Committee Mutterings

Dear members,

I trust you’re all keeping safe and not going stir crazy in these extraordinary times and unprecedented circumstances.
For some, this will be a time to re-connect with family, get those jobs done around the house, which have been screaming to be done for years, or you might have taken up a hobby that has always appealed to you but you’ve never had the time to immerse yourself in such an indulgence.
Personally, this has been a difficult time, with my business at a dead stop, with no clear timeline for resumption. It’s important during such difficult times to ensure our fellow club members have the support of one another. If you think someone might be struggling, connect and ask them how they’re doing. I’m sure that I’m not the only one whose work has all but dried up.

Over the Easter weekend, a group of members and juniors participated in the SBSC Inaugural Virtual Regatta. This was a 12 race series with two drops. it would be a reasonable assumption that the juniors would clean up in this format, however it was a surprise to see Greg Lowe as the eventual conqueror of all. For the SBSC running of this regatta, we chose 49ers.  The results of this regatta are below.  

Results RS
For those who haven’t tried Virtual Regatta, it is a remarkably realistic experience with biases on the start line, wind shifts to follow up and down the course and there are a variety of yachts that can be used for competition.

We have had a request from a member to advertise his business during these extraordinary times. Of course we have sponsors we need to take into consideration when these types of requests come through and of course we’d love to help all our members.  I’m sure if there is enough interest from members who have businesses, that would like the opportunity to advertise to the wider membership via our E-news, then please send us an email with a link to your on-line store or services and we’ll endeavour to assist where we can.

Please remember to send in your nominations for Club Person of the year and Junior Club Person of the year to our secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There have been an unprecedented number of exceptional volunteers this year, so please think about nominating the person that best encapsulates what the SBSC is all about. Remember the person nominated can’t currently sit on the Executive Committee.
Stay safe everyone and please remember to stay connected.


On behalf of the Executive Committee

From Snooks Catering

Snooks 22 April 2020

Boat Care during Covid-19

All Keelboat Owners

There seems to be plenty of confusion about what you can and cannot do with regard to maintenance of your boat during this time of lockdowns and social isolation. Please click on this link to find out what the Victorian Water Police advise about looking after your boat at this time.  We are also awaiting written advice from Martha Cove Owners Corporation on their take of what is permitted which we will send around to all Keelboat owners once received.  If in doubt we recommend you contact either Martha Cove Marina Office or Martha Cove Owners Corp directly (depending on where your vessel is berthed) to get their take on what is allowed.

During this time it is a good idea to get your yacht hull cleaned on a regular basis especially as it is not being used..  It is likely to cost heaps more if you leave the growth go and when we can go back to sailing there will no doubt be a back log of cleaning to be done.  If you would like more information or book a hull clean then please contact Brett Illingworth on 0439 881 958.

For any other boat jobs that you need done then please contact Nick at Hidden Harbour Services on  0434 422 523.

Anyone wishing to use this down time for annual maintenance works the Martha Cove Boatyard is still operating and are offering great packages.  You can contact the Boatyard on 1800 440 255

Boatyard rs

Racing Rules of Sailing Quiz

Suitable for anyone who races sailing boats, put particularly those racing larger boats in Australia,
The quiz contains 10 questions from the various sections of the racing rules, selected randomly from a bank of 120 questions.
A useful aid for those preparing for the summer racing season – and those  wanting to avoid damage to their boats.
Start the quiz here

Winter Sail Training

We are all hanging out for a sail so check this out for some training tips for winter sailing at SBSC.  Taken from the Vendee Globe Training Manual! 
Click HERE to watch.


Please keep sending in those items and articles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can keep the e-news going out on a regular basis.

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