Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 26 January   SBSC Birthday & Australia Day Celebrations      
2019-20 Season Trophy Presentation
Thursday 28th January       6:30pm       Cruisers Corner Gathering
Saturday 30th January 9:00am KB Combined Race Series -  Navigators Race
Sunday 7th February 3 - 6pm Sunday Sounds @ SBSC with Neil Osborne
19th - 21st February   Sail Peninsula 2021

Cruisers Corner

The gossip around the club is that there are quite a few boats poking their noses out of the heads and sailing north in 2021.
So, we are arranging a Cruiser’s Corner dinner for anyone heading, or thinking of heading out for some cruising adventures next year.
It will be an informal night, where people can met, chat about plans for the year, ask questions, share knowledge and enjoy a meal at the club together.

The inaugural dinner will be Thursday, 28th January from 6.30 onwards. Bookings are essential, so please book with David on 0439 314 179 and mention “Cruiser’s Corner” and let Jen or Di know you have booked.
Jen - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Di – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you then

Snooks Catering

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OTB News

OTB Captain Report

Well, that was a bit of fun, wasn’t it! This weeks sailing was billed as “FUN RACE“ and RO Rick Potter took the ball and ran with it! We had Le Mans starts, team strategies, extra points for capsizing and even pirates with water canons (sort of). The only thing we didn’t have was enough wind to start on time - oh that’s right, it was a Sunday!
Being a fun race meant nobody was too worried, we just sat on the deck and waited for the sea breeze to fill in. By mid afternoon it did- oh that’s right, it was a Sunday! Rick called “ Man The Boats!“ and it was on for young and old. With the fist race around the yellow pylons and extra points for turning turtle, some extraordinary manoeuvres were observed especially Taipan Tony seen leaping from his skyward hull to land spreadeagled on his sail- extra points for aerial style wasn’t on offer but everyone was very impressed!

Race two was easy, just sail a triangle and finish. And retrieve some floating balls, avoid the super soakers then sail backwards over the line - Easy ! Other highlights included Katrina’s efforts as a pirate trying to douse the other teams as they sailed past . To be fair we got a better soaking from the jet skis, weren’t they just a delight! Ross thoroughly enjoyed himself suggesting to our friends from the northern suburbs that perhaps they could relocate elsewhere - or words to that effect, you can’t afford to be subtle with those gentlemen!

Thanks again Rick and everyone who helped to make the day, and to all those who sailed upon her!
It’s back to regular sailing this week , but I think the Fun Race is here to stay .
That’s enough from me , see you on the water

Peter Chipperfield
OTB Captain

Keelboat & Tower Report

Last week's results

Friday 8th January - Shark Bay Xmas Series Race 6  

1st Fransiska 880 Peter Morrison
2nd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
3rd X to Sea SB777 Graeme Ainslie
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd YKnot SB430 Rob Rainsford

 Big thank you to the Tower Team from Rells and ably assisted by Des Carroll

Shark Bay Xmas Series - Series Scores    

1st Crowded House 8 Dave Lorimer
2nd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
3rd Marrakesh SB450 Neil Hawker
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd Anthea SB3107 John Wemyss
3rd Vincitore 13980 Peter Russell


MYC / SBSC Combined Series - Hovell Pile Race Report

It was great to see this event well supported by 10 SBSC yachts.

We realised we were in for a long day when we started in a 2 knot NNW zephyr.  After slowly building momentum over the starting line, the drifting fleet split evenly around the Mt Martha Marine Farm.  An hour in, the breeze gradually swung to the NW and built to 5-6 knots, favouring those who took the inshore option.

The beat to R1 and Channel Pile 25 featured big shifts and holes in pressure that only the more skilled (lucky?) managed to avoid.

This was followed by a tense dash to Channel Pile 24 in a dying breeze, with three ships converging.  Time and distance calculations and a close eye on the AIS saw the fleet safely across, but not before a rapidly moving ship directed 6 angry blasts at the leaders of the fleet!

Across the channel the breeze filled in at a steady 10 knots.  Those with Code Zeros could put the foot down and eat up the miles to the Eastern Cardinal and back to R1.  A couple of broad reaches saw us to the Mornington finish line with the average elapsed time of 6 hours.


Well done to Crowded House who took line honours by miles! New Morning II with a 2nd on PHD, Maximum Limit 1st on AMS and Mr Bojangles with a 3rd on AMS.  For all the results please go to the MYC website at THIS LINK

Onboard Vincitore we thanked the Mornington tower for an enjoyable race, dropped the sails, flicked on the autopilot and settled back with a cold beer.  We then waited until 8.00pm to get into Martha Cove after an aborted attempt at low tide, blocking the channel at peak traffic flow.

Eventually we finished a long but very enjoyable day.

Peter Russell

For all of the Keelboat Results please go to 2020-21 Keelboat Results. 

This week's race program

Friday 15th January - Friday Pursuit Series 2021 Race #1     

Margaret Hollamby Female Helm Series Race #3  

First Warning Signal: 17:25H Pursuit Start
Race Officer: Andrew Stocks
Tower Team: Marrakesh

This coming Friday we have the first of our 2021 Friday Pursuit Twilight Series which is also combined with Race #3 of the Margaret Hollamby Female Helm Series.
There are a few rules that apply specifically for the Female Helm Series.
All rules as per the current SBSC Keelboat Sailing Instructions apply:

  • Only 1 person per race in this sub-series to Sign On as the Female Helm (please note that helm and skipper can be 2 different people)
  • During the pre-race Sign On please advise the name of the Female Helmsperson to the Safety Beach Tower on VHF 69
  • The nominated Helmsperson must be a current member of SBSC (Senior, Crew or Social)
  • Current Covid requirements for each race will apply
  • A prize for the heat winner will be awarded at the Friday after race presentations
  • An overall winner of the series will have their name placed on the Margaret Hollamby Perpetual Trophy

* The intent of this sub series is to get as many Female Helmspersons on as many yachts as possible for each heat in the series.

