Committee Mutterings

Hello from home once again. I was hoping by now we would be not so locked down and perhaps even on the verge of returning to the club and sailing. That unfortunately is not the case and I just hope this longer level of lockdown works to get us back to some sense of normal a bit quicker. Whilst I don’t mind working from home, the dogs are even beginning to question why we’re home so much.

The Executive Committee has been as busy as ever working on many things, apart from sailing. We are looking to upgrade our IT and move to Office 365 shortly. This will revolutionise our file storage and make life much easier for future committees, as they won’t be asking for previous members of committee to copy old files onto USB’s or forward multiple emails from years past. Everything will be stored in the cloud and accessible to the committee at any time and from anywhere.

The new Sponsorship, Marketing & Grants sub-committee have hit the ground running. John Wemyss and team are setting up sponsorship packages to approach businesses with shortly and gain further support for the club. We are also looking at local area promotion of what we offer. Plenty of ground work to do and well worth the effort, as it represents a great opportunity for the club.  We are looking for someone to join this sub-committee, who has a flare for graphic design and marketing. If that’s you, please let us know, as we would love to have you on board. Could be a great opportunity to showcase your talents.

Another area this team are working on is social media and how we can continue to hear from you the members. We plan to start asking for stories and profiles of sponsors, which can then be shared with our members. There are many interesting people in the club, that many of you don’t know. So, whilst we can’t physically see each other, perhaps we can share some stories and past experiences, which may just help everyone to connect in an entirely different way.

Thanks again to all the members who have paid their fees. It makes a big difference to the club and is fantastic to see. As mentioned in the reminder notices this week, the club is mindful that there are some who may be financially affected by the COVID19 situation. It is truly a unique situation and we wish to ensure all our members are able to remain part of the Safety Beach Sailing Club.  I am available to discuss alternative payment arrangements for any member/s who may be financially affected by the COVID19 situation.  All discussions will remain strictly confidential. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone: 0407 814 865

The new Risk Management sub-committee, headed up by Pauline Cleaver has begun the huge task of piecing this together. Whilst we have had risk management procedures, it’s obvious they are in need of a major upgrade and Pauline and team have the experience to put this together.

Our Rear Commodore – Ross Martin and Sailing Committee have been busy putting together the new season programs. As soon as we’re able to sail, the program will cater for as much sailing as anyone can cope with. We might even see Clarky sitting a few out due to exhaustion.

Please continue where possible to support David and Deidre Snooks. They have done an amazing job staying positive during these times and providing great meals from the kiosk. My only regret is living much more than 5km away, otherwise I’d be there every week.

Continue to stay safe and healthy. I also hope you make the most of your extra hour each day.

Kind Regards,
Peter Bulka

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Club Race Officer Course

Thank you to all those members who joined us on Sunday morning for the Club Race Officer Course.  It was great to see you all and sure you gained a lot of knowledge and are now all keen to put it into practice. 

Big thank you to Geoff Eldridge who presented the course and provided a wealth of information and knowledge to our participants.  Now to the 'On Water' GPS and Course Setting training once we are able to get back out on the boats and the club facilities are open again.



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