, please contact me on 0467 000 442 to discuss.

Before signing off, I would like to mention how wonderful it is to see so many members across all fleets and social members enjoying everything Safety Beach Sailing Club has to offer and may it continue to grow as the weather improves. There is so much to look forward to after a miserable 2020 winter.
Ross Martin
Rear Commodore

Saturday Soiree @ SBSCLive Music Saturday Soirees E News Flyer and advert

Big thank you our resident photographer Chris Parks who has yet again taken some fabulous shots of last Saturday's Soiree!

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS November 18th 2020

New Members

We would like to welcome the following new and returning members to Safety Beach Sailing Club.
We look forward to seeing you at the club or on the water in the not too distant future:

  • Brigit Goater
  • Greg Coutts
  • Denis Crema
  • Michael & Amanda Ymer
  • Chris & Dianne Allan
  • Liz Brown 

Junior Fleet Update

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, we are working on our season to be in-line with both the Victorian State Government and Australian sailing Guidelines.
In the interest of safety for the juniors, volunteers and other club members, the start of Junior 2020/21 sailing will be slightly delayed in order to develop an appropriate plan, going forward.  We appreciate that like most, our Juniors are very keen to get back out on the water, doing what they enjoy doing best.


We are hopeful to be able to provide an update shortly on how the Junior season will proceed.
Notifications will be sent out via the Club E-News, alongside the website and any additional avenues to make sure everyone is informed.

Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding at this incredibly unpredictable time.
We cant wait to see everyone again as well as get back out on the water!

Stay Safe,
Natasha Martin, Ciaran Snooks & Grace Lazzar
Junior Squad Committee

OTB Report

Well, after a nice little sail the previous Sunday, this week proved that sometimes the weather bureau can get it right !  With light winds in the morning but a gale warning posted with wind speeds expected to be 30 knots plus by 2 o’clock, some of the juniors ventured out for a social sail early with great success. Then some of the more adventurous adults went for a squirt, including Paul Fleming for two and a half hours in his newly acquired moth!
Meanwhile the rest of us hopefuls waited on the beach expecting it to drop out a bit - but oh no, right on 2 o’clock that big front came through just as predicted, justifying our wise and sensible Race Officer Geoff calling it off at 1.30.  Ah well , there’s always next week !

Peter Chipperfield
OTB captain

Social News

Social News

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS November 11th 2020

New Members

We would like to offer a big warm welcome to the following new and returning members to Safety Beach Sailing Club.  We look forward to seeing you at the club or on the water in the not too distant future:

  • Roger Gordon
  • Peter Smith
  • Trish Atkinson
  • Tony Lohman
  • Manny Hill
  • Greg & Dawn Clark
  • Soligo Family - Cheryl, Andrew, Nathan, Jake & Rochelle
  • Debra Fischer & Tim Ward
  • Ross Hallam

Working Bee this Saturday!

The House Committee is calling for volunteers for a Working Bee this Saturday 14th November, to get the club and grounds ready for the season.

There are 3 main tasks:

  • Empty, clean and restack the Spar Locker
  • Clean up the gardens around the building including edging, weeding etc
  • Tidy up the Junior Training room

With a focus on gardening and getting the club looking good, volunteers should bring gloves, gardening implements, trimmers etc.

So we can meet COVID regulations please email or SMS asap what time between 9am-1pm on Saturday you are able to assist and we will create a roster and confirm allocated times with everyone before Saturday.
Please Contact: Club Secretary - Mem Mackie
M: 0419 512 154
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many Thanks
Tony Christmas

Social News

Social News

Strategic Planning Report

With Covid-19 restrictions easing, summer around the corner, the new bar completed,  Friday night & Sunday ‘keelboat racing' well under way and well attended, there is much to look forward to at SBSC which shall be even better as OTB activity continues to increase..

Stage one internal renovation works will be completed before Christmas with a new “Sailing Themed” montage in the entry. External entry weather protection and new property identification were consented by the Executive during the Covid-19 closedown period and are intended to be constructed before winter 2021.

A summary of the 2019/20 Membership Survey affirmed the support members have for our club but it is also confirmed the ageing of membership, the need for growth in membership and income if the club is going to achieve medium and long-term goals, whilst maintaining relevance to its community. To read the membership survey summary  CLICK HERE.

