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Happy New Year Members

On behalf of the Executive Committee I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 2024 is starting out to be a great sailing year. Just this weekend we had the combined Skiffs, B14, Musto and Javelin titles which were a fantastic success. In February we welcome boats from around the bay to sail in Sail Peninsula.
In the meantime a lot has happened in the SBSC. Our roof is now adorned with solar panels, we have a new OTB training boat, our new BotMark is about to arrive so we can comply with AMSA and the Port of Melbourne Authority and discontinue using channel markers as rounding marks in keel boat races.
Later in the year we hope to finalise plans, Council approvals and funding for a refurbishment of the change rooms further adding to the facilities to attract more State, National and World titles. In the meantime we are working on some sound insulation for the dining room.
The Executive Committee and Sub Committees are all staffed by volunteers who care deeply about the good governance and running of the Club. Our AGM will be coming up later in the year and it will give members an opportunity to nominate to join both the EC and Sub Committees. You do not need  experience to join a committee, you just need to be able to dedicate some time, outside of sailing, to help run the Club with the guidance of experienced members. If you are interested in getting involved, please do not wait for the AGM, let one of the EC members know, our emails are on the website and we will be in touch.
Happy sailing everyone.

january happeningsMembership Update

The Executive Committee and members would like to welcome the following new members to Safety Beach SC. We look forward to meeting you at the club or on the water in the very near future.
  • Robert and Emma Zonta and Family
  • Kevin Schafer
  • Nigel Harse
  • Amy Nicholas
  • Ray Collins
The current membership of the club totals 490 members. Of these, we have the following membership breakdown:
Males make up 58% of the club and females 41% with one member identifying as non-binary.
Overall membership numbers are approximately 25 less than the past 3 year average. Given the economic times the community face currently, this slight decrease is understandable as a membership at SBSC must be considered discretionary expenditure.
Members by age breakdown:
 Age Group              #'s         
 0 to 9 19
 10 to 19 52
 20 to 29 40 
 30 to 39 10 
 40 to 49 42
 50 to 59 100 
 60 to 69 158 
70 and over 69
Notable points are that 258 of our 490 members fall into the 50-69 age group (52.6%)
If we include the 70 and over age group, 327 of the clubs 490 members are 50+ in age (66.7%)
John Di Martino
Membership Secretary

