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Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS July 1st 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

It was great to see members back at the club and making use of the new facilities at the club. The overwhelming feedback has been positive. Snooks Catering have done a great job in ensuring the COVID protocols are being adhered to, please respect the process and pre book for dining. At the moment the dining room is operating 3 nights a week in two sittings of 20 until restrictions are eased. On Sunday with the sun shining, Snooks catering were able to accommodate another 20 out on the Northern Deck. As you come up the stairs, you will see the new Visitor Sign I station. It is everyone’s responsibility to sign in their guests. Please ensure your guests tear out their slip and present it to the staff on request. Guests are restricted to 3 visits only to the club.

Our sincere thanks again to Brian and Lisa Marklew, who have donated their time, energy and skills to produce such a stunning result. I must make it very clear to all members, that Marklew Housing has not profited a cent from our renovation project and for that we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. We did however go over budget as we extended the program and took advantage of the COVID period of lockdown. The blowout in budget will be explained at the AGM. Much of our memorabilia has been lovingly polished and cleaned to perfection by Lisa and hung accordingly. There are still some items to be put back, but these items have required special treatment and will be hung in due course.

Due to an Australian Sailing directive, we have been forced to postpone Club organised Keel Boat Racing until July 20th. Whilst this is frustrating, and by the letter of the law, we are permitted to go racing, the directive from Australian Sailing  has over-ridden this and we don’t want to be making enemies of those that administer the sport. Please be patient. OTB racing is however permitted! Provided:

  • you sail a single-handed yacht
  • or if in a two-handed dinghy, you are from the same household
  • Changerooms are not to be used until further notice
  • Please follow the COVID-19 Protocols to ensure compliance.

Racing will be as per the program as of this weekend Sunday the 5th July.

We ask as a reminder, that all Keel Boats who have regular crews, ensure that their crew is a financial member of the club. It is not fair to those that do the right thing, to be funding the club for the few that do not. We are a member’s club and we want to keep providing members with the facilities they expect moving forward and our largest income stream is membership.

Speaking of membership, renewals will be posted out in the next week and as previously stated, the best thing members can do to support the club is to pay memberships as soon as you can. We also understand that there are some members who through no fault, might be struggling financially due to COVID -19. The club is committed to ensuring we maintain all our members regardless of their financial situation and if you are having difficulties, please send an email to Jenny Thomson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a payment plan.

We still have a few tables and a heater for sale. please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your piece of history. See photos attached. $100 for the heater and $50 per table (only 5 left).


On a happy note, it is with great pride that we announce the engagement of Natasha Martin to Michael Nugent. The proposal took place at the club on Friday night and you could not keep the smile off Natasha’s face.  Parents’ Ross and Fiona Martin are ecstatic to say the least and from all at SBSC we wish both Natasha and Michael all the best for their exciting journey ahead.


(On behalf of the Executive Committee)

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS June 9th 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

As we near a date for re-opening, it is important to note that there will be some new protocols as a condition of entry. Firstly, we will have new Visitor Slips to fill in for all non-members.  If you as a member invite a guest, they must sign in and tear off the slip (similar to RSL club type) in order to be given service. They must also nominate the member whom they have arrived with.  It is also important to note that all areas of the club are SMOKE FREE. Therefore, it is no longer permitted to smoke in the boat yard or balconies of the club.

Protocols for Keelboat Racing and OTB Racing will soon be released.  It will be extremely important to familiarise ourselves with these new protocols to ensure we don’t spread COVID-19. The last thing any of us want, is to be shut down and have to self-isolate.

Own your piece of SBSC History and buy a table (pictured below) for the sum of $50.00.  There are 16 of these historic pieces and 3 smaller versions.  To secure your piece of history, put your order in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll set aside your piece of history. With a little TLC, these tables will be a great addition to your home.

table rs

The reason for selling these items is due to a recent decision by committee to purchase smaller café tables which will ensure we can fit more people into the clubhouse when restrictions are completely lifted. It was felt that these tables were too heavy and large and often impractical, so hence the fire sale.

Our thanks to Stuart Scott for donating the polishing of the dance floor of the club via his company (Floors by Greensborough).   Stuart offered his services last Saturday whilst ripping up the tiles in the foyer of the club with Peter Chipperfield, Ross Martin, David Brewer and Brian Marklew. The new tiles were laid on Monday and look fantastic, really lifting the entry to the club.  Lisa Marklew has commenced the placement and hanging of memorabilia around the club, and our thanks to Linda Clarkson for donating the bins to remove the waste generated by the renovation.  A huge saving!

