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Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS May 27th 2020

Committee Mutterings

Can you smell it?  Can you feel it?  Yep, we’re getting closer to a start date where we can legally and responsibly re-open the club and get back out on the water.
With the renovation oh so close to being finished, there’s a real buzz about the place, particularly in front of the canteen on a Saturday and Sunday, where heaps of members have been seen to be congregating and catching up.

You will see below links to the OTB Winter program which has just been published and includes a Winter Series and an encore of the Spring Series which was appreciated by those that competed last year.  Our aim is to target our neighbouring clubs to come down to Safety Beach and race with us during the winter lay off period.  I was at McCrae Y.C on Sunday training in the Tasar with Mark Bulka and judging by the numbers going out for a sail from our neighbouring club, the very mention of us running a Winter series was met with a chorus of “we’ll be in that thank-you very much”.

We have some very talented people at our club and the promo video that has been produced by our own Chris Parkes from Effective Working Image and of course the Osbourne’s (Not to be confused with the bat eating variety) for Sail Peninsula 2021, is an indication of just how lucky we are to be able to produce such a product.  Check out the link below in this e-news and share it as much as possible. Apologies in advance for the two clowns selected to be the face of the video.

I know there have been plenty of members who have had a sneak peak of our renovation and the overwhelming consensus is that it is going to be pretty special. Another quality Marklew build with interior design by Brian’s better half Lisa has ensured the finished product will be spectacular.  The Executive Committee would like to thank both Brian and Lisa for the considerable amount of grunt, time and effort dedicated to this project either for free or at a greatly reduced rate.  The members of the club will be eternally thankful.

With footy back on the 11th of June, there’s still time to enter the club’s footy tipping competition.  With only one round down, those who enter for round two will be granted points for the away team wins in round one, so in all reality, you will still very much be init.  Click HERE to enter.

It seems we have another 29er in the club ranks with a couple of our juniors teaming up to give this craft a bash.  Hopefully some competition for joe Warren and Liam.

My thanks to those members who have already generously offered to help get the club cleaned ready for the new carpet to be laid June the 3rd.  As always, you the members have not let the club down.

In the coming weeks, we should be able to give some details on when the club will re-open and how many members will be able to dine in the clubhouse.  It may very well be that a couple of sittings will need to be scheduled to ensure we maintain whatever restrictions will be placed on dining and club facilities.  In any case it’s comforting to know we’re getting closer.

See you out the front of the canteen on Saturday!

(On behalf of the Executive Committee)

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS June 9th 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

As we near a date for re-opening, it is important to note that there will be some new protocols as a condition of entry. Firstly, we will have new Visitor Slips to fill in for all non-members.  If you as a member invite a guest, they must sign in and tear off the slip (similar to RSL club type) in order to be given service. They must also nominate the member whom they have arrived with.  It is also important to note that all areas of the club are SMOKE FREE. Therefore, it is no longer permitted to smoke in the boat yard or balconies of the club.

Protocols for Keelboat Racing and OTB Racing will soon be released.  It will be extremely important to familiarise ourselves with these new protocols to ensure we don’t spread COVID-19. The last thing any of us want, is to be shut down and have to self-isolate.

Own your piece of SBSC History and buy a table (pictured below) for the sum of $50.00.  There are 16 of these historic pieces and 3 smaller versions.  To secure your piece of history, put your order in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll set aside your piece of history. With a little TLC, these tables will be a great addition to your home.

table rs

The reason for selling these items is due to a recent decision by committee to purchase smaller café tables which will ensure we can fit more people into the clubhouse when restrictions are completely lifted. It was felt that these tables were too heavy and large and often impractical, so hence the fire sale.

Our thanks to Stuart Scott for donating the polishing of the dance floor of the club via his company (Floors by Greensborough).   Stuart offered his services last Saturday whilst ripping up the tiles in the foyer of the club with Peter Chipperfield, Ross Martin, David Brewer and Brian Marklew. The new tiles were laid on Monday and look fantastic, really lifting the entry to the club.  Lisa Marklew has commenced the placement and hanging of memorabilia around the club, and our thanks to Linda Clarkson for donating the bins to remove the waste generated by the renovation.  A huge saving!

