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Saturday 18th June     TBA End of Season Presentations  
Sunday 19th June 2pm -5pm Sunday Sounds with 'Out of Nowhere'   
Sunday 31st July 2;30pm         AGM at SBSC Clubhouse

With our End of Season Dinner/Presentation Night less than 1 month away, if you have a Perpetual Trophy at home would you please make sure it is returned to the club by this Sunday, 22nd May at the latest.  

End of Season Dinner

Sunday Sounds 19th June

Whats On @ SBSC

Snooks 18th May 2022

Keelboat News

The wait is finally over with the first of the Brass Monkey Winter Series races on this Sunday 22nd May.  The program is available on the club website or click HERE and all race documents required are available on the club website under RACE DOCUMENTS.  

Racing this week:

Sunday 22nd May - BMWS Race 1   

First Warning Signal: 9:55H Pursuit Start with Spinnaker Option      
Race Officer: Elaine Nicholas
Tower Assistant: Cirrus
Course Selection etc: Tim Bardon
Tower Set Up & Results:         Elaine Nicholas

We look forward to having plenty of boats out fir the first race of the winter season.  Please note that the BMWS races are a Pursuit Tower Start with the option to run a spinnaker.  For those yachts intending to run a kite would you please notify the SBSC Tower when you sign on for the race on VHF 69 and add 4-minutes to your nominated Start Time. 

The start sheets and results can be viewed HERE.

Australian Sailing - Membership Requirement

With reference to our Notice of Race 2021-22 Season - Item 4.7

It is the responsibility of each owner/skipper to ensure all crew/visitors that do not have current Australian Sailing cover are to be registered with an Australian Sailing ‘Sail Pass’ prior to entering the race. This will ensure the insurance coverage afforded by Australian Sailing. This change will be in accordance to RRS 78.2. The number of Sail Passes is limited to six (6) races per membership year.  Attention is drawn to RRS 46 and the Australian Sailing prescription effective 1st January 2022.

Please make sure that all crew sailing are either a member of  SBSC or an AS affiliated club (i.e. have a current AS number).  If not, they are required to get a Sail Pass which is very easy and no charges apply.  

OTB News

Hi Folks, just a quick report this week as Andrew Mono Martin has done such a great job with his report on the 420 Training Weekend at Flinders Yacht Club, any waffle by me would be redundant.

With the end of the Summer season very near, those last few sailing days are very precious and so far haven't disappointed. The weather might be getting a bit colder but the water still seems warm-ish and the wind has been great. The only downside is the beach seems to be washing away early and it's quite deep trying to launch. That aside, last Sunday was a cracker of a day. If you needed proof of that, you just needed to watch all the Youngsters take to the water in boats, wind surfers, kayaks and even swimming before the racing started.

The wind was pretty strong early, so it was decided to postpone the start. Good choice Geoff, as the wind abated a bit and ten boats headed out for a 2.30pm start. As this was a Club Championship round, we were hoping for three races to catch up on some missed opportunities earlier in the season. Unfortunately the late start buggered that idea and we settled for two cracker races instead. The consistent wind from the North made for a really big swell and if you could catch a wave, it made for some high speed surfing! If you couldn't catch one, it made for a wild ride. Now I know why they have harnesses on roller coasters!  Getting back on to dry land was interesting too and Bill Manning showed the way by roaring straight up the beach! Ah well, it's only paint.
Thanks again to the tireless race team, whom without there would be no sailing. So come on everyone, there's two weeks left, so do yourself a favor and show your appreciation to that race team by getting out there. You won't regret it, I promise.
Cheers All,
Pete Chippy
OTB Captain

420 Training Camp 7th - 8th May

Over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of May (Which included Mother’s Day) our team of youngsters (pictured Below) travelled to Flinders to partake in the 420 training Camp run by the
Victorian 420 Association. Coached by aspiring Olympic athletes and former 420 sailors, Laura Harding (Head Coach) and Harrison Chapman (Assistant). Our group of enthusiastic sailors were
treated to a sailing masterclass which included tips on:

  • Rigging and Tuning
  • Trapezing
  • Steering
  • Sail Trimming

Both Laura and Harrison were a font of information and were fantastic in breaking down all the above covered areas into layman’s speak, so that children and parents alike were able to make the most of the information that they were imparting. Although the Saturday was breezy 18-22knts, this didn’t prevent the kids getting out onto the water in the relatively protected waters in front of the Flinders YC. Kids were swapped out from the RHIB onto the 5 420’s launched and were all given opportunity to mix and match and gain some confidence in windier conditions.

On Sunday the day started with a 3km run to warm up and then they hit the water for a full 8 hour day in what can only be described as perfect conditions for coaching. The more experienced kids went out into Bass Straight to tackle the large waves and breezes, where the most inexperienced sailors were coached closer to shore in front of the club, again in protected waters. Cudos to the Flinders YC for their exceptional hospitality. They expertly looked after the kids and adults with great food. It was a pity that illness and Covid close contacts knocked out Stephanie and Kristen
Koutsimpiris for the weekend and Abbey Everett on Saturday, but from all whom attended can attest to this being a wonderful weekend of learning albeit on Mothers Day.
Thanks to Scott Thompson who took on the role of responsible parent on site and Squid catcher to the the nonresponsible adults, who enjoyed fresh cooked squid and beer from the back of Scott’s soon to be
sold vehicle.

Flinder Wend Photo rs 

CovidSafe Policy & Plan

Recent update and advice to SBSC Members and Guests

The Executive Committee acknowledges and thanks the SBSC community for their cooperation with the various COVID restrictions over the recent years of the pandemic and contributing to high vaccination rates, which has enabled our club to open during that time and return to normal activities.  As Covid-19 remains a significant health issue for the community the Executive Committee will continue to ensure that Safety Beach Sailing Club will maintain a CovidSafe environment for all attending its facilities and associated activities by:

  • Supporting and encouraging full Covid19 vaccination of its membership and visitors.
  • Encourage everyone to keep up with distancing, hand hygiene and masks when required.
  • Maintain good ventilation by opening outside doors and windows to increase air circulation.
  • Ensure routine cleaning and disinfecting of all SBSC club including high touch areas.
  • Advising that a person should not attend SBSC facilities, or participate in club events if they:
    - Have tested positive to Covid19 and are required to isolate for 7 days. Refer to Checklist for Covid Cases.
    - Are feeling unwell and experiencing a cough, fever, chills or sweats, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or a loss of sense of smell.
    - Are a close contact to someone who has tested positive to COVID19, please refer to the Checklist for Covid Contacts
  • Installing appropriate signage and communication to members and guests.

The most recent version of the SBSC CovidSafe Policy and Plan and other SBSC CovidSafe Documents can be accessed HERE for further information.
Stay Well and enjoy our winter season of Sailing at SBSC! 


If you’ve always wanted to do the Safety & Sea Survival course but can’t dedicate a whole weekend. Good news, it’s now 1 day in person with our accredited trainers for your practical and some theory with the balance of the theory completed via the ORCV self-paced online system. There are videos, engaging content and real situation interviews which can be watched at your pace.  It’s the course for all those who cruise or race and looks at how to avoid getting yourself into a situation.

Book for the full or refresher course here

ORCV May 2022

ORCV Winter Series - Starts June 25th

After an on-water distress drill on Race 1, we will take you places to Blairgowrie and Geelong in races 2 and 4.  

Enter each race here

ORCV Winter Series 2022


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