Start Sheet for this race is available HERE

Sunday 17th January - Club Championship Series Race #1 

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Boat Start
Tower Team: John Wemyss & Anthea Crew


To Protest - When, Where and How!

Competitors may protest another boat for a number of things.  Most often this is as a result of a boat on boat incident on the race course.  Another situation is where a boat does not sail the correct course.  A competitor may also seek Redress where they feel they have been "hard done by" by the race committee. 

In recent times there have been several incidents where boats have gone around the wrong mark, especially the Pier Mark, and other boats not being sure how to pursue the matter.  Under the new rules that came into effect on 1st January there are now several ways this can play out. First of all from a competitor perspective.  Protest.  In this case, unlike a boat on boat incident, RRS 61.1(a)(3) applies.  There is no need to hail protest or display a red flag.  All you have to do is inform the other boat “either before or at the first reasonable opportunity after the other boat finishes”.  There is no need to get on the radio and call the tower.  Likewise after coming ashore there is no point in just reporting it to the race committee – there needs to be a protest and seeing you saw it you’re going to be involved so protest.  You have 120 minutes after the last boat finishes as per the Sailing Instructions to lodge your protest.  It is up to you, the competitor, to decide if you wish to lodge a protest and to submit it within the time limit. 

Yachting is a self-policing sport and the onus is on the competitors to do the right thing including taking the appropriate penalty without being asked if they infringe another boat.  Protesting is a part of this.

Under the new rules it is now easier for the race committee to deal with a boat if it’s seen to not have sailed the correct course. 
Under the previous rules the only option we had was to protest.  Generally we would have a quiet chat with the competitor and see if they were prepared to retire.  In most cases that worked.  Now under the new rules with the new definition of Sail the Course along with the changes to A5.2 and A10 we have a simpler option where we observe a boat has not sailed the correct course and does not correct herself. 
In this case the race committee can use the new scoring abbreviation NSC (Did NOT Sail the Course) to score the boat.  The competitor as always has the right to request Redress.  It just makes it simpler for the race committee and puts the onus back on the competitor. 
In this situation the race committee will always record the boat’s finishing time so that if necessary they can be reinstated.  Even in this situation where you think the race committee saw what happened I’d still be putting in a protest just in case they missed it.


61.1   Informing the Protestee
(a)    The protesting boat shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity. When her protest will concern an incident in the racing area, she shall hail ‘Protest’ and conspicuously display a red flag at the first reasonable opportunity for each. She shall display the flag until she is no longer racing. However,
       (1)  if the other boat is beyond hailing distance, the protesting boat need not hail but she shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity;
       (2)  if the hull length of the protesting boat is less than 6 metres, she need not display a red flag;
       (3)  if the incident was an error by the other boat in sailing the course, she need not hail or display a red flag but she shall inform the other boat either before or at the first reasonable opportunity after the other boat finishes;
       (4)  if at the time of the incident it is obvious to the protesting boat that a member of either crew is in danger, or that injury or serious damage resulted, the requirements of this rule do not apply to her, but she shall attempt to inform the other boat within the time limit of rule 61.3.
(b)    If the race committee, technical committee or protest committee intends to protest a boat concerning an incident the committee observed in the racing area, it shall inform her after the race within the time limit of rule 61.3. In other cases the committee shall inform the boat of its intention to protest as soon as reasonably possible. A notice posted on the official notice board within the appropriate time limit satisfies this requirement.
(c)    If the protest committee decides to protest a boat under  rule 60.3(a)(2), it shall inform her as soon as reasonably possible, close the current hearing, proceed as required by rules 61.2 and 63, and hear the original and the new protests together.

61.2   Protest Contents
A protest shall be in writing and identify
(a)    the protestor and protestee;
(b)    the incident;
(c)    where and when the incident occurred;
(d)    any rule the protestor believes was broken; and
(e)    the name of the protestor’s representative.

However, if requirement (b) is met, requirement (a) may be met at any time before the hearing, and requirements (d) and (e) may be met before or during the hearing. Requirement (c) may also be met before or during the hearing, provided the protestee is allowed reasonable time to prepare for the hearing.

61.3   Protest Time Limit
A protest by a boat, or by the race committee, technical committee or protest committee about an incident observed in the racing area, shall be delivered to the race office within the protest time limit stated in the sailing instructions. If none is stated, the time limit is two hours after the last boat in the race finishes. Other protests shall be delivered to the race office no later than two hours after the protestor receives the relevant information. The protest committee shall extend the time if there is good reason to do so.

You should note that this is just a small portion of the rules relating to protesting for your information.  It does not cover who can protest, redress or misconduct just to name a couple of topics in this part of the rules. 

Sunday Sounds @ SBSC

Sunday Sounds

Sail Peninsula 2021 - Entries OPEN

Sail Peninsula 2021 is being held over the weekend of 19th - 21st February and entries are now OPENAs there has been limited opportunities for yachts to compete in regattas this season we are hoping that this might be the biggest Sail Peninsula Regatta hosted by SBSC so get your entry in NOW.

The NOR is available on the SP website at SP2021 NOR and you can enter the regatta at SP2021 Entries.

sp2021 white with MC 6x



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