Dates for the Diary

Thursday 18th March      18:30H     Cruisers Club Gathering #2    
Sunday 11th April 3pm to 6pm   Sunday Sounds with Dave Campbell 
Saturday 17th April 10am to 2pm       International Women's Day Event
Saturday 17th April 19:00H Music Night Featuring The Treblettes Trio   

This week @ SBSC

St Patrick's Day Celebrations

We are celebrating St. Patrick's Day  at the Club this Friday.
Live music and Irish Style Menu. FEATURING - Guinness on tap !!!

Snooks Catering E News March 2021 Happenings at SBSC v16 03 

Sunday Sounds @ SBSC

Around 60 members and guests enjoyed the fabulous blues and jazz played by entertainer Rob Papp at the last Sunday's session of Sunday Sounds.  The sun shone, the drinks flowed and the clubhouse rocked. Congratulations to Lana England who won the raffle of a bottle of red and bottle of bubbles, kindly donated by Snooks Catering.

The next Sunday Sounds is SUNDAY 11TH APRIL WITH DAVE CAMPBELL. PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY NOW! and don’t miss another Sunday afternoon of great tunes and camaraderie.

Social Committee

Sunday Sounds March 2


Footie is back!

Love or hate football there is nothing better than getting involved in the SBSC Football Tipping Competition

To enter is free and to register is easy just CLICK HERE

OTB Report

Junior News

Today was a really good day for the Juniors, we just did some races, thanks to Tash and Fiona in the morning and I think all of my friends really enjoyed it.
We were also very lucky to have coaching from Paul Fleming, really big thanks to him. All of the juniors were very glad that he helped us out and we all got a bit of coaching from him.  There was a range of boats this morning such as 29er's and 420's, also the Bic's and Tera's.

In the second half of the day some of my friends went out and raced which was great and I’m really glad that we are becoming more involved in the afternoon as well.  I hope all have a great week and see you next Sunday.

Junior Captain

OTB News

Sorry Folks, I have failed you big time this week. I was lured to the dark side (they had cookies!) and went out with John Wemyss on Anthea to see how the keelboat folks play. And wadah ya know, they play just the same as OTB, just a little further from the water! John has said a couple of times now that if any of the juniors want to give keelboating a try, he is more than happy to take them out on a Friday night for a spin. And don’t be concerned about lack of skill, John is a really patient guy. I mean, if he can put up with me without throwing me overboard, anyone will be OK.
Actually, being out a bit further than normal was an prime vantage point to view the OTB fleet. With the wind at about ten knots, it was interesting to see the speed differences between the different types of boats, those 'A' Class guys really make the rest of us look like we are going backwards !

So, back to the proper OTB report, brought to you this week through the keen eyes of Katrina Mackie and Bill Manning.
The day started well for round 3 & 4 of the Club Championship series with good breeze that was supposed to ease off but didn’t until quite late. About 20 boats made it out to the line, with a few new faces braving the choppy water. Good to see Phil Wooley on his Windrush with those fancy new green sails. And welcome also to Scott Pizzey on patrol boat Sutherland with Rob Campbell, talk about trial by fire !
The stronger breeze and chop proved a bit much for some, so there were a couple of retirements and even Fearless Bill was holding on so tight that he pulled his tiller extension off and ended up in the drink wherein he threw said extension further into the distance allowing the rest of Division 2 to slip past - even Doc Taylor! Short lived it was though, as showing what a bast..... good sailor he is , he quickly recovered and overhauled a large chunk of the fleet.

Jason Hague also found out that having an extra crew member on his Tasar wasn’t actually an advantage, when he was outvoted 2 to 1 and retired to the beach!
Great to see the club Quests being used by many of the juniors to venture out in the afternoon races. Obviously using the motto “safety in numbers” by getting as many people as possible in one boat.

Speaking of the Juniors, it really is terrific to see a great bunch of kids having fun and learning some real life skills on the way. Which brings us to this weeks shout out, going to Xavier Graham, who was seen going out of his way to help all the other sailors launching and retrieving boats in the waves and fetching trolleys, making life easier for everyone. Good job 👍
That’s all for now. Don't forget those items for “And now a word for our sponsors “, we have one this week from Andrew ‘ Mono’ Martin who shows us that he’s a much better sailor than a pest controller !

 Pete Chippy
OTB Captain

Keelboat & Tower Report

This Friday the 19th March we have the last race in the Twilight Pursuit Series for 2021 however, don't despair as the final Twilight Race for the 2020-21 Summer Season will be a "FUN" Twilight Race with Spinnaker Option on the 26th March.

It has been noted over the last few Friday Pursuit Race that a number of boats have been crossing and loitering around the start line when they are not preparing to start.  We ask that all yachts keep clear of the start line once the start sequence has commenced if it is not your turn to start .  Please make a big effort to do this as it can be very unfair to those yachts on approach to the start.  

