Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 26 January   SBSC Birthday & Australia Day Celebrations      
2019-20 Season Trophy Presentation
Thursday 28th January       6:30pm       Cruisers Corner Gathering
19th - 21st February   Sail Peninsula 2021

Working Bee

Tuesday 29th December @ 10:00am

We are planning another working bee to include the following:
- Re-oil timber bar tops on balcony rail
- Painting of second coat to Northern wall of clubhouse
- Small finishing jobs in clubhouse including glueing stainless kicker boards to kitchen doors, door latches and stops to be put on, mounting of club letterbox &  thermostat for air-conditioning.
- Removal of hard rubbish
- Sorting memorabilia in tower

- Paintbrushes and rollers, drop sheets
- Kwik grip
- Palm Sanders with Fine Grit Paper
- Old rags to apply oil to timber tops
- Tool kits to include screw drivers, drills etc, hacksaws.

There are about 30 of the blue plastic Chairs under the deck downstairs in the yard. It is our intention to put these into hard rubbish unless someone would like to take them away and repurpose these chairs. Please let me know if you’re interested in helping on the day or wanting to take some chairs away on 0430474735 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
House Committee 

Snooks Catering E News piece for week 23rd Dec 2020

Junior Squad News

Well it’s been a crazy jump back into the sailing season. With weather and restriction throwing all they could to limit sailing! Well with the weather starting to hopefully improve we will be diving straight into the second half of the season guns blazing!

We will be releasing the calendar of junior events in the coming weeks. As a first diary entry; We will recommence Junior sailing on Sunday 17th Jan. the week before Australia Day as per usual. We would encourage those juniors who want to, to participate in the Summer Series!

Wishing every SBSC member and your families, the happiest Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021!!!!!

Ciaran Snooks, Natasha Martin, Grace Lazzar
Junior Squad Coordinator

Junior Captain Report

I hope you have all had a great week and looking forward to Christmas.  I know I sure am.  Sadly today there was no junior program, but some of my friends got out on the water and participated in the race. The wind was pretty much changing its direction and speed every 30 seconds, but that’s Melbourne for you. Also the Christmas party was amazing, and the catering service was lovely and some great music to really put some Christmas spirit into all of us.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this year's Xmas Fundraiser.

Anyway have a great week and merry Christmas to all.

Owen Thompson
Junior Captain

OTB Report

Huzzah! We finally got a sail in, albeit a short one. With a nice early start and some breeze, hopes we high for two races. But with the wind shifting massively and the need to get back to the club for our Christmas lunch the decision was made to have just the one race. Eighteen boats made it to the start including a couple of the juniors which was great to see. The big wind shifts made for interesting sailing with some big gains (and losses) to be had. One of the more humorous  manoeuvres of the day was a lesson in how not to cross the finish line by James and Gregg (to be known for ever after as ‘Zimmerman’ or the ‘Flying Zim‘) who ran into the start boat after a wind shift at a critical moment! I’m sure Geoff let out the anchor on purpose.

All in all, it was a good day and the Chrissy lunch was sensational. Many thanks to the patrol boat team for getting everything set up so early. Also thanks to Dave and Deidre and the whole Snooks team for their efforts in feeding the hungry masses.

Don’t forget our Christmas series this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and the following Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with all races starting at 15.00H to give everyone a bit more home time. Let’s get behind this series and make it a real success.

Merry Christmas everybody and for those heading away, have a safe trip.

Pete Chipperfield
OTB Captain

Keelboat & Tower News

There are a couple of house keeping issues before we have a short break for Xmas.  The updated Program & Roster is now posted on the club web-site CLICK HERE.  Please have a look and make sure you diarise any dates that you have been rostered on for duty.  The only change made is to Australia Day which is when we celebrate the 54th Birthday of Safety Beach SC and also present the 2019-2020 trophies if everything goes to plan. 

There is a Change to Sailing Instructions which will come into effect from the 1st January 2021.  Details will be posted on the club website and sent via separate email to our Keelboat skippers and crews but in essence the main changes relate to the new Racing Rules of Sailing which comes into effect on the 1st Jan.  We have also updated our Club Course to remove the 'Red Pile'.  Please make sure you that you have a copy of the new Course Sheet on board and ensure that you dispose of any old copies as we would hate to see you heading off on the wrong direction in 2021.

