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The SBSC Bell

Most of us are very familiar with the SBSC that is proudly displayed in the clubhouse and used to get your attention especially for announcements on a Friday evening or Sunday after sailing.  Well the bell is now looking very shiny thanks for the hard work of Deirdre Snooks who decided this was a great project to tackle and ensure a bit of SBSC history continues on.  Deirdre called upon her many years of experience polishing brass inkwells on wooden school desks in primary school with the Presentation Sisters in Ireland to come up with such an awesome result. 

The last time that the Bell was polished was on the 14th February 1991 by Eric Sutherland (SBSC - Life Member).

Bell rs

Peninsula Fresh Seafoods

Nice to see one of our club supporters doing the social distancing so well, while offering their fresh seafood and fish down at the Safety Beach foreshore.  So while your out grabbing take away goodies from Snooks Catering go and check out what is on offer from our Peninsula Fresh Seafoods - the clubs regular Thursday Night Sponsor (pre Covid-19 shutdown)..

PFS rs

Club Clothing Online Store Open

With many thanks to our web-designer extraordinaire and club supporter, Jonathan Ross from Halcyon Daze, we now have an ONLINE STORE up and operational.  All our wonderful club merchandise can be viewed and ordered by clicking the LINK HERE..  We are taking orders through to the 24th June for pick up and payment at the club shortly after.

If you have any questions or need a bit of assistance please drop a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you ASAP.


Masterclasses in Navigation by the Pros


The ORCV is providing you with a rare opportunity to learn from the world-renowned navigator, Will Oxley and respected Melbourne Double handed sailor and SBSC member, Rod Smallman with three new online Navigation courses. Whilst most yachts have some form of navigation software, these courses aim to ensure you lift your knowledge to make a massive difference when you’re racing.
The courses will use technology (as well as understanding the basics of paper charts) to advance skills. A level of competency in a boat’s technology in Navionics or Expedition (in the Masterclass) is required to gain the most from these sessions. We teach how to best find the information using the technology, how to interpret it and maximise the value of what it’s telling you.
Delivered in person over multiple session, there’s time for you to absorb, complete the tasks to really excel.  More courses just released but selling fast.  This is the last opportunity for 2020 to upskill in navigation.
Limited places exist, learn more and book - CLICK HERE.

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