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New Members

The Executive Committee and members would like to welcome the following new members to Safety Beach SC. We look forward to meeting you at the club or on the water in the very near future.
  • Warwick Pearson and family 
  • Jane Metlikovec and family
  • Craig Garmston 
  • Andrew Griffiths and family 

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On The Beach News

Howdy Gang.
Well, after another blowout on Friday following the same the Sunday before, I was going to change my title to ‘On The Beach Captain’ as that seemed to be where we spend all our time. But then came Sunday with a little bit of breeze and a whole lot of sunshine and things didn’t seem so bad after all. Geoff set a short course with the intention of getting three races in, but with the wind dying to a zephyr, we just managed to get the second race in before it was time to head home.
What also made for an interesting weekend was the arrival of a bunch of Flying Dutchmen as mentioned in last weeks blurb. These are a fairly old boat and as such have beautiful old world lines and a grace about them that you just don’t see in modern designs. Pretty much like the sailors themselves! These guys intended to sail Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but with a lack of wind Thursday and too much on Friday, it boiled down to a big day on Saturday morning/afternoon. Three of us,( Bill M, Duncan Mc and myself ) took advantage of there being patrol boats on the water and joined in the afternoon session. Simon Dryden, who was the driving force behind this visit and was RO or crew on all days, was kind enough to give us our own start, and with Mono and Jamie F in the rhib shifting two top marks to suit the wind, we managed to get five or six single lap windward/return races in. Lots of start practice, good wind and waves to surf ; awesome ! Being on the start line three minutes behind the FD’s was pretty cool too. Once they got away from the line they looked like a fleet of keelboats with their big mains and overlapping headsails. They hit the water again Sunday morning and got the best of the wind for the day and speaking to some of them afterward, they all agreed it was a great weekend and had nothing but praise for SBSC and the helpers that put up their hands to assist Simon on pretty short notice. Simon is going to do a report with some pictures, so keep your eyes out for that.
Once again, I want to thank all the race crews that helped on the weekend. Mono and Aurelia on Thursday, all the Lazzar's plus friend on Friday ( my apologies for pressuring you all to head out in that slop only to wisely pull the pin. I was getting desperate !). Andrew Clarky C, Mono, Jamie F and Simon D on Saturday and Bill M with Sally Wemyss ( like Dreams ) Sunday morning and Geoff, Deidre, Rob C Simon D, Emma and Campbell Martin Sunday afternoon. As you can see, that’s an awful lot of people needed to help out so it’s good to see better fleet numbers hitting the water. We had 23 starters Sunday afternoon and that’s with most of the 420’s still away.
This Sunday the Rostered RHIB crews are Rob Fleming, Mark Lawrence, Steve Daniels and Greg Weston, and the weather will be perfect. So see you out there.
Cheers, Pete Chippy

Duty Update

Just a quick shout out to Campbell and Emma Martin who did a sterling job on Woodsy last weekend. Campbell mentioned it may have been first time in a little while he managed to do all the boat driving which was a really good outcome for him, (well done Campbell!!) and ably assisted by Emma had all their marks taken care of in good time. Thanks folks!

Safety Reminder

Woodsy suffered a broke bilge pump over the weekend they are brittle and not exactly precision engineered so thanks for letting me know and for Chippa who I understand has fixed it. Please try and take care when moving around the bilge pumps to avoid breakage.

Additionally, the bailer / bucket on Woodsy seems to have disappeared.  It may have been “lost” or worse still fallen overboard PLEASE keep an eye on this type of thing. It’s law to have the bailer so without that OR the bilge pump there was no way of removing water from the boat for that brief period which is not good. Please ensure all / any safety gear remains on each boat and is checked periodically.

Items can’t be swapped with each other and if something goes missing please inform me.

Thanks Rob C

Green Fleet Sail Training

The club is looking for 'expressions of interest' in starting a Green Fleet Program for junior sailors. If you have any youth aged 8-17 years, please feel free to come down to the meet the trainers this Sunday 4th February 9.30am for an informal introduction to green fleet. Non members will be required to complete a Sail Pass for the session. Participants will need to bring appropriate attire to get wet in, change of clothes (if they get wet), hat & towel. Once we gain an idea of the interest levels, a formal program will be put together. Head Trainer Nick Meijer will be there with his team to welcome you. 