Don’t forget to put the date for our AGM into your diary, which is looking more and more likely to be a live meeting on the 26th of July 2020.  It’s still not too late to enter the club footy tipping competition. Follow this link HERE

(On Behalf of the Executive Committee)


Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS May 12th 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

The Executive Committee would like to thank the members who took the time to nominate a fellow member for Club Person of the year. Selecting the successful nominee was an agonising decision to make last Thursday night, given the contributions of those nominated.  Unfortunately we can only select one member.  In normal circumstances, the announcement of Senior and Junior Club person of the year would be made on Presentation Night, however, this year it will be awarded at our AGM, which is to be held on Sunday the 26th of July.   There were an incredible 11 nominees this year. So, in no particular order:

John and Anne Matheson:
Made Thursday nights happen.  John was very vocal about wanting a night for social membership and was pivotal in driving the marketing for this to happen.  Both he and Anne pounded the pavement to hand deliver thousands of brochures, turned up every Thursday to host and sold hundreds of dollars of Raffle Tickets for the donated Seafood raffle.
Chris Parkes:
Photographer extraordinaire.  Sleeps with his camera, but Chris’s determination to photograph the club with a view to…. campaigns were critical to getting the clubs message out there.  Chris has been seen at every club event to capture great moments and his work as usual on Sail Peninsula 2020 extraordinary.  He’s a great asset to the club.
Ciaran Snooks:
Ciaran has over the past couple of years with Natasha and Grace been the champion for the Junior Group.  It’s been a tough year for the Junior's on the water, but through Ciaran’s leadership, the juniors have managed to remain connected and active the entire season.  The program that he helps run is vital to the growth in not just those juniors sailing ability and confidence levels, but important to the growth of the club.
Rob Campbell:
For a number of seasons now, Rob has been the backbone of the on water team for not only OTB races, but also our Keel Boat races.  He is a constant as a driver for one of the RHIBS each week.  He loves the job and more than that, loves being a part of the club community.  His efforts also extend to the management and maintenance of the rescue craft fleet.  He is a pure and true volunteer.
Dierdre Snooks:
Dierdre has been a regular nominee and for great reason.  Her efforts are greatly appreciated.  She operates with a level head and great energy.  A constant on the start boat and all RO’s breathe a sigh of relief when Dierdre is on board.  She has all the paperwork in order and is a great scribe.  Her efforts on the SP20 organising committee means that the detail required to get this event over the line is acted upon.  A great asset to any organising committee.
Ross Martin:
A Perennial performer for the club and a consummate club person.  Ever present and willing to do anything that benefits the club.
Des Carroll:
Des is the glue that keeps the tower ticking.  Des has grown into the role and made it his own.  Des has also ensured that the processes used are continually refined to make the job in the tower more user friendly.  He recently undertook a comprehensive overview for the purchase of the new computer in the tower.
Duncan McColl:
Duncan has made a habit of putting his hand up to chair significant committees to ensure first class outcomes for the club.  Firstly he chaired the Optimist Nationals Committee and ultimately steered the club away from the event with no negative impact on the clubs reputation which is no mean feat.  He is currently the chair for the Catering Tender Committee and will be responsible for recommending to the Executive Committee a pathway forward to ensure the club secures the best possible outcome with his committee.
Lisa Marklew:
Lisa has not only steered the Social Committee and put on some great events, but has generously leant her considerable styling talents to the club redevelopment program.  The Executive Committee are sincerely grateful to Lisa for providing stunning outcomes to the aesthetic of the program.  Watch this space!
Ewan Campbell:
Ewan is such a quiet achiever.  Ewan has ensured that the club maintains its Sail Training credentials and is of course the man that takes people out to learn to sail. Many on committee were surprised when we received a couple of thousand bucks for the effort that he puts into training potential new members.  Ewan was also a major sponsor for Sail Peninsula 2020, supplying countless bottles of Beach Box Gin.

Junior Club Person Nominees:
Jessica Lowe:
Jess has taken her sailing to another level and has been taking a lot of the juniors with her as her confidence grows out on the water, so too has her confidence grown on the shore, as many of the younger kids look to Jess as a role model. She is a constant on the start line in the afternoon and encourages other juniors to join in.

Xavier Graham:
Xavier is a special young man and is a very polite and considerate member of our club. Xavier is really starting to extend and push himself out on the water and is now able to compete on the bigger course in the afternoon and finish races. He is a constant source of encouragement to all junior members and is always willing to help others.

So they were the nominees and we look forward to announcing one of these deserving people as our Club Person and Junior Club Person of the year.

