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Sunday 16th May          2 to 3pm New Members Event
Sunday 16th May 2:30 to 5:30pm    Sunday Sounds with Chris Vincent  

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Mothers Day Flyer 2021 6 x 4

Snooks 28 04 2021


Sunday Sounds May 2021

Club's Computer Re-homed

A surplus desktop computer,taking up room in the tower has been re-homed. It's always a win when we can avoid landfill, but this outcome was especially pleasing.
There is a young boy that was doing his homework on his mum's mobile phone, during Covid lock-down, who is now the very proud owner. With an ad on the local Facebook noticeboard, a printer was donated also.
If you have anything that you think may be useful but you do not need it any more, please contact me and I will see if we can re-home it.  I work with the asylum seeker community of Dandenong and nearby suburbs.

Pauline Cleaver
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OTB Report

Wow, I take back everything bad I said about the weather gods, this week was a ripper!
All the wind apps promised good things but on arriving at the club there was nada but glass! Now don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful sight, but no good for sailing. But while the postponement flag was up and we stood around moaning and contemplating going home to mow the grass, Super Geoff and Wonder D were out on the water checking the wind and planning a potential course- just in case. And wouldn’t you guess, right on cue, up came the breeze. Not massive, but enough to start a race, so off we set. By the time the first warning sounded it had built to around ten knots- you beauty!

Race one had a fleet of 23 plus 3 A Class cats who were just out here showing off. That’s an awesome number of boats for late Autumn and everyone had a ball, making the most of the relatively calm water to put in some good duels. Greg and James took second in the Taser group while fearless Bill was making the most of trialing the new experimental Sabre sail for a clear victory there. Race two and the wind had built to 17 knots, forcing a few boats back to the beach. A change of course to windward/return caused some momentary confusion for some (oh yeah, that’s what that flag was for!). But once that was sorted there was nothing but grins from ear to ear, except maybe Taipan Tony Rogers who was flying towards one of the marks thinking he had it all to himself, only to be overtaken by a black flash in the form of Paul Fleming on his Moth who literally was flying! Language Tony, language, this is a family club!

Speaking of Paul and his Moth, Tony was relating a story to us back at the club after sailing about an incident a couple of seasons ago. Apparently one day before the race, Tony was off the Dromana jetty when he decided to stop and take his booties off to clean out some sand when one of them fell off the boat and started to drift away. “I’ll just dive in and grab it” thought Tony, only to discover that sometimes a Taipan sails better without a skipper and this one was bent on escape! So while he floated helplessly watching his boat disappear towards Queenscliff, Paul, having seen what had happened, took off in hot pursuit( possibly hoping to claim salvage rites!) Now in what can only be described as something out of a Wild West movie, he overtook the runaway covered wagon and just like the Lone Ranger, leapt aboard and brought the fugitive under control while his own trusty stallion waited patiently for his return. Presently The Cisco Kid and Pancho Vila, aka Ross and Natasha Martin joined the fray and between them figured that such a headstrong beast as the Taipan wasn’t worth the effort of claiming salvage. So while Cisco returned the runaway to One Boot Tony, The Lone Ranger, with a cry of Hi Ho Silver And Away! sailed off into the sunset. Fade to black.
Now while I may have taken some poetic license here (and if anyone has the real account, l don’t want to hear it) the fact remains that there was some pretty awesome sailing involved in transferring from one moving boat to another, especially when one of them was unmanned.

Sorry, I got a bit off track there. So back to last Sunday. Thanks as usual to the fabulous race team especially Rob Campbell, who goes out of his way to round up volunteers to man the ribs so more sailors can get on the water. Remember, Rob is the current Club Person of the Year and as such is entitled to have his glass filled anytime by us grateful members (I know Rob hates that, which is why I’m saying it)
Also don’t forget that there is NO official sailing this weekend as it’s Mother’s Day, although I did hear that Erik Meijer is running a Come try Sailing a 420 event Sunday morning.
That’s definitely enough from me, see you on the 16th. I’ve included some of Deidre’s great pictures of some happy faces from Sunday, there’s a stack of them on he SBSC Facebook page.

Pete Chippy
OTB Captain

OTB 505021rd

Keelboat & Tower News

Last week's results

Sunday 2nd May - Autumn Series Race #1   

1st Marrakesh SB450 Neil Hawker
2nd Single Malt SB10 Sue Turnbull
3rd Vincitore 13980 Peter Russell
1st Rogue M2 David Phillips
2nd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
3rd Single Malt SB10 Sue Turnbull

Big thank you our duty team this week of Rob Rainsford and Amanda Malin and Elaine Nichols for a great job in the tower

For all the 2021 Winter Season Results please CLICK HERE

This week's program

Sunday 9th May - NO Sailing at SBSC  

Risk Management Committee

The RM Committee has been hard at work and now have their own section on the club website under the heading of SAFETY.  This page will be the place to go for the various Documents, Forms and Procedures so please make sure you are familiar with the information posted on this page.  We have recently added the following:

If you have any questions or need any information please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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