New Members

The Executive Committee and members would like to welcome the following new members to Safety Beach SC.  We look forward to meeting you at the club or on the water in the very near future.

  • Cameron, Charlotte, Anabelle & Austin Howson 
  • Darren Hayes 
  • Greg Shenton

Save the Date

Tuesday 6th September     7:00pm   MOB Training Presentation #1 - More details below    
Saturday 17th September     9:15am MOB Training Presentation #2 - More details below      

Challenge Walk

Please dig deep and give to this very worthy cause and the amazing trip that Mono is about to undertake for Challenge - supporting kids with Cancer. DONATE HERE - this is your last chance as the Big Walk gets underway next week.BW Small 6x4

What's On @ SBSC in August

August Happenings 2

On Water News


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. It started in this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship.
And that my friends is where the similarity ends. Yes, there were millionaires, and their wives/husbands. I didn’t see any movie stars or backwoods girls (there was plenty of professors of BS though). The Skipper was brave and sure, but the mates; Andrew ‘Doc’ Taylor and myself were hardly mighty sailor men!

The tropic port in this story is Airlie Beach and the tiny ship is Tim Bardon’s Cygnet 20 trailer sailer ‘Cirrus’. “What!?” I hear you say, “That’s not an OTB boat!” Well, technically true but it’s pretty close. Cirrus is not much longer than a Sharpie, has no fancy winches, just ropes and pulleys, a lift up keel and a tiller. She does have a necessary esky, (but so does Greg and James’ Tasar).

Tim decided a while ago, as his boat was in storage in Noosa after two successful regattas in NSW to go the extra distance and take on the Airlie Beach race week. His original mighty sailor man crew, ie: John Wemyss of Anthea fame couldn’t make it, so Tim asked Doc and myself if we would like to come to the Whitsundays and act as ballast for a week. Hmm, OK, if you insist. Things didn’t start too well for Tim with car trouble in Brisbane nearly scuttling the adventure before it started. Luckily a rental Ute got him back on track and he picked us up in Mackay with boat in tow. Thursday was registration day, 190 entries, their biggest ever! A quick rig of the boat and a familiarizing sail and we were ready to roll.
Cirrus RS 2
Friday, race one and regatta management decided on a mass start with 190 boats of all 13 divisions from TP52 ocean racers to F18 off the beach cats all together on two parallel start lines 300 m apart - what could possibly go wrong? Well, how about no start lines 5 minutes before the first warning, a 20 minute delay then the wind dropping to zero just before the start. Can you imagine 190 yachts, big and small, all milling around in a very small area with no steerage? I thought the Sabre states was bad enough with 70 boats on one start line! Finally we got away (with no casualties) and I must admit it was an awesome sight, and those big boats do clear out mighty fast. Our course took us 10 miles upwind around two pointy islands named Twin Cones (after Madonna I think), then a long beat back. Three hours on the water and we were in first place by three seconds!

Saturday saw a nice short course in the bay due to light winds, much more our style. Did I mention that we were the smallest, slowest boat in our division? Third place by 8 seconds due to a boat not even in our group Lee bowing us right on the line- not happy Jan! Sunday abandoned due to light wind (which picked up 20 minutes later of course) then Monday was the lay day, nice wind but they couldn’t change things around. Something about a long lunch at the Sailing Club, hmm, we must be in Queensland.

We awoke on Tuesday to howling winds around 25 knts off shore. Perfect for those big boats, but not so good for us. Our course was 10 miles down wind to those twin cones (which had had the bra blown clean off them) then a 14 mile beat back again - not good, not good at all. After a team safety meeting we decided to launch and see what we thought before the start. Downwind not a problem, but as soon as we turned upwind we were knocked flat. As fat as Doc and I were, we still couldn’t keep her upright, so regretfully (ha ha) we pulled the pin. One hour there and four hours back with a small electric outboard as backup didn’t seem like good math to us. Once we radioed in our decision to pull out it started an avalanche of likeminded skippers and half our division bailed. Speaking with some of the other crews the next day brought tales of woe and hanging on for dear life- good call us!

Wednesday was a nice sail around the Molle Islands between the North and South. Very pleasant, good views, nice sunshine. “What’s that Skip? We’re supposed to be racing?” Oh yeah, that’s right. The tides around those islands and channels can make a huge difference to your times and to Tim’s credit, he picked our course well and in a lightening breeze we still managed to pick up third place. Now this was good, but all these scores were knocking our handicap way up and with one race left and a target on our back, things were looking grim.

