Dates for the Diary

Sunday 20th December          1:00pm         SBSC Christmas Party. More details below    
Tuesday 26 January   SBSC Birthday & Australia Day Celebrations
2019-20 Season Trophy Presentation
Thursday 28th January 6:30pm Cruisers Corner Gathering
19th - 21st February   Sail Peninsula 2021

New Members

The members and Executive Committee would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members.  We look forward to meeting you at the club or seeing you out on the water in the not too distant future:

  • Kristy Shakespeare
  • Clair Scasni
  • Kerry & Colin Burns
  • Carla & Troy Carroll
  • Natasha Martin & Michael Nugent (We would like to welcome Natasha's fiancé, Michael, to SBSC)

SBSC Christmas Party

Bookings essential.  Please book through

SBSC 2020 Xmas Party

Cruisers Corner

The gossip around the club is that there are quite a few boats poking their noses out of the heads and sailing north in 2021.
So, we are arranging a Cruiser’s Corner dinner for anyone heading, or thinking of heading out for some cruising adventures next year.  It will be an informal night, where people can met, chat about plans for the year, ask questions, share knowledge and enjoy a meal at the club together.


The inaugural dinner will be Thursday, 28th January from 6.30 onwards. Bookings are essential, so please book with David on 0439 314 179 and mention “Cruiser’s Corner” and let Jen or Di know you have booked.
Jen - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Di – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you then

Junior Report

I hope that you have all had a great week.
I am very happy to say that this weekend we were able to get back out on the water again do some small races in the morning. Both my friends and I had a great time and really enjoyed being back on the water. I talked to one of my friends this week,(Xavier,) and asked him what he enjoyed. He really enjoyed just doing the races. And to be honest I think everyone else did as well because doing these races as part of the junior program last year was really fun from memory.

Also I would like to encourage people to come to the SBSC Christmas party, which is on the 20th of December.
For booking and more info please see the information below in this e-news

Have a great week and stay happy and healthy.

Owen Thompson
Junior Captain

OTB Report

Sorry for not having an OTB report about no sailing last week, I had a technical glitch. But this week there is definitely a report about no sailing! It really is getting a bit monotonous, but at least this week the weather was sensational for being at the beach. The vibe around the club was really positive and the juniors managed to get some sailing in before the wind dropped out. Greg Lowe was telling me that with the weather bringing everyone out there have been quite a number of walk ups enquiring about getting their kids into sailing and if they could have a try. Great work by all the juniors and especially their parents, without whom a lot of this just wouldn’t happen.  Thanks also to the race team who still launched the boats, took out the markers and waited patiently for some wind to fill in while the rest of us just lounged around on shore! A special thanks to Karin Thompson and Norm Kaye who filled in on short notice.

After racing was cancelled for the day, the breeze picked up slightly and we were given a great demonstration by the 'A' class guys and the Moth on foiling in light winds and flat water close to shore. The view from the deck was spectacular, although I’m not sure if the view of the bottom of Stu’s boat was an intended part of the demonstration!

On another bright note, last week we were treated to a visit from an esteemed foreign dignitary, none other than Ian Woods of patrol boat “Woodsie“ fame. Ian and Jan were visiting from their new home in Port Stephens (that’s foreign, isn’t it?) and dropped in to see how we are going. Ian politely refused our offer to serve their mandatory two week quarantine on board the Woodsie rent free in exchange for a couple of weeks rescue boat duty. Ah well, it was worth a try!
Don’t forget that this week is the SBSC Christmas party so OTB sailing starts early with the First Warning Signal at 10.27H so we can get in two races (the wind WILL be perfect!).  Then back to the club for Chrissy lunch upstairs. It’s guaranteed to be a great day, so make sure to book.

The patrol boat roster for the rest of the season will be out by next week thanks to some prodding from Di Jackson to get my backside into gear. So check it out, get your excuses ready and find a replacement early if there is a conflict. I know I can’t please every body but thanks to some very generous non-sailors who have offered to fill in a lot of the roster, sailors only need to do one or two duties for the season. Not bad at all!
That’s enough for now, so we’ll see you all bright and early Sunday 😎

Peter Chipperfield
OTB Captain

Keelboat & Tower News

Keelboat Captain's Report:

Hope you’re all well and enjoying our late season start and you may have noticed there has been a rapidly growing fleet of Friday Night starters. As you know Friday is a pursuit race or staggered start which can have problems if skippers don’t adhere to one of the common sense rules!  As per the Keelboat Sailing Instruction 14.1c Boats not starting SHALL keep clear of the starting line [DP].

You will note that this is a Discretionary Penalty item so there can be consequences if boats fail to adhere to this instruction.
Up till now we haven’t been enforcing a penalty on boats that have been blatantly motoring out of the channel and crossing the start line and boats in their start sequence. However, with the growing fleet numbers we can no longer ignore this because of the safety factors and the disrespect to our members that are disadvantaged by their actions.  There is enough room to go around so please respect the other boats.  Our Race Officers and Tower Teams will be closely scrutinising boats that are doing the wrong thing so you have been warned.

For the enjoyment and safety of everyone please keep clear of the start line until it is your turn to start.