aus day 2

Off The Beach News

45th Sabre National Championships 2023/24 

On the 28th of December four intrepid SBSCSS (SBSC Sabre Sailors) ventured about 10 minutes south to McCrae to take on the best Sabre sailors of the nation, well those that chose to travel to Victoria. The invitational race was first up and SBSC had its best result of the championship that day with Bill Manning scoring a valiant ninth place, Fiona Martin -38th, Duncan McColl – 42nd and Keith Bayliss our newest Sabre sailor an unfortunate DNF due to a shackle pin coming loose on the port stay and the mast coming down. Just to provide some context the SBSC results of that day may have been enhanced by the belief of many top sailors that it is bad luck to win or do well in the invitational race, with about 15 boats slowly peeling off from the front of the fleet as the finish drew near.
The next day all was on in earnest, with almost the full fleet of 65 hitting the water for a 10am start in a 12knot SSW. Many were keen to get started that day and with a long start line and feeble starting horn there were a number of general recalls for the two races that day and a fair bit of biff and barge at some of the marks. The end of day 1 saw Krystal Weir, yes Olympic sailor leading the fleet with 2 seconds for the day, and Victorian’s filling the first 4 places. The race committee listened to the mutterings of many in the yard and decided that day 2 would start at the slightly more respectable time of 11.30am, the extra sleep in was much needed with the WSW wind averaging 21knots apparently, felt more like 31knots to me, and waves that had our little Sabres bouncing and crashing all over the place. The conditions deterred about a dozen sailors who huddled behind the glass of the first story of the clubrooms to watch the brave or foolhardy take to the sea. All four SBSCSS ventured out, not sure if we were the brave or foolhardy, with only Bill and Fiona finishing the first race of the day, Duncan was upside-down as Bill finished with his best result of 11th, and Keith declared that he wasn’t that foolhardy and headed for the beach. As if the conditions weren’t hard enough on the fleet the race committee decided, for the only time in the regatta, to have a 3 lap race for the second of the day. The conditions had already reduced the fleet before the start and the day took a further toll with only 44 making it to the finish line of race 2, some of us (Duncan and Fiona) were timed out, but an appeal to the race committee saw points awarded to everyone that crossed the finish line, they almost deserved a medal for braving the conditions. After the tiring day and the thanks of the yard for the late start the race committee made a permanent change to the SIs for 12pm and 1pm starts for the remainder of the regatta and boy did we need that extra rest after day 2! The positions after the day changed towards youth and skill, with Gus McIntyre of Blairgowrie YS a member of the Australian Youth sailing team now heading the leader board, with another BYS sailor having recently moved to Senior ranks in second and Krystal in third.
The last day of 2023 saw day 3 of the regatta and a rather more pleasant 10 knot southerly wind for the day, though with lighter breezes coming off the land it was a shifty day that required all to be on ball. The shifty light breeze in combination with the tides and some itchy feet of those that suffered the day before saw a number of general recalls, postponements and the appearance of the U then black flags. Race 5 of the regatta, the first of day 3 saw eleven unfortunate soles incur the dreaded BFD against their names, one of those being Bill who from where I was sitting looked to be a third of the way to the first mark. These disqualifications assisted Keith (56) and Duncan (34) to their best race results of the regatta, and Fiona to score a 26th. The second race of day 3, saw the fleet back to its original size and after a couple of recalls the races was away but a large windshift saw the pin end favoured by 200m and the race was over for many of us, though Fiona must have been in the right spot and recorded her best result of the regatta with a 15th.
The scheduled lay day on New Years day was a welcome relief and gave the fleet a well-earned rest, and I for one didn’t realise how tired I was until I finally got off the couch at 4pm. Regatta day 4, 2 January was a bit of a letdown, the weather gods were not with us. It was an eery day with 2-4 knots of breeze coming from anywhere between SW and NE, with grey skies to the north west and forecast of possible thunderstorms. The fleet bumped around the yard wondering if we would get of the beach, whilst the start boat left the shore to go and sniff out any consistent breeze. Then with about 30 minutes to the scheduled start people started leaving the beach heading towards what felt like Portsea, but that could have been because of the leisurely 2 knots we were travelling, that could have even been the tide going out. Eventually at the start line things looked positive, a course was set, flags were flying (maybe sagged in a direction) and horns sounded. Then the breeze shifted and the AP went up, then it we went down and we repeated the process, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute to start, but again a wind change and AP. It felt like this process happened half a dozen times. Then finally we got a start, the wind dropped out and there were boats pointing in every direction, where was the wind coming from, then you guessed it AP and the call back to the beach there is a squall and thunderstorm warning. To the beach we slowly bobbed, to pack everything away, get dressed and sit at the bar awaiting the apocalypse, that eventually arrived a couple of hours later with a whimper of wind and a couple of thunder claps. Come back tomorrow was the call, with some trepidation that the forecast was for similar.
The last day, 3 January and the sky looked pretty ominous as we uncovered boats and thought of raising sails was delayed with a glassy sea as far as could be seen and AP on the pole. The noon start time came and went, then 1pm came and went, with no warning after 3.30pm would we get in any racing? Then all of a sudden some wind appeared, the AP came down and a slightly diminished fleet took to the water, things looked good when we neared the start boat, we lined up to start, going through the motions then AP again with a shift of wind. The RO looked to reset the directions but the wind then shifted back. Horns sounded and the Sabre flag was raised, then the black, then down and we were away, just as the wind shifted to the right about 20 degrees, but there was no stopping us, the fleet was away and those toward the pin were blessed with the lift all the way to the lay line, tack and lay the mark with Fiona just ahead and insight as she got to the mark there were boats coming from starboard, the wind dropped and the tide took hold. Four boats tangled up together with the mark and Fiona in amongst them, little did she know that her good start and position had caught the eye of the RO who decided BFD for Fiona. The first reach became a run, the second reach was almost as shallow as the sea near Rosebud Pier, rounding the mark we got the call, change of course. The next beat upwind was about 40 degrees different to the first, the rounding of this mark made interesting right through the fleet with wind dropping out, boats all close together and the tide throwing a curve ball for many. Around the mark and a run to the finish line of the race and regatta, as there was not enough time or wind for one last race.
The end result was some tired but happy sailors. Gus McIntyre the youth from Blairgowrie taking the chocolates both overall and youth, with Krystal Weir second (first female) and Hamish Cowell of BYS third. The first six places were filled with different divisions, youth, female, senior, veteran and grand master, just shows the diversity of the Sabre fleet. How did the SBSCSS fare you ask, Bill’s 13th in the last race lifted him to 18th overall, Fiona ended in 41st overall, that BFD probably cost her a spot inside the top 40, Keith felt the last race was his best (actually equal with race 5) and came 61st overall but commented on how much he learned. Then there was me, with a 42nd in the last race (the second of those for the regatta) leaving me in 52nd overall, which feels about right. Presentations and dinner capped of the event and much thanks goes to the volunteers and race committee from McCrae for an enjoyable and tiring regatta.
Duncan McColl

