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Snooks 22nd September 2021

End of Season Presentation Night

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID restrictions continuing on, this event has been cancelled with all ticket purchases refunded. If you had already purchased tickets for this, you should have received an email into your inbox advising of your refund. If anyone has any questions regarding this - please get in touch with Deirdre Snooks on #0417373679 and she will be able to assist. We still look forward to celebrating our 2020-2021 Season altogether, possibly in the early half of 2022 and will advise of a new date when parameters are more conducive.

Cancelled Flyer for SBSC Presentation 2020 2021 Season

On Water News

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Keelboat Captain Report

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and keeping yourself entertained. I’d just like to give you an update on the changes that the Sailing Committee have been working on and hopefully we can discuss them further at the Skippers and Crews meeting on Sunday 17th of October. These changes will affect everyone so it is important that you are familiar with them. The changes are in the Notice of Race that can be viewed HERE and in the new Sailing Instructions that will be published shortly. There are MANY changes to the courses that we will be sailing so you will have to download and print off the new course sheets from our website once these are published.  Please DO NOT use your current course sheets after the start of the Summer Season. I will print some off and have some available at our meeting.

Instruction 4.2.3 Skippers & Crew shall complete a MOB Drill and logged a copy of completion. The link to the form is on our website is available by clicking THIS LINK.

Instruction 4.3.2, and relate to splitting the fleet into two division. Yachts with a PHD handicap of 0.795 and above will be Division One and below 0.795 will be Division Two. We will put the two divisions on our website plus notify the skippers by email. This does not apply to Pursuit Races.

Everyone already racing will know that we have Cat. 5 requirements which you submit with your insurance certificate before the 31st October each year. However this coming season we are going to trial a short night race series where they’ll be approx. 3 hours of daylight and 3 hours night so we’ll be starting about 5pm and finishing around 11pm. There will be a time limit so everyone finishes by 11pm. Anyone competing in this race will have to comply with Cat 5N which means wearing PFDs and having all navigation lights operable and suitable VHF radios, hand held radios may not be permissible. We will clarify the details of the requirements in the Skippers and Crews meeting.

We will also be running a Novelty Long Distance Race the destination will be decided dependent on the weather. Either to Queenscliff or northern destination of the Bay.

Lastly, again please don’t cross or hang around the start line during pursuit races until it is your start.
Look forward to seeing you all once we get sailing again - which will hopefully be in the not too distant future - watch this space for announcements. 

Mal Winder
Keelboat Captain

OTB Captain Report

Howdy Folks,
I hope you’re all ready for the new season. Covid has been cured, especially the Delta strain. Our new PM, Uncle Dan, has said it’s business as usual, all restrictions are lifted and its full steam ahead! Federal approval has been granted for our new nuclear powered start boat and the ribs have been fitted with their anti jet ski torpedos. Opening day has been set one week early, just because we can, and as a special treat, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are all coming to help celebrate!!
Hmm, wouldn’t that be nice. Unfortunately the reality reads a little differently. Although the sailing program has been tentatively set, we will have to wait for approval and amend the program as we get closer to a start date. I haven’t filled out any names on the duty roster yet, as that would be just adding insult to injury! One thing we will be looking at this season though, will be the addition of an extra assistant RO aboard the start boat to help the tireless Geoff and Deirdre and to get trained up on the procedures of running a race with the goal of giving them a much deserved break!
To all those that took part in Geoff’s RO training course last season, myself included, how about dragging out your notes and giving yourself a quick refresher as we will be the ones to start.

The various committees; Sailing and Executive, have been working hard in the background and are in communication with our various associations to get the Goss on when we can legally start racing. And when we know- you will know!
Meanwhile, if you are desperate for a sail and you live within 10 Kms of the club, it is legal to access the yard to go for a sail as long as you follow all the safety requirements and don’t access the change rooms.
That’s all for now. Be safe and stay tuned. ippy

Peter Chipperfield
OTB Captain

Pen 2RS

Cruisers Corner

Report from Adagio

This week we have a great article from Ross and Marg Churcher who have recently purchased their new yacht Adagio and went cruising.

Hello to all SBSC members.
The plan, once Ross retired at the end of June, seemed simple enough. Sell our much loved Détente and find a larger boat to have more room to host friends and family as we headed off cruising the east coast of Australia. As nothing suitable became available in Melbourne to fit our time frame we settled on a 2014 Bavaria 51 Cruiser based in Newcastle called Adagio. With Melbourne being in and out of Covid lock-downs, having a trial sail in only 5 knots of wind and final inspections in pouring rain & with no spare days up our sleeves, the inspection & take over was far from ideal. A lesson learnt when buying an interstate boat - take your time if you can. A lot of the issues we have had would have been more easily picked up if we had been able to have a decent sail and a couple of re inspections.

