Committee Mutterings

I would like to start my message with a quick call out to everyone at a very strange time in Victoria and genuinely ask, RU OK?  The actual day for this is the 10th September, however it’s important that we as a group support each other and those around us during this time.  It’s not just for one day, but ongoing and I encourage you all to maintain the contacts you have inside and outside the club.

Personally, I’ve been working from home since late March and know just how isolating it can be. The club dealings and interactions for me are a great way to break the monotony. I’ve also purchased a project boat, which is getting plentyof attention at the moment. I look forward to seeing everyone’s boats after lockdown. There’s bound to be plenty of well polished yachts on the water.

Let’s hope these next few weeks pay off and we can all get back to what we love doing. Of course that’s SAILING!

Thank you to all the members who have paid their fees. It makes a big difference to the club and is fantastic to see. If anyone is experiencing difficulties paying these fees, please contact Jenny Thomson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or myself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We don’t want to lose any members because of financial difficulty and I’m sure we can work out a way to keep you as a member.

It is great to see some new members joining already. We look forward to meeting everyone when we’re all back at the club.  One of our recent new members has taken no time in getting involved in club activities.  Big Thank You to Stuart Moesley who kindly rendered up some of the exterior walls that were in need of attention after the recent renovations.

I look forward to making the most of the club since being renovated. It looks amazing and is a credit to all involved. I would like to once again congratulate Andrew Martin (Mono), Lisa Marklew and Brian Marklew for the effort they put into this project. It truly takes our clubhouse to a new level and one that we all look forward to enjoying.

Our call out for a Treasurer to take over from Graeme Ainslie has been answered. Thank you to David Blundell for putting his hand up. He brings a good level of experience to the role and it’s great to have him on board. Graeme will be great support to David until he is up to speed. David sails on keelboats and is familiar to many members having sailed with Clarky on 2xtreme and now with David Phillips on Rogue.

The new risk management and sponsorship subcommittees are well formed and work is already underway. Both of these represent a great opportunity for SBSC and will be a big step forward for the club once fully implemented.

We are planning a great season to begin in late September, of course this is subject to government advice and we will most likely experience some delays.

The presentation of trophies from the 2019/20 season remains outstanding, which includes Junior and Senior Club Persons of the year. We will of course wait to present these at the club when we’re able to have a large number of people together again.

For now, stay safe and healthy
Happy isolating.

Peter Bulka
Commodore SBSC

Sport Phillip Marine

Great to see Jamie and the team at Sport Phillip Marine are open during these difficult times.  Sport Phillip have been a sponsor and great supporter of Safety Beach S.C for many years so please make sure we support those that have supported the club.SPORT PHILLIP MARINE letter to customers

Snooks Catering

 Snooks Catering Flyer 14 August 2020 weekend

Extreme Fun

At least one of our Safety Beach SC members has been able to escape just in the nick of time before we were confined and is having what looks like an awful lot of fun sailing up at Airlie Beach Race Week.  Keep having fun Michel.  Check out some Extreme Footage at THIS LINK.  Hope to see you back for Sail Peninsula 2021.


Test your Knowledge - Week 1

1. What is a neap tide?
   a. Tide whose range is minimal
   b. Time of zero, 'slack' tide
   c. Lowest point of tidal range
   d. Northerly direction of tidal flow                      
2. What colour flag must be flown when first entering the
territorial waters of another Country?
   a. Red
   b. Blue & White
   c. Yellow
   d. Green
3. What shape are the top marks of Cardinal buoys indicating
the direction of safe water?
   a. Square
   b. Cone Shaped
   c. Spherical
   d. There are not any top marks
4. William Reid Stowe started a journey by sailing boat on April 21, 2007 and ended up setting   
a record for the longest time spent at sea. How long did this journey take?
a. 365 days
b. 52 days
c. 478 days
d. 1,152 days
5. Approximately how long is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race?
   a. 595NM
   b. 615Nm
   c. 630NM
   d. 655NM
6. One of the Worlds most famous and hotly contested yacht races
is the America's Cup.  Which Nation won the race in 2003?
   a. New Zealand
   b. France
   c. USA
   d. Switzerland
7. What are 'Warps & Springs' used for?
   a. Ropes used to set & manoeuvre a large square-sail
   b. They are cables connecting the steering wheel to the rudder
   c. Tying up vessels to a jetty or harbour
   d. Lifting heavy objects onto and off a boat
8.The magnetic error caused by iron and steel objects such as the engine,
which forms integral parts of a vessel is called_____?
   a. Deviation
   b. Leeway
   c. Variation
   d. Compass Error
9. A 'painter' is a short rope used to strap down loose deck items.
   a. True
   b. False
10. The Club recently held its..... AGM?
   a. 52nd
   b. 55th
   c. 54th
   d. 57th
See ANSWERS below


ORCV News:

On line Course:  Weather for Sailors provides you with the meteorological knowledge needed to safely enjoy your time on the water. Structured with 3 online modules; The Fundamentals, Coastal Sailing and Advanced Weather is led by our highly qualified ORCV members Robin Hewitt and Andrew Roberts both expert meteorologists and ocean sailors and contain a mixture of lectures and practical exercises. These courses provides a solid foundation in marine weather, with the opportunity to discuss more advanced topics with our expert as the course progresses.

Weather for Sailors course is designed to inform all types and levels of sailors, racers and cruising sailors alike, how to observe weather conditions and how to find the right forecasting advice from the vast array of modern resources available. Booking are open now


Blank 2

1.        a. Tide whose range is minimal.  
2. c. Yellow.
3. b. Cone Shaped.
4. d. 1,152 days.  In 2010 William Reid Stowe completed a total of 1,152 days spent sailing at sea without
touching land or restocking. His vessel was a schooner named 'Anne', which he had built himself.
5. c.  The race distance is approximately 630NM
6. d. Switzerland.
7. c. Tying up vessels to a jetty or harbour.      
8. a. Deviation.
9. b. False.  A 'painter' is a short rope used for securing a dinghy and is usually attached permanently
to the front of the dinghy.
10. c.  54th AGM of SBSC was held on Sunday 26th July 2020.