With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, as a committee we decided,  that with no firm end date on when we can fully return to the club,  that we schedule an OTB Winter Series to alternate with the already scheduled KB Brass Monkey Winter Series to ensure that when things do return so some semblance of normality, we have a schedule ready to go. By alternating OTB and KB racing we are putting into place some mechanism to socially distance members, ensuring there aren’t too many at the club at one time.

The same can be said when it comes to the AGM.  We have set the date, Sunday the 26th of July.  This meeting will go ahead as a live meeting in the clubhouse or as a Zoom meeting, depending on whether or not restrictions are lifted sufficiently for the former to occur.  Regardless, we have a contingency to remain constitutional.

Bar works are progressing well and are set to be concluded by the 8th of June.  So far works have cost the club $75,000.  We expect these works will remain in budget at about $120k.  That will leave sufficient in the bank about $60k as a buffer leading into the 2020/21 season.
We thank the Coast Guard who have contributed $3600.00 to the cost of carpeting the remaining areas of the building being their office, the reception area and the tower.  This will ensure the building has the same feel throughout.  Works to the outside of the building are scheduled to commence in early July.

It was decided at the last Executive Meeting to establish some terms of reference for the formation of the Sponsorship Committee that the club is in desperate need.  If you would like to consider getting involved with this committee, then please let our secretary know by dropping Drew a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hopefully we can gather at the club soon and enjoy what will be a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere in pretty special surrounds. Until then - take care.

(On behalf of the Executive Committee)

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS June 3rd 2020

Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

Firstly, a very big thank you to the many members who turned up for the working bee last Saturday to clean all the dust and move all the equipment around the clubhouse to enable the carpet to be laid in a dust free environment. Given how good the renovation is looking, the Executive Committee have taken the opinion that the tiles in the entrance foyer let all the work upstairs down horribly. Possibly this was an oversight, however I’m happy to report that these tiles will be removed this Saturday and new tiles, more sympathetic to the overall interior design, laid the following week. These last-minute changes require co-ordination and I am thankful to Brian and Lisa for accepting the decision of the executive and moving extremely swiftly in accommodating this request. We had at least 50 members turn up throughout the day those who hadn’t seen the renovation previously were extremely impressed with what has occurred.

wb RS

For those OTB sailors wanting to know if they can go sailing from the club, the simple answer is YES, however you must:

  • Come dressed to sail and return home the same way.
  • There is still no organised racing or club events until further notice.
  • The clubhouse and change rooms remain closed until further notice.

As soon as anything changes regarding the club running organised events and races all members will be notified ASAP.  We will be having another Working Bee on the 13th June (see details below) so hope to see plenty of you at the club then.

(On behalf of the Executive Committee) 

Safety Beach Sailing Club NEWS May 5th 2020

ZOOM Trivia Night

We will be holding a ZOOM TRIVIA NIGHT on Friday 8th May commencing at 7:30pm.

Zoom Trivia RRS

If you would like to join in the TRIVIA FUN then please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5pm on Wednesday 6th May and we will in turn send you an invite to attend.  We are limited to 100 spots so please get your email in ASAP as it will be first in basis.

We are expecting that the night will run for maybe 90minutes and will include all sorts of trivia from Sailing to Australiana and even some Audio and Visual questions. 

If you want to make it feel even more like a Friday Night at SBSC then why not enjoy a meal from Snooks Catering.  You can pick up your take away goodies from David and Deridre at the SBSC Kiosk - details are below and make sure you check out the Friday Trivia Night Special!

Sounds like heaps of fun so look forward to seeing you then!!


The Boatyard Offer & Services

As it’s likely that a minimised sailing program may be opening up with some Covid-19 restrictions easing , now is the time to get your yacht bottom cleaned, maintenance done or follow up your anti fouling program.  Don’t leave this till the last minute as you may find a long waiting list!

The “Boatyard” at Martha Cove has a promotion in place with a 10 % discount to SBSC members which is a significant reduction to your annual maintenance costs.
Please note that this special offer applies during the tough times we are currently facing with lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

They are happy to arrange a pick up and delivery service of your vessel to minimise contact as part of the distancing rules which helps make the process easier and safer.  The Boatyard have proven they are very competitively priced on all services with very friendly & helpful staff, you won’t be disappointed with their services.

Unfortunately marine growth doesn’t distance , the longer you leave it the harder it will be to get it off and leave your yachts performance reduced.

Let’s support one of the clubs major sponsors and book your slip in now by calling on 1800 440 255

 BYMC Flyer march20RS

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