Kind regards
Mal Winder
Keelboat Captain

Last week's results:

Friday 11th December - Friday Twilight Pursuit Race 7  

1st Em Dee SB77 Bette Pearson
2nd New Morning II SB381 Gordon Thomas
3rd Marrakesh SB450 Neil Hawker
1st Shimmer Sm5005 Steve Twentyman
2nd Patriot Sm133 Jason Close
3rd Maximum Limit Nx1638 Rick Rogers
Female Helm - PHD:
1st Em Dee SB77 Bette Pearson
2nd Anthea SB3107 Jess Lowe
3rd Single Malt SB10 Sue Turnbull

Thank you to this week's Tower Team of RO Peter Bulka and the crew from Whiskers.  We also must thank Ross Martin for launching one of the club RIBS and providing a taxi service for crews on the deeper draft boats who were able to get out of the marina before the very low tide at 17:30H.  The good news from the owners corporation is that dredging works should commence mid January 2021 - we all have our fingers and toes crossed that there are no more delays.

It was a brisk night on the water for the second of our female helm races and great to see Bette Pearson on Em Dee out in front again and was the overall winner on Friday evening.

Winner 11 12 2020


Friday Pursuit Twilights 2020 - Series Scores   

Congratulations to:

1st Miss Marilyn SB32 Rem van Dorssen
2nd Time Out B039 Drew Price
3rd Rogue M2 David Phillips
1st Patriot Sm133 Jason Close
2nd Balance M333 Mark Bulka
3rd 2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark


Sunday 13th December - Return to Safe Sailing #5     

1st Friday Harbour B2911 Kon Cili
2nd Rells SB852 Mal Winder
3rd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd Rells SB852 Mal Winder
3rd Rogue M2 David Phillips

Big thank you to Clarky, Sue Turnbull and Des Carroll for manning the tower for what proved to be quite a long day in the tower.  Luckily Mr Bojangles just managed to cross the shortened course finish line within the 3hr time limit which meant the rest of the fleet had plenty of time to complete the course.


Return to Safe Sailing - Series Scores   

Congratulations to:

1st Rogue M2 David Phillips
2nd Friday Harbour     B2911      Kon Cili
3rd Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
1st Mr Bojangles SB4556 Pauline Cleaver
2nd Rogue M2 David Phillips
3rd 2Xtreme SB4272 Andrew Clark

For all of the Keelboat Results please go to 2020-21 Keelboat Results. 

This week's Race Program

Friday 18th December - FUN Twilight Pursuit with Optional Extras    

First Warning Signal: 17:25H Pursuit Start
Race Officer: Des Carroll
Duty Boat: Miss Marilyn

Start Sheet for this Friday's Race can be viewed at Fun Friday Start Sheet 18-12-2020

It is always a pleasure to see a bit of colour on the water for a Friday Pursuit Race so this is the opportunity to give that Spinnaker or Code 0 a run.
If you are intending to use your Spinnaker/Code 0 in the race then please notify the SBSC Tower of your intention when Signing On for the race and add three minutes to your nominated start time.  e.g. If your nominated start time is 0 minutes and you intend to run EXTRA's your start time will move to 3minutes.

Sunday 20th December - Shark Bay Christmas Series Race 1  

First Warning Signal: 9:55H   Combined Tower Start
Tower Team: Jeff Savage & Jen Thomson (Tumi)

This Sunday we have a morning start for the first of our Christmas Series Races to allow all crews to get back to the club for the SBSC Christmas Party.  Bookings essential (via TryBooking). See more information above.

SBSC Xmas Fund Raiser

Xmas Fundraiser

Geelong Passage Race

Entries are now open for the 178th Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race

The Festival of Sails Organising Committee and Royal Geelong Yacht Club are thrilled to release the Notice of Race and open entries for the 178th instalment of the Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race to be held on Sunday 24th January 2021. Whilst the committee is disappointed we are unable to deliver the full Festival of Sails experience in 2021, it is a great outcome to be able maintain the tradition of this historic sailing event and offer something to our sailing community over the Australia Day long weekend.


We anticipate welcoming a good sized fleet for the event, however due to COVID-19 and the resulting limitations around hosting boats at RGYC, visiting vessel numbers may be capped to ensure a COVID Safe experience for those staying at the Club – so be sure to get in early so you don't miss out!
While there will be no formal shoreside activities, RGYC welcome sailors to the Club to enjoy everything Corio Bay and Geelong have to offer. There will be dining and drinks options available at The YOT (RGYC’s brand new café and restaurant) and the opportunity for sailors to explore other activities along the waterfront and in the wider Geelong and Bellarine region - providing much needed support to our local businesses.. 

Visiting boats will be provided with a free berth at the RGYC marina until Monday 25th January. For those wishing to stay beyond this time, bookings can be made via RGYC Visiting Vessel Registration form HERE.
For those wishing to stay on land, Geelong has a wide variety of great accommodation options within easy walking distance of RGYC. For your convenience, we have organised a detailed list of options for accommodation and recommend you book in advance as Geelong is extremely busy over the Australia Day long weekend.


Cock of the Bay - Update

With Covid-19 restrictions and limited berthing and hospitality at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, the ORCV is committed to running the Cock of the Bay yacht race, in a modified format.  
As we have done a few times this year, we have modified our sailing plans and will shake off 2020 with a fun day out on the water this Boxing Day.  To allow yachts to finish and cruise on or return home and be there in time for sunset drinks, the ORCV Sailing Committee has decided to shorten the length of the Cock of the Bay course to 22nm and will finish off Mornington.
There are already 60 boats entered so come join in the fun this Boxing Day, entries close 18th December.   Enter here
orcv 2 



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