Skiff Fest 24 - Musto, B14 & Javelin National Championships

It’s a rare opportunity where SBSC crews get to compete at a National Championships on home turf. Misha and Ewan Campbell, Paul Fleming and Craig Garmston, Leigh Dunstan and Brent Frankcombe (Mount Martha) got the special opportunity to do just that and showcase our club.
The B14, Musto Skiff and Javelin classes all made their way from 4 different states to SBSC for their respective 2023/24 Australian Championships between 3rd and 7th January. The weather threw everything at our esteemed race management and volunteers lead by Geoff and Lou. Despite losing day 1, they did not flinch and got us back on track to get a full series in. What a team we have!
The racing was tight with Leigh and Brent (AUS 378) jumping out of the blocks to lead the series after day 2 by 2 points. Day 3 saw Paul and Craig (AUS 375) claw back 1 point and after Day 4 hit the lead by 1 point. It was all to play for on the last and 5th day with both teams going toe to toe as both boats appeared to be a bungy cord not giving an inch. Race 9 finish was epic with Leigh and Brent making a huge comeback from deep in the fleet to finish mere centimetres behind Paul and Craig. With stress levels high race 10 would decide the regatta. Paul and Craig defended whist Leigh and Brent threw everything at them. Leigh and Brent split early whist Paul and Craig could only watch unable to get across to defend. But as luck would have it a tiny left shift gave Paul and Craig just enough to edge in front by the top mark managing to hold on to the finish. Misha and Ewan (AUS 158) had a great series regularly featuring in the top 5 boats at different stages of races with their best result a 6th.
Our fantastic juniors showed what a great club we have, giving up their school holidays to raise money for the junior program by cooking BBQ’s everyday for the sailors, families and volunteers.
A huge thank you to the club, the regatta was a huge success with so many sailors commenting what a well-run regatta we held. Congratulations to all involved.
Paul Fleming
skiff 1skiff 2skiff 3skiff 4skiff 5skiff 6

Keelboat News

Sydney to Hobart 2023

Patriot SM133, Winners IRC Div 3 - and another 9th overall on corrected time in the 2023 Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race!
This year was both a grueling physical battle and an extreme mental challenge; this race described as a "navigators nightmare". A challenge of extremes with long periods of no wind and three days of upwind heavy weather sailing. As always a massive thanks to Jason Close for putting together a well oiled program, a brilliantly prepared boat. Thanks also to the whole crew for the 110% effort we put in! Sailing around Tasman island was among some of the worst weather I've experienced at sea and we got though in good shape.

Greg Coutts


Results - Shark Bay Holiday Series

Race 5

It was a small but enthusiastic fleet that took to the water on Friday morning for a lovely sail to the Mt Martha Mussel Farm and back to the club. The conditions were lovely for a sail with lots of sun and a light to moderate SE breeze that saw the fleet home in time for lunch.
Congratulations to:
PHS: Lumiere
AMS: Mr Bojangles and Shimmer who were equal first
ORCc: Shimmer

Race 6

The forecast was for big things with a Strong Wind Warning issued, but instead we kicked off the day with a light NE breeze that built during the morning to see all yachts finish in a tidy fashion. Course 20 was selected in order to have both a nice sail and also keep clear of the National Titles who had their last day of racing scheduled for Sunday morning.
Congratulations to:
PHS: Lumiere
AMS: Shimmer
ORCc: 2Xtreme

Overall Series Winners

PHS: Scamp
AMS: 2Xtreme
ORCc: 2Xtreme
Unfortunately our Div. 2 yachts have been a bit shy on Sunday’s, so Till from 11.11 has been kind enough to set up a WhatsApp group to hopefully grow the attendance and co-ordinate sailing days. The race committee are very keen to see Div. 2 thrive and grow so we look forward to seeing more of you out there for the second part of the season.
Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted over the summer break with tower race management of the Shark Bay Holiday Series

This Week's Races

Series 2 of the Twilight Pursuit starts this Friday!

All boats that entered Friday Twilight Series 1 will automatically be entered into Series 2. The starting PHS for Series 2 will be the same as the final PHS of Series 1. For new entrants, please enter Series 2 through Sailsys before 4pm this Thursday.

Friday 12 January - Twilight Pursuit Series 2 – Race 1
First Warning Signal:
17:25H Pursuit Start
Race Officer:  
Ross Martin
Duty Boat:  
Tower Set Up & Results:  
Amanda Malin
Sunday 14 January - Club Championship Series –Race 6
 First Warning Signal:  12.55H Boat Start  
   Race Officer:    David Donaldson 
   Duty Boat:    Renaissance
   Tower Set Up & Results:    Dianne Jackson
aus day 1

 bendigo branch manager

Sail Peninsula 2024 (23-25 February)

Now that 2023 and the Christmas season is behind us, it’s time to start preparing for Sail Peninsula 2024. We look forward to seeing great support of our club’s annual regatta from the SBSC fleet.

To Enter please CLICK HERE and the Notice of Race is available HEREsail pen

Festival of Sails

For all boats planning to head to Geelong for the FOS 2024 please get on board with the Passage Race from Mornington YC. 
This is part of the Festival of Sails Entry and sounds like a great fun way to get your boat and crew to Geelong.  To enter CLICK Here and select the ‘Mornington Peninsula Series’
fos 23


Club Merchandise

Get you order in now to ensure that you are decked out in the latest Club Merchandise for he start of the 2023-2024 season Contact Marg Fleming on her email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your options. 

club merchanise

Photo Of The Week

Well done to our junior members, Finn, Artie, Matt, Zac & Jamieson for welcoming the very hungry skiff sailors after their regatta last week.
Lead by Junior Club Captain Matt Whitaker, the juniors were at the grill for the entire regatta and raised over $700 to go towards future idea's for the junior sailing cohort. 
sausage sizzle 


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