Having said this, potential members/visitors are entitled to enter races and attend the club on six occasions per calendar year. They are required to be signed in by a club member in the case of a visit to the club premises, and acceptance by the Race Committee/Club Executive in the case of race participation, along with evidence of requisite insurance etc. We need visitors for they are our future members and need be encouraged, supported and welcomed. 

The 2020/21 membership survey shall be distributed to all members pre-Christmas if possible, but more likely January 2021. The survey provides important feedback but if you have suggestions that the Strategic Planning Committee/Executive might consider before the membership survey is distributed, please don’t hesitate to drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS November 4th 2020

OTB Report

WOW, what a great start back to sailing . Perfect weather, flat water and 16 starters, which is pretty good considering we are still restricted to 25 Km's from home .
The shifty wind gave our race team plenty to think about but nobody was complaining about the extra time spent on the water! It was great to see a few juniors out in the fleet and even a couple of parents out in the club Tera's - not so squeezy !
Hopefully the next few weeks will see an easing of restrictions and the welcoming back of more sailors (Drew isn’t quite sure what to do at the front in his fast new Sabre without Bill to follow !)

In the meantime, thanks everyone for following the Covid guidelines and wearing your masks in the yard, here’s hoping it won’t be for much longer .
Don’t forget to check the program and duty roster up till Christmas. Our new rostering system on RevSport means that you will receive an email one week before your duty, so if you are unavailable that week it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement . Getting a replacement isn’t hard, at this stage there are plenty of people willing to help out .

On a final note; why is it, with six months off sailing we all (myself included ) left it until the opening day to start fixing our boats ??

Peter Chipperfield
OTB Captain

Keelboat & Tower News

This Week's Results:

What a fantastic way to start the 2020-21 season!  Sure everyone was just pleased to be back out on the water.  Big welcome to AUDERE and TUMI who were out for their first sail with the SBSC fleet on Friday evening. As always a big thank you to RO Judy and Amanda for their assistance in the tower.  We must admit to a few early teething problems but we got those quickly sorted and normal service was resumed. 

Just a reminder to all to revisit the Covid Return to Safe Sailing plan on a regular basis.  We will be updating this plan to reflect any changes in the Covid Restrictions but in the meantime please make sure you stick to the rules such as social distancing, masks on, crew declaration submitted etc and we will all be happy.  As with all new systems we have had a few minor issues with the Covid Crew Declaration form and thank you to all those owners that have patiently worked through these issues over the weekend.  Hopefully we are on top of it now.  In saying that the club is slowly implementing the QR system.  If you have had a chance to visit the club for a meal or drink you will see that it is already in use by Snooks Catering.  We have just introduced the use of QR for registrations in the tower and are now looking into other areas of the club where it will be useful and make things simple for all including Crew Registrations for Keelboat Racing - so watch this space!

Friday 30th October - Twilight Pursuit #1     

1st Renaissance SB415 David Donaldson
2nd YKnot SB430 Rob Rainsford
3rd Shimmer Sm5005 Steve Twentyman
1st Maximum Limit Nx1638 Rick Rogers
2nd Shimmer Sm5005 Steve Twentyman
3rd Patriot Sm133 Jason Close

Tanina and Chris have taken some great shots of the Friday evening race so go and check them out. Tanina Photos and Chris Photos

Sunday 1st November - Return to Safe Sailing  #1 

1st Friday Harbour B2911 Kon Cili
2nd Rogue M2 David Phillips
3rd 2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd Anthea SB3107 John Wemyss
3rd  2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark


Tuesday 3rd November - Cup Day Fun Day  

1st Single Malt SB10 Sue Turnbull
2nd New Morning II S381 Gordon Thomas
3rd Friday Harbour B2911 Kon Cili
1st Anthea SB3017 John Wemyss
2nd Single Malt SB10 Sue Turnbull
3rd 2Xtreme SB4272 Rob Rainsford

It was great to see 12 yachts out for our Social Cup Day Race and what a Ripper of a Day.  We had a couple of boats that were somewhat late to the start line but managed to catch the rest of the fleet waiting for the wind to fill in at Dromana Pier. 