Thursday came with 10-12 knts of wind, just right, and a good start - we were in with a chance. A quick reach down around West Molle (Daydream Island ) with the tide and with our shallow draft, we were able to sail over some sand bars the others couldn’t and gain a couple of places- good work Team (spelt Tim). Unfortunately all our hard work came unstuck on our way back as the wind died away and those faster boats with their honking great spinnakers were already crossing the line while we were stuck in the doldrums, bugger!

All back to the club for presentation (they ran out of beer!) and a catch up with the other SBSC members there. Rob Rainsford and crew on YKnot did a great job and ended up with first place in Performance Cruising Div 2. Well done guys and gals. Team Cirrus came in forth in Trailable Yachts Div 2. Not bad, we were happy. But wait - there’s more! The Queensland Trailable Yacht Association were holding a parallel event using the same scores and as it was a class handicap event, our (read Tim’s) superior sailing skills didn’t adversely effect our chances. So now we are the Queensland State Title holders for Trailable Yachts CBH - Division 2 (autographs available on request).Cirrus State Champion 6x4

All jokes aside, it was a great trip with a terrific bunch of people and a really nice place to spend some time on the water. Thanks again Tim for the invite. And thanks John for pulling out and making the spot available (he ended up coming anyway and crewing on Y Knot with Rob for the win). All the results are available at ABRW 2022 Results
Cheers all,
Pete Chippy

This week's Racing

Sunday 28th August - BMWS Race    

First Warning Signal: 9:55H Tower Pursuit Start
Race Officer: Elaine Nicholas
Tower Assistant: Nigel Cunnife
Course Selection (Not required in tower):        Tim Bardon  

This Sunday we have the last of the Brass Monkey Pursuit Race for this season..  As with all out BMWS race there is the option to run a spinnaker.  If you intend to run a kite then please notify the SBSC tower when signing on for the race on VHF 69 and add 4-minutes to your nominated start time.

Start sheet is available at BMWS Start Sheet

MOB Training

Please make note of the dates for the Man Over Board Training Presentations being held at the club (see flyer below).  These are being presented by Simon Dryden who is head trainer for the ORCV.   Even if you have already undertaken a safety course or previously experienced a man overboard rescue, this is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge or learn something new. Please encourage your crew members to attend – after all, rescue is a team effort! 

Bookings can be made via the Try Booking Link

SBSC ORCV Man Overboard training sessions FINAL 22 Aug 2022 RS

HIRW Gets Underway

Hamilton Island Race Week gets underway with a bang.  Summer's Lease did the dash up to Hammo and are looking forward to a great week of racing. SL HIRW RS

There are plenty of yachts representing SBSC including Balance, Bigger Day Out, Rells, Summer's Lease and L'Esprit - Not a name that rings a bell.  Rick Rogers, David Stoopman and the crew from Maximum Limit have commandeered L'esprit for the regatta and they seem to like the new boat with three wins so far. We wish them all a very successful regatta.  All the results are available HERE

lesprit 2 6x4 


With 56 boats in the 50th Melbourne to Hobart, there will be activity in the lead-up as crews and boats prepare.

For details on the opportunities for ocean sailing please go to the ORCV Race Calendar 2022   As with all our races, you can compete fully crewed, 4+ auto-helm or double-handed. 

September 17th - West Offshore Product Coastal Sprint 1 

For those considering some ocean sailing, these short courses, category 3 start in daylight are a great way to test your crew and boat.  You can enjoy a different style of racing which can have you home that night.  A great option for those considering a longer passage to Devonport or Hobart.  Entries are open HERE 560 x260 banner Coastal Sprint Post

October 28th – Devonport, the Rudder Cup

Now on the Melbourne Cup long weekend, you can now be part of the Rudder Cup race to Devonport, the oldest ocean race in Australia, a qualifier race for Hobart.  Entries open at Melbourne to Devonport Entries560 x 260 banner Devonport Rudder Cup

Safety & Sea Survival Courses, Sept 11th and November 20th 

Heading to Devonport or Hobart?  The ORCV requires that 50% of the crew (including the skipper or sailing master) must carry a SSS certification and 100% where a boat is racing double-handed.  Please check your crew as the ORCV SSS has a self-paced online content to be completed before your 1 days in person session.  Bookings can be made here Safety Sea Survival Course Booking  This is a great course for anyone intending to go offshore be it racing, cruising or just sailing!Safety Sea Survival banner600 260px


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