Cruisers Corner Gathering

For those that are interested please join our Cruisers Corner gathering this Thursday 18th March.  We are gathering in the small meeting room at 18:30 for drinks and dinner.   Please book directly with David Snooks on 0439 314 179 and when booking let him know that you are with the Cruiser Corner Group.  It would also be appreciated if you could drop me a quick line to let you know that you will be joining in so that we know who to expect.

Last Week's Results 

Friday 12th March - Twilight Pursuit Race  # 5   

1st Audere M454 Josh Thring
2nd Y Knot SB430 Rob Rainsford
3rd Patriot Sm133 Jason Close
1st Patriot Sm133  Jason Close
2nd Maximum Limit Nx1638 Rick Rogers
3rd Audere M454 Josh Thring

It was great to see 30 boats out for a lovely balmy Friday evening sail.with at least 17 of our budding junior sailors on the water.  The wind was very light at the start and it wasn't looking that good to get the race completed before sunset however, the wind eventually filled in and we were lucky enough to get the majority of the fleet home by the 19:45H time limit.   

Thank you to the tower team of R.O. Amanda who was ably assisted by David and Gail from Rogue.

Junior Crew Night 2021

Sunday 14th March - Club Championship Series Race # 3 

1st Marrakesh SB450 Neil Hawker
2nd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
3rd Rogue M2 David Phillips
1st Anthea SB3017 John Wemyss
2nd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
 =3rd Rogue M2 David Phillips

Big thank you to our KB Captain Mal and the team from Rells for manning the tower.  Thanks also to Geoff and Deirdre on the start boat.

For all this season's results please go to  KB Summer Season Results 2020-21

This week's program

Friday 19th March - Twilight Pursuit Race   

First Warning Signal: 17:25H  Pursuit Start
Race Officer: Ross Martin
Duty Boat: New Morning II

Start sheet is available at Friday 19th March Start Sheet

 Saturday 20th March - MYC & SBSC Combined Race &

Club Championship Series    

 First Warning Signal: 13:55H MYC - Boat Start off Mt Martha 

This week we have a Combined MYC & SBSC Race in conjunction with our Club Championship Series Race. 

This race is to be run in the vicinity of Mt Martha and will be an On Water Start with the first warning signal at 13:55H.
Please make sure you allow plenty of time to get out to the start line.

The SSI’s for Visiting Yachts which apply to this race can be viewed HERE or on the club website under Keelboat Race Documents. Please take note of the Sign On and Sign Off Requirements.

If you are looking for crew please drop us a line as there may be some OTB sailors that are keen to crew for this race.

We would like to thank Mornington Yacht Club for kindly hosting this series and in particular this race which requires a lot of on-water man power and resources.

We look forward to seeing lots of SBSC boats heading up to the start on Saturday..   

Sponsor of the week

Pest Brigade logo

Don’t disturb a wasp nest (a cautionary tale)
After sailing on the Friday twilight Race at Sail Peninsula, I arrived home to our beach house at around 11.30pm after enjoying a few beverages at the club (I Ubered home of course). On opening the front door of the house I noticed something wasn’t right and heard a strange low hum. On closer inspection I saw a dozen wasps sitting above the window sill in the kitchen and thought they must have come in under the front door given the large gap underneath. In my infinite wisdom I thought I’d give those wasps a spray of something possibly quite old and ineffective from the back of the cupboard. Those happy and contented dozen wasps, quickly became 100 very angry wasps with no end in sight as to how many might appear to seek out their intruder. Efficiently and swiftly, I exited the way I had entered and waited until the disturbance had died down. This took some 20 minutes. Cautiously I re-entered and realised the spray I had used was in fact quite effective, as there were now many wasps writhing about in various corners of the house.
We clearly had a nest of wasps, which was strange, given two weeks earlier, we didn’t have a nest. Armed with this information and resigned to the fact I’d be sleeping in a house with a wasp infestation, I thought the best course of action was inaction and settled onto the couch to watch some TV and wind down, only to sit back onto our comfy couch and be stung in the middle of the back by one of those writhing dying wasps. Ouch! After a bit of cursing and I decided to sleep on it and deal with the nest the next morning. I remembered the club has a great sponsor in “The Pest Brigade”. All I can say is that they answered my call and while I was out sailing the next day, they came and dealt with the nest and put my mind at rest. So, If you experience a wasp infestation, please don’t call me, call the Pest Brigade, they’re experts, I’m not. By the way they deal with all other types of nasties that most of us don’t want to touch.

Big day at SBSC on the17th April!

International Womens Day Event at SBSC Saturday 17th April 2021


 The Treblettes Music Night 17 April 2021 Image file