For all of this week's results please go to: Keelboats 2020 Results

Next Week's Race Program:

Friday 6th November - Twilight Pursuit #2 

First Warning Signal: 17:25H (Pursuit Start)
Race Officer: Des Carroll                         
Duty Boat: Jaslyn

 Start sheet can be viewed by Clicking HERE

Sunday 8th November - Return to Safe Sailing #2 

First Warning Signal: 13:25H (Combined Tower Start)
Race Officer: Dianne

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS October 28th 2020

From the Rear

Great news!  We are back on the water with competitive racing allowed starting this Friday afternoon. For the health and safety of your fellow members and broader community please take the time to read the restrictions and the Covid Return to Sailing Plan that we must follow and be sure to implement them where applicable.

The OTB Sailing Program & Roster has been published on the club website Click HERE.  Due to current travel restrictions Sunday 1st & 8th November will be scratch races ( no points awarded to a series.). This policy will stay in place until travel restrictions are lifted so that all SBSC members are able to compete. 

The first few weeks of the Keelboat Program have also been released (Link HERE) and will be added to shortly.  Please take the time to read the roster and if your name is listed please put the date in your diary straight away to ensure you are available to assist.  If you are not able to make the date advised please do your best to arrange a suitable swap or contact the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our best to assist. More information will be sent to our Keelboat fleet tomorrow with regard to getting back to sailing this weekend.

Sunday Sailing will not be what we are used to between now and Christmas, and perhaps for a little longer thereafter.  Due to the current restrictions we are unable to offer the usual Sunday morning Junior Program however, all juniors are encouraged to participate in afternoon racing.  An additional rescue boat will be manned to support all competitors. Please contact me on 0467 000 442 or Pete Chippy OTB Club Captain on 0402 231 782 to make your availability know.

This Sunday I will be your OTB Covid Safe Safety Officer. To be honest I am not 100% sure what it involves, or how to manage it.  All I ask is that members follow and respect the rules and regulations put in place by the Victorian State Government, Australian Sailing, and SBSC. I also ask members to be mindful that Snooks Catering are also under the same regulations and to follow any direction you may be given. Hopefully in a couple of weeks restrictions will ease allowing more members to gather in greater numbers.

Going forward I ask if there are a few members who would be happy to make themselves available to be the SBSC Covid Safe Safety Officers. It would be advantageous to have 2 or 3 members take on the role and coordinate their availability amongst themselves. This will ensure continuity and a familiar face should members have any questions. Please contact me on 0467 000 442 to discuss further.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in the coming days enjoying the sport and place we love.
Rear Commodore SBSC

SB Sail Numbers

We will soon have two new SB sail numbers in our Keelboat fleet being Tumi (SB469) and New Morning II (SB381).  It is always exciting to see another SB out on the water.  If you are interested in getting an SB Prefix just send us a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your preferred SB number and we will let you know if it is available. 

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS October 21st 2020

Snooks Catering

Please see the flyer from Snooks Catering below.  There are plenty of yummy meals to choose from and some easy nibbles for Grand Final Night, with their home-made Arancini Balls, Sesame Drumettes, Pies/Tarts & Sausage Roll (in miniature). Perfect footy watching food !!

Snooks Catering Flyer 23 Oct 2020 weekend


For those that would like to learn how to win ocean races, the ORCV has 2 new courses plus a Masterclass with Will Oxley.  These courses concentrate of using Expedition Software starting with the very basics and building your knowledge.
In the basic course you will learn how to: set and manage marks and routes, creating race notes, uploading and working with charts, boat polars and sail charts with Expedition. The second course, “You’ve got the basics. What’s next?”, builds your knowledge further in:  how to work with weather routing, weather routes, wave polars and wave gribs, analysis of wind, current and MSLP and moves onto georeferencing weather images.

Will Oxley, is then running a Masterclass and discusses race planning, tactical boat positioning, how to evaluate GRIB data, communications and shares how he prepares and manages onboard whilst racing.  

All courses run online and can be booked individually.  

  • Expedition, Learn the basics starts October 29, at 6 to 9 pm
  • Expedition, You’ve got the basics, what’s next? Is November 5, at 7 to 9 pm
  • Masterclass with Will Oxley, starts Monday, November 9, at 6.30 to 9 pm and runs for 3 nights.

Book your course here

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