The boat had hardly been used for nearly 3 years, hence the sale by the previous owners who had been busy building a Big 4 Caravan Park in NSW. With only 384 hours on the engine, what could go wrong? The Surveyor picked up a number of issues with all the toilet outlets and sea cocks requiring replacement. The Broker assured us repeatedly that these were being replaced, missing masthead wind instruments installed etc etc.

We gave ourselves 2 weeks on the boat in Newcastle and Port Stephens before heading north so as to install a number of things we required and get ourselves organised. On our first sail in stronger winds we found the Selden In-Mast reefing system was inoperable from the cockpit and the gearing worn and slipping when placed under stronger loads. Ross was able to repair it with some new parts once in Airlie Beach and it is now working as it should, thank God.

The boat has 2 electric and one manual toilet but only 1 electric toilet was working and 2 of the 3 holding tanks were blocked with calcium deposits having settled like mortar in the outlet pipes (discovered when they were full to bursting). I won’t ruin your dinner by describing the multiple crappy toilet repair/replace stories, bar one.


A plumber we met at dinner in Magnetic Island suggested tapping the rubber piping to dislodge the suspected deposits. Ross had a go at this that same night in Horseshoe Bay only to note to his horror that water had begun spurting from the metal thread of the through hull fitting below the sea cock. Over the side at 10 pm to place a wooden plug with assistance from Terry Jones (Whiskers) who we’d met up with along the way and another mate, Neville. It’s nice to have help when you’re as stressed as we were.

We were fortunate that the plug stopped any further water ingress, and we were grateful to be able to arrange a lift out of the water in Townsville the next day. Of the 3 toilet outlets and sea cocks that we had repeatedly been assured were replaced, only 1 had been. The pipe came completely away easily in Ross’s hands when he pulled on it the next day once out of the water. The same metal piping on the other toilet outlet fractured as it was being removed. It goes to show that sometimes you can’t trust a Brokers ‘assurances’ and we should have checked far more thoroughly. As it occurred over a weekend and we needed epoxy to set with the Tru Design composite plastics we chose to replace them, we were out of the water for 5 days in total.

We were advised that had the boat sunk, our insurance may not have covered what is considered a maintenance issue. Sobering to contemplate!

Fortunately, all of this & a few other issues are really maintenance problems caused by a yacht sitting about not being used, rather than major structural things. The upside is that we have learnt the workings of this yacht in a very short time frame.

Finally we’ve been able to sit back and relax, meet new sailing friends and catch up with some old ones. We spent days at sea on our way up to Queensland being entertained by breaching, tail slapping and curious whales. We’ve stopped a snake boarding in Hinchinbrook passage that was climbing the anchor chain with ease & witnessed many stunning sunrises, sunsets & beautiful vistas. We can also tell you where most Bunnings & chandleries are in relation to the Marinas we have stopped in & how many kilometres you will have to walk or ride to get to them. Now it’s just replacing batteries & chart-plotters that have stopped reading the SD cards. Thank goodness for Navionics & paper charts.

We’ve discovered that the old saying, ‘cruising is maintaining your boat in beautiful locations’ isn’t far from the truth. However as we’ve settled into the very different pace of this cruising lifestyle, met some lovely new people and had some wonderful days of sailing we are now really enjoying ourselves & realising that it is pretty common to be fixing & replacing whilst cruising. The friends and family that were to join us haven’t been able to escape Melbourne and that’s disappointing - we didn’t need a bigger boat after all!

We have been thrilled at how fast and easily the new boat we have called ‘Adagio’ sails - no problems keeping up with those catamarans that are ubiquitous up here. She is also very comfortable to live on. Now we just have to see if we are going to be allowed to bring her home to Melbourne. It’s a long sail for 2 people to go from the Gold Coast to Lakes Entrance or Refuge Cove non-stop.


Marg & Ross Churcher

Big Fish Competition

Nick & Fiona Jones from Time Out are determined to win the Big Fish Competition for 2021.  We have just received his second submission which is a 2.4mt Sail Fish which they caught and released just outside Mourilyan Harbour (FNQ). Big Fish 3rs

Magnetic Island Race Week

There are many of us looking forward to MIRW in 2022 after missing out yet again this year.  Click HERE to wet the appetite for next year. 

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