Tasar Worlds Report - From January 3rd - 9th

The Tasar Worlds were held at the Sandringham Yacht Club. A total of 107 Tasars from 7 countries including USA, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Britain and France entered the regatta and 85 entered the pre worlds Australian National Titles from December 29th - 31st. Safety Beach Sailing Club had 4 boats entered being: - Mark and Oliver Bulka - Campbell and Emma Martin - Andrew and Aurelia Martin - Jonathan Ross and Jacquie Bange The fleet that entered the worlds was one of the most highly credentialed fleets that had ever assembled for a Tasar World Championship, including 7 past World Tasar Champions, an Olympic Gold medalist, multiple world champions and multiple National and State champions over many different classes. At least 12 crews had embarked on serious olympic campaigns, so to say that getting into the top 30 would be easy is very much understating the talent converging on a 700m start line!
The start line consisted of a 350m port and starboard line either side of the Start/ Finish boat. Luckily you only needed to sight up on 350m of line rather than the entire length, because working out transits on 350m is hard enough. Such was the experience and talent on the start boat, the lines set were such that there was an even spread across the entire length of both lines. That was not to say that there still weren’t shenanigans at the start, particularly the pin end of the port line where multiple boats were black flagged, 16 being the number in race 6. 12 were identified at the start with a further 4 identified post race on the video. The weather conditions were a mix of 10 - 20knt southerlies and westerlies over the entire regatta. Only one day was blown out due to a large sea state and a persistent 22-25knt breeze from the west. Anyone that has sailed at Sandringham will know that the sea state can be short and steep, providing exhilarating reaches and challenging upwind conditions that requires enough power to punch through the chop.
The eventual winners were from the Seattle Yacht Club. They were Olympic Gold Medalist Jonathan McKee and his exceptionally talented wife Libby. Jonathan and Libby are now 5 times world champions in the class. Second were the talented up and comers in Harrison Sly and Zara Challis. Harry and Zara also managed to win the Pre-World Australian National Titles, which is an exceptional effort. Former World Champions from 2015 in Busselton were Chris Dance and Peter Hackett finishing in 3rd.
As for our own sailors, a hearty congratulations to Mark and Oliver Bulka in finishing an impressive 7th overall, Mono and Aurelia finishing 41st, Jonathan and Jacquie in 66th, Campbell and Emma in 89th. Sandringham Yacht Club is a professional club that delivered a truly professional regatta that was one of the best I have competed in. We were indeed fortunate enough to be able to host the event there. The feedback from competitors was outstanding. The next Worlds will be in Kunigami in Japan in 2026. Click Kunigami link and be prepared to be blown away by this venue. There are already quite a few of us locked into going to this event  Congratulations also to Mark Bulka for not only organising but also winning the Contender National Championships at the Gippsland Yacht Club. Is there nothing that man can’t sail well?

Keelboat News

Results - Schnapper Point Race

A small fleet enjoyed the annual Australia Day race up to Schnapper Point.  A brisk 20-25kts W-SW ensured a quick race for all, so everyone was back early to enjoy the festivities and club birthday celebrations.
Congratulations to Lumiere (Winner on PHS) and Shimmer (AMS). Thank you to Elaine Nicholas (RO) and Tom McCullough for their time in the tower on the public holiday.

This Week's Races

Friday 2nd February  - Twilight Pursuit Series 2 – Race 3 & Mustang Sally Anniversary Race 

The Mustang Sally Anniversary Trophy Race is on this Friday 2nd Feb, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your name on this trophy. The Mustang Sally trophy was first presented on the 7th February 2020, which represented the 10th Anniversary of Keelboat racing at Safety Beach Sailing Club. The trophy is a half model of the yacht Mustang Sally (SB1), which was the first boat on the keelboat register at Safety Beach. 

First Warning Signal:
17.25H Pursuit Start
Race Officer:  
Dianne Jackson
Tower Assist: Judy Champion and Lynlee Coutts
Set Up & Results:  
Please note that there will be a pink marker buoy placed at 25 to replace the virtual marker this week. The bot mark still needs to complete his man overboard training and Cat 5 audit!
mustang sally trophy
Sunday 4th February - Club Championship Series –Race 7
First Warning Signal:
12.55H Boat Start
Race Officer:  
Judy Champion 
Duty Boat: Summer Breeze 
Set Up & Results:  

MYC Navigators’ Trophy Race

The Mornington Yacht Club’s Navigator’s Race is coming up on Saturday 10 February 2024 and all SBSC yachts are welcome to enter.  This is one of the classic races on Port Phillip and is a must for anyone that likes a bit of a challenge or just enjoys a great sail around the southern part of Port Phillip Bay.  If you are interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  A link to the Special Sailing Instructions will be posted once available.

bendigo branch manager

Sail Peninsula 2024 (23-25 February)

Now that 2023 and the Christmas season is behind us, it’s time to start preparing for Sail Peninsula 2024. We look forward to seeing great support of our club’s annual regatta from the SBSC fleet.

To Enter please CLICK HERE and the Notice of Race is available HEREsail pencrittenden estate logo

Crittenden Estate has been a proud sponsor of Sail Peninsula for a number of years and more specifically the Margaret Crittenden Challenge Race that is held on the Sunday morning of the regatta.
Being one of our very local wineries that is literally just around the corner at 25 Harrisons Road in Dromana it is definitely worth a visit to the wine centre or restaurant.  
For more information please go to https://www.crittendenwines.com.au/

Club Merchandise

Get you order in now to ensure that you are decked out in the latest Club Merchandise for he start of the 2023-2024 season Contact Marg Fleming on her email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your options. Taking orders now for youth t-shirts with names on the back. 
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Photo Of The Week

Scamp on Friday 19th January. Photo taken by junior member Mika, who was onboard Anthea for the evening.  



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