Don’t forget to put the date for our AGM into your diary, which is looking more and more likely to be a live meeting on the 26th of July 2020.  It’s still not too late to enter the club footy tipping competition. Follow this link HERE

(On Behalf of the Executive Committee)


Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS June 23rd 2020

From the Rear

RC2 ReportRS

Keelboat News

We are delighted to advise that Keelboat Racing is back on at SBSC. 

Our first race for the Winter Season will be the Corona Winter Pursuit Series Race #1 which will be held this Sunday 28th June with the first warning signal at 9:55H.  The first of our Freedom Friday Pursuit Races will be held on the 3rd July.  More details to follow next week.

The winter program is available on the club website and can be viewed HERE

By now all of our keelboat skippers and crews should have received an email outlining the details for Sailing Covid Safe including additional reporting requirements.  If you have not received this information please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make sure you have all the information that you need.

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS June 3rd 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

Firstly, a very big thank you to the many members who turned up for the working bee last Saturday to clean all the dust and move all the equipment around the clubhouse to enable the carpet to be laid in a dust free environment. Given how good the renovation is looking, the Executive Committee have taken the opinion that the tiles in the entrance foyer let all the work upstairs down horribly. Possibly this was an oversight, however I’m happy to report that these tiles will be removed this Saturday and new tiles, more sympathetic to the overall interior design, laid the following week. These last-minute changes require co-ordination and I am thankful to Brian and Lisa for accepting the decision of the executive and moving extremely swiftly in accommodating this request. We had at least 50 members turn up throughout the day those who hadn’t seen the renovation previously were extremely impressed with what has occurred.

wb RS

For those OTB sailors wanting to know if they can go sailing from the club, the simple answer is YES, however you must:

  • Come dressed to sail and return home the same way.
  • There is still no organised racing or club events until further notice.
  • The clubhouse and change rooms remain closed until further notice.

As soon as anything changes regarding the club running organised events and races all members will be notified ASAP.  We will be having another Working Bee on the 13th June (see details below) so hope to see plenty of you at the club then.

(On behalf of the Executive Committee) 

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS May 27th 2020

Committee Mutterings

Can you smell it?  Can you feel it?  Yep, we’re getting closer to a start date where we can legally and responsibly re-open the club and get back out on the water.
With the renovation oh so close to being finished, there’s a real buzz about the place, particularly in front of the canteen on a Saturday and Sunday, where heaps of members have been seen to be congregating and catching up.

You will see below links to the OTB Winter program which has just been published and includes a Winter Series and an encore of the Spring Series which was appreciated by those that competed last year.  Our aim is to target our neighbouring clubs to come down to Safety Beach and race with us during the winter lay off period.  I was at McCrae Y.C on Sunday training in the Tasar with Mark Bulka and judging by the numbers going out for a sail from our neighbouring club, the very mention of us running a Winter series was met with a chorus of “we’ll be in that thank-you very much”.

We have some very talented people at our club and the promo video that has been produced by our own Chris Parkes from Effective Working Image and of course the Osbourne’s (Not to be confused with the bat eating variety) for Sail Peninsula 2021, is an indication of just how lucky we are to be able to produce such a product.  Check out the link below in this e-news and share it as much as possible. Apologies in advance for the two clowns selected to be the face of the video.

I know there have been plenty of members who have had a sneak peak of our renovation and the overwhelming consensus is that it is going to be pretty special. Another quality Marklew build with interior design by Brian’s better half Lisa has ensured the finished product will be spectacular.  The Executive Committee would like to thank both Brian and Lisa for the considerable amount of grunt, time and effort dedicated to this project either for free or at a greatly reduced rate.  The members of the club will be eternally thankful.

With footy back on the 11th of June, there’s still time to enter the club’s footy tipping competition.  With only one round down, those who enter for round two will be granted points for the away team wins in round one, so in all reality, you will still very much be init.  Click HERE to enter.

It seems we have another 29er in the club ranks with a couple of our juniors teaming up to give this craft a bash.  Hopefully some competition for joe Warren and Liam.

My thanks to those members who have already generously offered to help get the club cleaned ready for the new carpet to be laid June the 3rd.  As always, you the members have not let the club down.

In the coming weeks, we should be able to give some details on when the club will re-open and how many members will be able to dine in the clubhouse.  It may very well be that a couple of sittings will need to be scheduled to ensure we maintain whatever restrictions will be placed on dining and club facilities.  In any case it’s comforting to know we’re getting closer.

See you out the front of the canteen on Saturday!

(On behalf of the Executive Committee)

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