We would like to wish our Ocean Racers a safe and speedy trip down to Tasmania.  We have six local boats doing the Melbourne to Devonport.  Good luck to Audere, Patriot, Summer's Lease, YKnot, E'toile & Joker on Tourer .  The race down to Devonport starts just after 11:00am on the 27th December so if you are looking for something to do head down to Portsea Pier to watch the start of this race.  If you would like to follow the progress of the fleet the tracker can be viewed HERE. Unfortunately this was not the year for Rod Smallman on Maverick who were hoping to do this years Sydney to Hobart Race in the first running of a two handed division.  Rod is currently on his way home to Melbourne - better luck for the 2021 S2H!

Keelboat Captain Report

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great Christmas and year to follow wherever your travels take you.

Last Sunday again there was a bit of confusion about the elusive Dromana Pier mark. Yes I put my hand up as one of the boats not rounding the correct pole and last time I did it I said I wouldn’t do it again!! So in the fairness and good sportsmanship I officially retired from the race as well as L’etoile and 2Xtreme. None of the boats intentionally rounded the wrong mark but it can easily be done especially when you’re having so much fun on the water sailing as we all love doing.

So to clarify and hopefully I won’t go around the wrong mark again I’ve put a diagram of the elusive pole we missed. The closest pole to the pier is not our rounding mark it’s the second one.

Pier Mark

All the best
Mal Winder
Keelboat Captain

Last week's results:

Friday 18th December - Fun Friday with Extras  

1st Em Dee SB77 Graeme Pearson
2nd X to Sea SB777 Graeme Ainslie
3rd L'etoile SB016 Greg Laing

What a great sail to finish off the 2020 Friday Twilight Racing.  Big thank you to this week's Tower Team of RO Des Carroll and the crew from Miss Marilyn.  I hear it was a very busy night in the tower especially at the finish line with the bulk of the fleet finishing within 6minutes. How good is the handicapping!!! 

IMG 6503

Sunday 20th December - Shark Bay Xmas Series Race 1   

1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd Friday Harbour B2911 Kon Cili
3rd Anthea SB3107 John Wemyss
1st Anthea SB3107 John Wemyss
2nd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
3rd Single Malt SB10 Sue Turnbull

Big thank you to Jen and Jacqui from Tumi for a great job in the tower. 

It was a lovely day for a sail but think the Xmas spirit may have had a strange effect on some of our yachts who decided to take a short cut down off Dromana and round the wrong Yellow Pile.  It can get a tad confusing as to which mark to round, especially if it is your first time however, it was one of our regulars that lead the way and as a result three of our yachts did the right thing and retired from the race after a protest was lodged.  A copy of the protest form is on the club website HERE.

For some great shots of Sunday's On Water Action from the Start Boat Click HERE and the SBSC Christmas Party are HERE.

For all of the Keelboat Results please go to 2020-21 Keelboat Results. 

This week's Race Program

Sunday 27th December - Shark Bay Xmas Series Race 2   

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Combined Tower Start
Race Officer: Amanda Malin
Duty Boat: Windsong


Wednesday 30th December - Shark Bay Xmas Series Race 3  

First Warning Signal: 13:25H Combined Tower Start
Tower Team: Dianne J

Sunday 3rd January - Shark Bay Xmas Series Race 4 

DASH for CASH to the Middle

First Warning Signal: 11:55H Combined Tower Start 
Course: #24 - Race to the Middle
Time Limit: 6 Hours
Tower Team: Graeme & Bette Pearson (Em Dee)

The Dash for Cash to the Middle has become an annual classic at SBSC so get some crew organised for this sail to the middle of the bay and return for CASH.  Big thank you to Andrew Clark who has again donated the cash prizes for this event.

Cruisers Club

We have already had a great response to last week's post.  The Cruiser’s Corner dinner is aimed at all boats heading, or thinking of heading out for some cruising adventures next year.  It will be an informal night, where people can met, chat about plans for the year, ask questions, share knowledge and enjoy a meal at the club together. The inaugural dinner will be Thursday, 28th January from 6.30 onwards. Bookings are essential, so please book with David on 0439 314 179 and mention “Cruiser’s Corner” and let Jen or Di know you have booked.
Jen - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Di  -
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.